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One of the vexed questions that has muddied the waters of Doak genealogy for far too long concerns a proposed 4th immigrant brother, Robert, and the Captain Robert Doak who died early in August 1774 during "Lord Dunmore's Little War". The former entity cannot be evidenced - because the earliest two records claimed for him were in reality of a Robert Poage, not Robert Doak. There is no record of a Robert Doak in Augusta County, Virginia before the late 1760s and at that stage he seems much likelier to have been a son of David (I) than a brother. This would also mean that the James Doak who married Janet Fulton, née Dunn, in 1786 in Rockingham Co, Virginia looks a whole lot like another son of David (I) and not at all like the son of a chimerical Robert-- for whose existence no evidence can be found.

It was Robert Poage who in 1740 travelled with Daniel Dennison to the Donegal Presbytery to solicit a pastor for the congregation of the Shenandoah and in 1753 it was the same Robert Poage whose "pretty plantation" in Augusta County, Virginia, and hospitality is noted by a group of Moravians who were en route to their new settlement in North Carolina. This mistake went through Bohk, Poag and Doag before settling on Doak -and was then further embellished, with considerable imagination. The will of Robert Doak, written in 1796 in Guilford Co, North Carolina provided the date of death for the mythical Robert in Rockingham County, Virginia,  and his wife Hannah donated her name to the previously unknown Breckenridge he was supposed to have espoused ... but she was née Armstrong.

And then there is that unfortunate bit of geography: three miles from the Augusta County courthouse does NOT get you near Mt Crawford or Rockingham County, Virginia.

So, there is no evidence that a brother named Robert accompanied David, John, and Samuel Doak from Pennsylvania and settled in Augusta County, Virginia.  Nor, incidentally, is there any evidence of a brother Nathaniel or a sister Julia.

There is still delving to be done before we can be absolutely sure that Captain Robert Doak and the James Doak who married Janet Fulton, née Dunn, were indeed brothers but that does now seem likely. It is difficult for some to accept the possibility that David (I) could have had 2 sons named Robert, or that so many errors have been made in the study of the history of these Doaks, but that's the way it looks from here.

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