The parents of David J. Beard

David J. Beard was born on 4 October 1799 in Green County, Kentucky. (Some records list Adair County, but that county was not formed until 1801.) His middle name was surely not "James" as some family trees online have posted, as he had a brother named James.  Some family stories have said that David was born in Overton County, Tennessee.  As this would be on the route up to Kentucky, we have always considered this to be a possibility, that David may have been born en route.  However, historical accounts place the Beard family arrival in Green County, Kentucky as 1798.  More telling, David lists Kentucky as his birthplace on every census.

David grew up in Adair County, Kentucky, which was formed from Green County, and when he was a teenager he went down into middle Tennessee with his father and brothers and others of the family, while many more stayed in Kentucky.  In 1820, Samuel "Baird", his father, was listed on the Bedford County, Tennessee census and David seems to be in the home, along with several other males.  About 1824, David married Mary Fuller in Tennessee.  We do not know much about Mary.  Burned courthouse records have hindered a search for marriage records there, and we do not know the names of her parents.  The name of Fuller was provided by her son John's death certificate.  Some internet family information has mistakenly stated that her maiden name was Littleton, no doubt because she had a son with that name, but this is wrong.  The Littleton/Lyttleton name is used throughout the Beard family, in many other branches as well as David's.  We have often thought that perhaps David's mother, Rebecca, could have possibly been a Littleton, but we have absolutely no proof of that.  As to Mary, there were Fuller families in Bedford County and also in Henderson County, Tennessee, where David's parents moved before 1830.  He could have met Mary Fuller in either place.  It is interesting to note that there is a Tilmon Fuller family listed on the same page as Samuel Beard on the 1820 census in Bedford County. and David was living in that Beard household.

Mary was born about 1804.  Here is yet another mystery---the censuses list her birthplace variously as Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, or Virginia. Many of her children in later censuses reported her born in North Carolina, and that is probably correct.

In 1830, David was listed as head of household in his own right in Bedford County, Tennessee.  He was one home away from William and Elizabeth Beard Hurst (his cousin Elizabeth) and also lived next to the Hudlow family.  His elder brother Hugh Beard was also on this census in Bedford County.  They had a younger brother, William, who was probably included in David's household count.  David "Baird" was credited with a male 15-20 (probably William), a female five to ten, and a female under five.  He and his wife were both 20-30. 

His father Samuel Beard had moved a couple of counties west after 1820, to Henderson County, Tennessee, and he was listed there on the 1830 census.  He died there in 1834-1836.  David Beard moved back to Kentucky at this time---between 1834 and July, 1837.  The 1840 census shows David living in Adair County, Kentucky, his old home place, one page away from his brothers Samuel and William.  So the younger boys went back to Kentucky while the older one, Hugh, went down into northern Mississippi in the same time range, scattering after the death of their father.

In 1850, David and Mary lived at Taylor County, Kentucky with four children.  In 1860, the family was back in Adair County, with two sons at home.  David and the boys worked as blacksmiths in addition to farming.  

War came.  David was 62 years old, but he joined the 3rd Kentucky Infantry with his  sons, mustering in on 8 October 1861.  He was discharged ten days later, and the reason given was his age and rheumatism.  He went in a private and was discharged as a corporal.  His spirit was willing, but the body was not.  

In 1870, David and Mary had five hundred acres and were listed at Columbia in Adair County.  Mary Fuller Beard died on 12 October 1873 in Adair County.

David died on 30 December 1876 in Adair County.  His occupation at this time was listed as a miller.  Mary and David were both buried at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Cane Valley, Adair County, Kentucky.  Their seven children were:

1. Esther Hettie Beard was born on 1 February 1825 in Bedford County, Tennessee.  She married on 25 February 1845 in Green County, Kentucky to Nathan Cox.  He was born about 1816 in Green County, Kentucky, the son of Littleberry "Berry" Cox and Matilda Riddy.  On the marriage bond was Joseph Cox, Nathan's brother, and consent was given by David Beard for the marriage of his daughter.  In 1850, Nathan and Hetty lived in Taylor County, Kentucky with three children under four.  By 1858 they had moved to Missouri, and they are on the 1860 Rutledge, McDonald County, Missouri census with seven children, the youngest, two years old, born in Missouri. Nathan must have died before 1870, for Esther is on that census in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri, listed as head of her household.  She had five children still at home.  We are not certain what happened to the family after this time.  We do find that in 1880 in Pineville, McDonald County,  daughters Elizabeth, Sarah, and Nancy Eunice, who married Thomas Wilson, and her two Wilson children are all listed together. Next to them was the Samuel and Mary Cox Foster family.  No death date or burial places are found for anyone so far.  The children's names, taken from censuses, were:

2. James Cox was born about 1845 in Kentucky, probably Taylor County.  Even though census records indicate that he was born in 1846, his younger sister Mary was born on 7 May 1846 and they were not twins, so James must have been born in 1845. He was four on the 1850 census, fourteen in 1860, and in 1870, he was a 24 year old living in his mother's home in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri.  After that time we lose track of him.  However, it is possible that he is the James Cox listed in a Gill household in War Eagle, Benton County, Arkansas as a single man who was a hired hand on the farm.  The age is either 54, in which case this would not be our James, or 34, which would fit perfectly.  
2. Mary E. Cox was born on 7 May 1846 in Taylor County, Kentucky.  She married on her birthday in 1865 in Missouri to Samuel Foster, the son of William Ransome Foster and Elizabeth Hunter.  Samuel was born in Greene County, Tennessee on 16 August 1845. In 1870, Samuel and Mary Foster were enumerated on the census, living next door to her mother's home in McDonald County, Missouri.  They had three young daughters.  Still in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri in 1880, they had added two more daughters to the brood, and they lived next to a Cox household in which Mary's three sisters lived.  After 1886, the family moved to Esculapia, Benton County, Arkansas, where they were listed with four daughters still at home.  Mary reported that seven of her ten children were still living.  The census taker marked that two daughters, Christie and Annie, were married, but he provided no married names for either.  Samuel Foster died on 28 December 1909 but we do not know where he lived at that time.  In 1910, his widow Mary Foster was living with her married daughter and son in law, William O. and Molly Bagley, in St. John, Stafford County, Kansas.  On this census, she stated that six of nine children were still alive.  We have not found Mary on the 1920 census, but in 1925 she was still living with her daughter Mollie and they were in Coffeyville, Montgomery County, Kansas.  Mollie remarried before 1930 to William S. Bremner and in 1930, she and her mother were living with him in Coffeyville.  Mary Cox Foster was 84.  She died on 12 June 1934, probably in Kansas, but we do not know and we do not have a burial place.  The names of the eight known children:
3.  Sarah Elizabeth Catherine Foster was born in Noel, McDonald County, Missouri on 26 August 1866.  She married John Frederick Hill on 23 June 1890 in Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas.  Born 25 June 1865 in Pittsburg, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, he was the son of John Joseph and Mary Elizabeth Pinckard Hill.  John Hill had been married before and had two children, both born in Arkansas, Samuel and Mary Hill.  In 1900 on the census in Cartersville, Jasper County, Missouri, John and Sarah lived with their five children in addition to his two children by the previous marriage.  He worked as a miner in the local lead mines.  Three years later, Sarah Foster Hill passed away, on 31 October 1903, in same, leaving John to raise the brood,a widower for the second time.  By 1910, John was listed as a lead and tin miner still in Cartersville, and two sons, Fred and Robert, lived with him.  In 1920 at same, John was still mining and lived with his son Robert, who worked in a foundry. John passed away on 1 April 1937 in Webb City, Jasper County, Missouri.  Both he and his wife Sarah are buried at the Cartersville Cemetery in Jasper County, Missouri.
We know names of four of the five children born to them:  Minnie Irene, Fred Andrew, Robert Wesley, and Maggie Hill.
3.  Esther Jane "Hettie" Foster was born in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri on 15 May 1868.  She married William Sidney Atkisson on 4 Pctpber 1888 in Benton County, Arkansas.  William was the son of Stephen Decatur and Rachel Mahale Corzine Atkisson, and he was born on 7 January 1868 in Licking, Texas County, Missouri.  In 1900, William and Esther were listed with six children in Washington, Benton County, Arkansas.  In 1910 they were at Elm Springs, Washington County, Arkansas and had nine children, all at home.  In 1920 they were in Prairie, Washington County, with five still at home.  In Springdale, Washington County, in 1930, they had a daughter and a grandson in their home, and in 1935 they lived at same.  By 1940, they were living in San Diego, San Diego County, California.  Esther Foster Atkisson died there on 16 January 1940.  Her husband William appeared on the 1940 census a few months later listed on Gardenia Street in San Diego, and a grown daughter and son lived with him.  William Sidney Atkisson died 4 June 1957 in San Diego County.  We do not know of a burial location for either he or for Esther.  Names of the children were Myrtle M., Stephen Otto, Mary Pearl, William Hartley, Robert, Bessie, Leonard Samuel, Frank Glenn, and John Edward Atkisson.
3.  Nancy Ida Foster  was born on 21 March 1870 in Missouri.  She appeared as a baby on the 1870 census and was not listed with the family in 1880.  Although we have not found a burial for her, she probably died as a child under ten in McDonald County, Missouri.
3.  Mary E. "Mollie" Foster was born on 7 October 1872 in Missouri.  Mollie married on 20 October 1901 in Benton County, Arkansas to William O. Bagley.  He was born about 1865 in Illinois, but we are not sure who his parents were.  In 1910, William and Mollie Bagley lived in St John, Stafford County, Kansas.  They had no children.  Mary Foster, Mollie's mother,  had been widowed in 1909, and she was listed in their home in Kansas as a widow of 69.  We have yet to find them on the 1920 census, but on the Kansas State Census of 1925, Mollie Bagly was listed as a single woman of 52, living with her mother in Coffeyville, Montgomery County, Kansas.  Before 1930, Mollie Foster Bagley married again and is listed with her husband William S. Bremner in Coffeyville.  Her mother Mary E. Foster lived in the home.  William S. "Scotty" Bremner was born on 27 January 1867 in Scotland.  He died on 13 December 1948 in Kansas and is buried at the Elm Grove Cemetery in Edna, Labette County, Kansas.  Mary "Mollie" Bremner died 28 November 1959 at age 87 and is interred at same.  It does not appear that Mollie ever had children.
3.  Margaret Evelyn Foster was born in McDonald County, Missouri on 14 January 1876.  She appears on the 1880 census as a child, but we do not know what happened to Margaret.
3.  Christie Irene Foster was born 28 September 1879 in Missouri.  Christy appeared on the 1900 census in her father's home, and the census taker marked that she was married.  However, her last name was listed as Foster, so we have no idea to whom she married or what happened to her.
3.  Annie Foster was born in January 1883 in Missouri. Like her sister Christie, she was reported as married on the 1900 census, but no married name was given.  We have no further information.
3.  Ivey Foster was born in Missouri in March 1886.  She was in her father's home in 1900 as a fourteen year old.  We have no further information about Ivey.
2. Emily A. Cox was born about 1849 in Kentucky.  She was in the home of her mother in 1870 McDonald County, Missouri at age 21.  It is tempting to say that she is the "Emma Augusta Cox" who married Jehiel Smith Dehaven in that county a few months later, and she could be, but her name appeared as "Emily A." on three straight censuses, not Emmy.  If this was her marriage record on 4 September 1870, she soon moved to California, where the groom was from.  We need more conclusive evidence that this is our Emily Cox, however, before detailing the lives of the Dehavens.  There were other Cox families around and this marriage record may not be for our Emily. The last census we definitely find Emily was in June, 1870 with her family in McDonald County, Missouri.  
2. Elizabeth Cox was born about 1853 in Kentucky. She was with her family in 1870 in McDonald County, Missouri.  In 1880, Elizabeth Cox was a head of household in McDonald County and she was listed next door to her sister Mary E. Cox, who married Samuel Foster.  In the home were Sarah Cox, age 21, "sister", and Eunice, age 28, "sister".    Also present were Bertie Wilson, age four, "nephew", and Netta Wilson, age two, "niece".  Their father was stated to be born in Indiana, mother in Missouri.  This makes us certain that Eunice Cox was Nancy Eunice Cox Wilson, who married Thomas Wilson and had these two children.  
2. Nancy Cox was born about 1854 in Kentucky.  She is last found under this name in 1870 with her family. We find a marriage record for Nancy Cox to Thomas B. Wilson in McDonald County, Missouri on 22 September 1872.  This fits for Nancy to be the "Eunice" listed on the 1880 census there with her sister Elizabeth Cox.  Two Wilson children, born 1876 and 1878 are listed with them.  She may have been visiting with her sisters, or she may have been widowed.  Her known two children were:
3.  Albert "Bertie" Wilson was born in Missouri in 1876. He appears on the 1880 census with his mother and sister, but we lose track of him in later life.
3.  Netta Wilson was born in 1878 in Missouri, but no further information is known at this time.
2. Matilda Cox was born about 1856 in Kentucky. She was on the 1860 census with her family, but is not found after that and probably died 1860-1870.
2. Sarah Cox was born about 1858 in Missouri.  She was last found on the 1880 census, living in the home with her elder sister Elizabeth Cox.

1. Nancy Beard was born on 22 November 1828 in Bedford County, Tennessee.  She married on 15 November 1845 in Green County, Kentucky.  The groom was Joseph Cox, the son of Caleb and Susan White Cox, born 20 November 1825 in Green County. Joseph was on the marriage bond for his cousin Nathan Cox when Nathan married Nancy's elder sister Esther Hetty Beard a few months before Joseph married Nancy.  On the marriage bond for Joseph and Nancy, Samuel J. Beard was on the bond, and there was consent by both fathers, Caleb Cox and David Beard.  In 1850 Joseph and Nancy lived in Taylor County, Kentucky with two young sons. Their firstborn son must have died before 1860, for he does not appear with them on that census. Nancy died on 23 October 1861 at age 32 of deadly typhoid fever. It was a family tragedy, for her young son John Harlow Cox died on the same day of typhoid at age five and a half.  Joseph Cox remarried to Martha (Christie) Weatherford on 23 March 1862. She was the widow of Addison Weatherford and had children.  Joseph Cox lived the rest of his life in Taylor County and died there on 21 June 1911.  He is buried at Elkhorn Cemetery there, but we do not know where Nancy Beard Cox and her small sons are buried. The three children of Nancy Beard and Joseph Cox were:

2. David W. Cox was born in February 1849 in Kentucky, probably in Taylor County.  He was one year old on the 850 census with his parents in Taylor County, but did not appear in any subsequent census counts.  We believe he died before 1860.
2. John Harlow Cox was born on 11 May 1855 in Green County, Kentucky.  He died of typhoid fever on the same date that his mother died, 23 October 1861, in Taylor County, Kentucky.
2. Littleton A. Cox was born on 23 June 1858 in Taylor County, Kentucky.  He was the only child of Joseph and Nancy Beard Cox to survive to adulthood, and he was raised by his stepmother, Martha Weatherford Beard.  He married on 1 November 1877 in Kentucky to Mary Mattie Rice, the daughter of Joseph R. Rice and Artemecia Hazard.  She was born on 28 December 1859 in Taylor County, Kentucky.  In 1880, married almost three years, the young couple lived at Ireland in Taylor County and had a one year old daughter.  With no 1890 census records existing, we do not find records of the family again until the 1900 census. They lived at Palo Pinto County, Texas, where they moved after September 1889, when a child was born in Kentucky, and before March 1898, when a child was born in Texas. Mary Mattie Beard had passed away in Texas on 25 September 1898 when her last child was just six months old. She was just 38 years old and left her husband and six children to mourn her loss.  Mattie was buried at the Old Gordon Cemetery in Gordon, Palo Pinto County, Texas.  So Littleton Cox was listed as a widower on this census in 1900, and his occupation was as a carpenter. His eldest child Florence had married before this time, but he had five children at home to raise, from age nineteen to age two.  We do not know what happened to Littleton Cox before 1910, but we have searched the 1910 census for him to no avail.  Known children were:
3.  Florence W. Cox was born in Taylor County, Kentucky on 2 December 1878.  She married Asa Harris Henderson, the son of Charles and Elizabeth Esther McCorkle Henderson, on 23 September 1897 in Palo Pinto County, Texas.  Asa was born 14 March 1873 in Kaufman County, Texas.  In 1900 they lived in Palo Pinto County with a baby daughter.  In 1910 they were listed at Archer, Archer County, Texas with three children.  Asa Henderson died before the next census, in Gordon, Palo Pinto County, on 7 October 1918.  He was buried at Old Gordon Cemetery at Gordon in Palo Pinto County.  In 1920, Florence was listed as a widow on the census at Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto County.  Her three living children were at home.  By 1930, Florence was living in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas.  In her home were her daughter Edith, a grandson, and two roomers.  In 1940 Florence was still in Corpus Christi, listed as the manager of an apartment house.  Florence died at age 87 on 14 April 1966 in Angleton, Brazoria County, Texas.  She is buried at Old Gordon Cemetery where Asa and their daughter Valeria, who died as a toddler, are buried.  Children of Asa and Florence Cox Henderson were:  Bessie Valeria, Harris Henry W., Edith E., and Elizabeth Henderson.
3.  Lacy Cameron Cox was born in Taylor County, Kentucky on 16 June 1881.  He appears to have married at some point before the World War I draft to "Litton A. Cox", listed as his wife and next of kin on the form.  (Could this be his father Littleton A. Cox, and a mistake on the form?)  At registration, Lacy lived in El Monte, Los Angeles County, California and worked as a cement pipe layer in construction.  In 1920 he is not found yet, but in 1930 Lacy was a single roomer in a home in San Dimas, Los Angeles County, California, where he still worked in cement construction.  Lacy died on 29 May 1950 in Los Angeles County and he is buried at La Verne Cemetery in Los Angeles County.
3.  Joseph A. Cox was born on 18 June 1883 in Taylor County, Kentucky.  He is probably the Joe Cox, a single man aged 26, listed in Fresno, California in 1910.  At the time he was a box maker in a lemon packing house.  He served in World War I as a private.  We do not find Joseph on any censuses or records until his death on 1 June 1965 in Los Angeles County.  He is buried at Loma Vista Memorial Park in Fullerton, Orange County, California.
3.  James Esto Cox was born in Taylor County, Kentucky on 27 April 1885.  He married in Texas in 1911 to Zola Marie Miles, the daughter of Zachariah Jepthah Taylor Miles, called "Rye", and wife Mary Pulliam.  Zola was born in Brewster County, Texas on 19 March 1893.  In 1920 James and Zola and to children lived at Pecos, Reeves County, Texas.  They soon moved to Breckenridge, Stephens County, Texas and formed an oil trucking company, J. E. Cox Trucking.  In 1930 they were there with three children. James died on 4 September 1951 in Breckenridge.  He is buried at the Breckenridge Cemetery, along with Zora, who died in same on 2 April 1986.  Their three children were Genevieve, James Esto Jr., and Wesley Cox.  
3.  Artie Mecia Cox  was born on 30 September 1888 in Taylor County, Kentucky. She was named for her maternal grandmother, Artemecia Hazard Rice.   In 1907, she married Jesse Eli Wright in Texas.  He was born on 25 August 1885 in Texas, the son of William Daney Wright and wife Emma Goff.  In 1910 Jesse and Mecie were at home with their first child in Palo Pinto County, Texas.  In 1920 they were in Stephens County, Texas with four children; in 1930 they lived at same with four at home.  Jesse was living at Dublin, Erath County, Texas when he filed a draft card for World War II at age 56.  He stated that he was a dairyman and that he was born in Eastland, Texas.  On his death certificate he was born in Desdemonia, Texas and died on 22 October 1956 in Erath County.  He is buried at the Live Oak Cemetery in Dublin, Erath County, Texas.  Mecia Wright suffered extensive burns when her clothing caught fire at her residence in Longview, Gregg County, Texas on 28 January 1972.  She died the next day in Dallas, Dallas County, and was buried under a double stone with husband Jesse at Live Oak Cemetery, also called Dublin New Cemetery. The children were Emleyne D., J. E., Mary E., Harris W., and Charles Coakley Wright.
3.  Jessie Forest Cox was born 1 March 1898 in Palo Pinto County, Texas.  She married about 1917 to Ernest McClure, probably in Palo Pinto County.  He was the son of John and Mollie Caraway McClure, and he was born 21 October 1897 in Gordon, Texas.  In 1920 he and Jessie lived in Palo Pinto County with a two year old son.  In 1930, they were at same with three children.  Jessie Forest Cox McClure died in Littleton, Arapahoe County, Colorado in February 1974.  Ernest passed away the next year, in October 1975.  They are buried at Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens in Littleton.  Three known children are Elihue, Bettie J., and Cressie Lee McClure.

1. William J. Beard was born on 29 January 1831 in Bedford County, Tennessee.  Information on William and his family is scant.  He is said to have married Mary Watson who was born about 1833 in Tennessee, but we have found no records. They had a child on 17 May 1861 in Adair County and named him Littleton W. Beard, but he died at age five months.  William himself died on 30 January 1862 possibly in Adair County, Kentucky. We do not know what happened to Mary Watson Beard.  We do not know a burial place.  All the dates and information we have come from a family Bible record. Their only child was:

2. Littleton W. Beard or Littleton M. Beard was born on 17 May 1861 in Adair County, Kentucky.  He died at the age of five months on 3 November 1861 in Adair County of "congestive chills".  His birth record has a W as his middle initial, his death record has the M.

1. John Houston Beard was born in Bedford County, Tennessee on 21 August 1833.  His name was probably John Houston, as it appears on the death records, but "Houston" was spelled differently over time--Heston, Huston etc.  He married on 2 April 1857 in Green County, Kentucky; the bride was Mary Jane Beard, who was a cousin since their grandfathers were brothers. John was the grandson of Samuel and Mary Jane was the granddaughter of Hugh.  Mary Jane was born on 7 August 1838 in Green County.  Her parents were Reason Hugh Beard and Mary Patrum. The 1860 census is a puzzle, as John is listed in the home of his parents as a 26 year old blacksmith, but there is no sign of wife Mary nor baby daughter Minerva. Mary and Minerva were not present in her parents' home, either. John joined with the Union forces in the Civil War, serving in Company A of the 3rd Kentucky Infantry. His brother and father went to camp with him. John left his unit from 8 October 1862 until 27 April 1863, and he was actually court martialed for this offense on 20 August 1879, found guilty and ordered to forfeit ten months of pay. He had returned to duty, however, on the 1863 date, and he served until 13 October 1864.  In 1870 John and Mary were citizens of Adair County, Kentucky and were on the rolls with four children.  In 1880, listed as a blacksmith, he lived in Cane Valley in Adair County with Mary and three children still at home.  Next door was his daughter Minerva Beard Cave and husband.  In 1900, John and Mary lived in Adair County next door to their son James.  Mary Jane Beard died on 7 February 1907 in Adair County and was buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery there.  From her obituary: "Mrs. Mary J. Beard of the Cane Valley country died last Sunday of pneumonia.  The deceased was wife of Mr. Jno Hall [sic] Beard, of Cane Valley, and a sister of James P. Beard of this city.  Mrs. Beard was about fifty years of age and a lady of the highest type of Christian character.  In the neighborhood where she had so long resided, her kindness and constant attention to those in distress has won her a warm place in the hearts of all.  The husband, children, brother, and relatives have the sympathy of the entire community."  Mary Jane's age at death was 68, so the article was mistaken as to age.  John Beard lived with his son James and family on the 1910 Adair County census at age 76. John Houston Beard died on 17 April 1914 in Adair County. He was laid to rest at Mount Carmel Cemetery.  From his obituary:  "Last Friday afternoon about 5 o'clock, Mr. John H. Beard died at his home in the Cane Valley country.  Had he lived until the 21st of next August he would have been eighty one years old.  When the Civil War broke out he espoused the cause of the Union, entered the Third Kentucky Infantry of which Thomas E. Bramlett was the colonel.  He was a gallant soldier and since the blose of hostilities was one of Adair's best citizens.  The funeral was largely attended.  The deceased was a brother in law of Mr. J. P. Beard of this place."  The four children of John Houston and Mary Jane Beard were:

2. Minerva Rebecca Beard was born in Green County, Kentucky on 27 October 1858, according to Kentucky Birth Records, but Kentucky Death Records list her birthdate as 23 October 1858.  She married in Adair County, Kentucky to Melvin Cave on 12 December 1875.  He was the son of Benjamin and Joanna Pike Cave, and he was born in January 1856 in Adair County.  In 1880, Melvin and Minerva Cave lived next door to her parents in Cane Valley, Adair County.  They had no children.  They had just one child, a daughter, who married in 1899.  In 1900, Melvin and Minerva were listed in Cane Valley on the same page as their married daughter, Vinnie Cave Dulworth.  Also living next door were Minerva's  parents and her brother, James B. Beard.  In 1910 they were still at same, and their six year old granddaughter was with them, as Vinnie Dulworth had passed away in 1908.  Minerva Rebecca Beard Cave died on 17 February 1917 in Adair County and was buried at the Cane Valley Cemetery there.  Melvin Cave appeared on the 1920 census as a "single" widower of 63, who owned his own blacksmith shop.  With him was his sixteen year old granddaughter Julia.  He died on 4 December 1942 in Adair County and is buried with Minerva at Cane Valley Cemetery.  The daughter was:
3.  Vinnie E. Cave was born 17 June 1881 in Adair County, Kentucky.  She married in 1899 to Ambrose Leslie Dulworth, the son of Jacob and Hannah Willis Dulworth.  In 1900, married a year, Ambrose and Vinnie were farming in Cane Valley, Adair County.  Ambrose's brother James lived close by them, and Vinnie's parents were also listed on the same census page. Vinnie Cave Dulworth died far too young at age 26 on 29 January 1908.  She was laid to rest at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Cane Valley, leaving Ambrose a widower with two young children.  He remarried in 1909 to Eudora Bertha Rice, and in 1910 they appear on the Cane Valley census with his son in the home.  In 1920 Ambrose and Bertha were still in Cane Valley. They had had a son of their own in 1913 who died at birth.  Bertha Dulworth passed away before 1930, when Ambrose lived alone in Cane Valley at age sixty. He died on 12 May 1942 and is buried at Mount Carmel.  The two children of Ambrose and Vinnie Cave Dulworth were Julia M. and Ollie J. Dulworth.  The son of Ambrose and Bertha Rice was named Jacob.
2. James Bramlett Beard was born in Kentucky on 5 June 1861.  He married for the second time in 1892 to Ann Elizabeth Hardin in Adair County.  We know that he was married a first time, but not to whom.  Ann was born on 9 February 1867 in Adair County, daughter of George Alfred and Nancy Frances Monroe Hardin.  In 1900, James and Annie E. Beard lived at Cane Valley in Adair County next door to his parents and near other relatives.  They had two sons and two daughters. In 1910, James, married eighteen years for the second time (as stated on census) was with Ann and the four children in Cane Valley.  Also in the home was his father, John H. Beard, a 76 year old widower.  By 1920, James and Ann had moved to McKinney, Collins County, Texas and appear with three children still at home.  In 1930 at same, they had two grown children still home.  James Bramlett Beard passed away in Collins County, Texas on 19 August 1933 and was laid to rest at Pecan Grove Cemetery in McKinney.  His wife Ann Elizabeth Hardin Beard died in same on 27 February 1937 and she is at rest beside him at Pecan Grove Cemetery.  The four children of James and Ann Hardin Beard were:
3.  Jack Dempsey Beard was born on 19 December 1892 in Coburg, Adair County, Kentucky.  He moved to Texas with his parents, and when he filed his draft registration for World War I, they all lived in McKinney, Collin County, Texas.  On the card, Jack gave his profession as a musician, employed by T. S. Brockman at the Queen Theatre in McKinney.  He lived at home with his parents in 1920 and in 1930.  Family members say that Jack was at some point broadcasting on the radio out of Del Rio, Texas.  He filed a registration for World War II in Van Zandt County in 1942, giving his sister Fannie Beard, living in Dallas,  as nearest relative. It is unclear if he ever married.  He died on 7 August 1961 in Terrell, Kaufman County, Texas and is buried at the Haven of Memories Cemetery in Canton, Van Zandt County, Texas.
3.  William Russell Beard, born on 27 December 1893 in Coburg, Adair County, Kentucky, lived in Texas when his parents moved there.  He lived with them in 1920, but by 1930 he had been married and divorced, according to the census.  He was listed as a boarder in a home in Dallas and he worked for the power company as a cable splicer.  In 1940 he lived at same, but he had married to Jimmie Ophelia Slay, who was born in Rosebud, Burleson County, Texas in February 1900.  She was the daughter of James Alpheus and Ophelia J. Gresham Slay.  In 1940 she worked as the manager of a cafe and William was still working for the power company.  William died on 8 February 1960 and Jimmie Slay Beard died the next year.  They are buried at Haven of Memories Cemetery in Van Zandt County, Texas.
3.  Mollie Rae Beard was born 13 November 1895 in Adair County, Kentucky.  She grew up and went to college in Texas.  She married James Vincent Boyce before 1930; he was one year older than she, born in Inez, Victoria County, Texas on 29 April 1894. He was the son of William and Hattie Belle Hightower Boyce. James had served in World War I.  In the census of 1930, Mollie and James lived in Houston,  Harris County.  William Boyce, James' father, lived with them.  Mollie was in drafting for a petroleum company; James was a petroleum engineer.  In 1940 they still lived in Houston.  John filed a draft card in 1942 in Harris County.  On it he stated that he was in business with Jerome Smiser as Boyce and Smiser, an oil company, in Houston. John Boyce died on 20 August 1964 in Houston, Harris County, Texas. He was buried at the Forest Park Cemetery there.  Mollie died on 4 October 1966 in Harris County, Texas.  She was buried at Haven of Memories Cemetery in Van Zandt County, Texas.  
3.  Fannie Mardice Beard  was born in Adair County, Kentucky on 25 October 1897.  She grew up in Texas when her family moved there. In 1930 she lived at home in McKinney, Collin County, Texas and worked as a saleslady in a radio accessories store.  Fannie never married, and she passed away on 5 April 1981 in Wills Point, Van Zandt County, Texas.  She is laid to rest at Haven of Memories Cemetery with her brothers and sister.  
2. Mary S. "Mollie" Beard was born in Adair County, Kentucky on 5 October 1863.  She married Thomas P. Cave in 1890 or before.  He was a cousin to Melvin Cave, who married Mollie's elder sister Minerva Rebecca. Thomas and Mollie had one child on Christmas Day of 1890, but then Mollie passed away on 3 November 1893 and Thomas on 20 November 1899, both in Adair County.  They are buried at the Mount Carmel Methodist Church Cemetery in Adair County. On the 1900 census, their only child, daughter Mary Alvia, was living with her paternal grandparents in Adair County, William D. and Mary Cave.  Their one daughter was:
3.  Mary Alvia Cave was born on Christmas Day of 1890 in Adair County, Kentucky.  As detailed above, her parents both died young and she was raised by her grandparents.  About 1906, she married, probably in Adair County, to Robert Newbold Tupman, the son of Thomas Tyler Tupman and Martha Isabella Callison Tupman.  Robert was born on 15 January 1883 in Adair County. We find Robert and Mary Tupman on the 1910 Cane Valley, Adair County census as a couple married four years with no children.  Robert filled out a draft card in 1918, stating that he was farming and his address was in Dulworth, Adair County.  His wife was listed as Alvia Tupman.  By 1920 they had two daughters and lived at Cane Valley.  They shortly added another daughter and lived in Adair County all their lives.  Mary died on 29 July 1963 in Taylor County (but her residence was in Adair) and Robert passed away in Adiar County on 2 April 1969.  They are buried beneath a double stone at the Haven Hill Cemetery in Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky.  Their three children were Ollie R., Robert T. "Bobbie", and Edna Tupman.
2. David Hyatt Beard was born in Adair County, Kentucky on 20 November 1865.  He married about 1896 to Eunice Biggs. She was born 11 March 1872 in Kentucky, but we do not know her parents' names.  In 1900, David was a postmaster in Adair County, and he and Eunice lived in Cane Valley with a three year old son, George.  By 1910, David was divorced and still lived in Cane Valley.  Eunice Biggs Beard had remarried to Jacob A. Schuler and her son George Beard lived with them in Adair County.  Even though we find no record, David must have married in 1910 or 1911, as the bride was Mattie M. Jones of Cane Valley and she died on 8 August 1911 and was buried at Cane Valley Cemetery. On her stone is carved "wife of D. H. Beard".  She was born 14 March 1873 in Kentucky, the daughter of William Hamilton Reed Jones and wife Rebecca Ware Jone
s. In 1920, David was still listed in Adair County. He lived right next door to his married son, George D. Beard and family. In 1930 he was at the same, farming and living next to George and his family.  David Hyatt Beard died on 5 May 1936 of cancer.  He was buried at Cane Valley Cemetery.  His son with Eunice was:
3.  George Denny "Jack" Beard was born on 8 August 1896 in Coburg, Adair County, Kentucky.  He married about 1918 in probably Adair County to Frances R. Jones, the daughter of William Hamilton Jones and Della Ray Wallace. She was born 7 June 1901 in Kentucky. In 1920 they lived in Cane Valley with a son who was a toddler, and George's widowed father Dave H. Beard lived there as well.  In 1930 they were living next household to Dave Beard, and they had added a daughter.  George Denny Beard died in Adair County on 13 May 1980.  Frances died 30 May 1993.  They are buried at Cane Valley Cemetery in Adair County.  Their two children were Dennis Hamilton Beard and Naomi Evlyn [sic--this is th
e name on the tombstone].

1. Joseph Littleton Beard was born on the Fourth of July in 1836 in Adair County, Kentucky.  He was a farmer and blacksmith, like his father and brother. As a young man, he joined the Union forces in the War and served as a private in Company A of the 3rd Kentucky Infantry with his 

brother. He enlisted at Camp Dick Robinson in Kentucky on 19 September 1861.  On 31 December 1862, he was captured at Stones River, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  The captives walked to Richmond, Virginia from there, and Joseph's granddaughter Mattie Beard Murrell remembered him telling the story of how their feet were bleeding during the long winter march.  He was paroled 21 January 1863 at Camp Parole, Maryland, then transferred to Camp Chase, Ohio on 10 March 1863.  From there he was released from service at Louisville, Kentucky on 13 October 1864.  Back home in Kentucky, he married on 16 January 1865 to Mary Rebecca Roberta Banks.  She was the daughter of Jacob Wolford and Elizabeth Jane Breeding Banks, born on 17 July 1836 in Kentucky.  They appear on the 1870 census in Adair County

with two small sons. Their baby son George would die about 1870. 


Joseph Littleton Beard and wife Mary Banks Beard

In 1880, listed in Adair County at Cane Valley, Mary and Littleton had had another child and are listed with two sons. In 1890, Littleton was listed on the Veterans Schedule living in Adair County.  In 1900 in Cane Valley, Littleton and Mary were at home with their married son William and his family. Next door was their other son Joseph and his wife and family. Mary Banks Beard died on 16 September 1906 in Adair County.  From the obituary in the Adair County News: Mrs. Lyttleton Beard of the Mount Carmel neighborhood died Saturday morning, a victim of congestive chills.  Mrs. Beard had been in failing health for several months, but was not considered a dangerous condition until a very short time prior to her death.  Mrs. Beard was 66 years old, the wie of Mr. Lyttleton Beard, much beloved in the neighborhood where she so long resided.  Her aged husband and two sons who survive her have the sympathy of the community."  [Note:  according to

her birth date, she would have been seventy years old, not 66 as stated.]  In 1910, Littleton lived in the home of his son William Beard and his family in

Adair County.  He passed away on 17 March 1916 in Adair County.  From his obituary in the Adair County News:  "Died at Jericho:  Mr. Littleton Beard, who was a well known citizen of Adair County, died at the home of his son W. J. Beard at Jericho last Friday morning.  If he had lived until the 4th of July next he would have been 79 years old.  He served in the Third Kentucky Infantry, Bramlett's regiment during the War of Rebellion.  A great many relatives and friends attended the funeral and burial."  Both Mary and Littleton Beard are laid to rest at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Adair County. Their children were:

2. William Jacob Beard was born on 28 June 1866 in Kentucky. On 27 Dec 1893, He married Ellen Marvious/Marvous Henson, the daughter of Henry James and Mary Ann Tupman Henson.  Ellen was born 4 December 1873 in Adair County.  In 1900 they lived at Cane District in Adair County with three little boys.  In 1910 they were at Cane Valley and three of five children born were still alive. Littleton Beard, William's father, lived in the home as a 73 year old widower. Tragedy struck in 1912 when Ellen died of pneumonia on the first of November and was buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Cane Valley.  She was just 38.  William married a second time, before 1920, to Zora Dela Collins, the daughter of Samuel Clement Collins and Sarah Lou Montgomery.  Zora was born in March 1874 in Adair County.  In 1920, Willie J. Beard and wife Zora were at home in Cane Valley with three children at home. In 1930, still at Cane Valley, they had a son and daughter still home.  Zora died on 12 April 1935.  William Jacob Beard was confined to bed for the last seven years of his life with acute rheumatism.  He died on 20 July 1942 in Adair County. Both he and Zora are buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Cane Valley.  the children of William and Ellen were:
3.  Samuel Coy Beard, born 2 October 1894 in Adair County, Kentucky, married Cordie Ella Allison on 6 August 1916 in Kentucky.  She was the daughter of Nathan Gaither and Lucy Jane Pike Allison and she was born on 13 July 1897 in Kentucky.  Samuel filled out his draft card in Adair County in 1918, stating that he was married with one child and lived in Holmes, Kentucky.  Sam and Cordie lived in Adair County on the 1920 census with two children, and in 1930 they were in Cane Valley, Adair County.  Cordie Allison Beard died on 7 March 1971 in Adair County and was buried at the Mount Carmel Cemetery there.  Samuel Coy Beard passed away 28 November 1973 and he is buried at same.
3.  Owen Golden Beard was born on 5 March 1897 in Adair County, Kentucky.  In 1918 he stated on his draft registration that he lived in Holmes, Kentucky and farmed for "Willie Beard" there.  This must be his father.  Owen never married.  He died in Fayette County, Kentucky on 20 February 1960, residence listed in Adair County.  He is buried at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Cane Valley, Adair County.
3.  Virgil Hythen Beard was born in Adair County, Kentucky on 13 April 1900.  He died just before his 28th birthday in Jefferson County, Kentucky on 2 April 1928 of tuberculosis.  Virgil is buried amongst family at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Cane Valley in Adair County.
3.  Estelle A. Beard, the first daughter, was born in Adair County on 24 June 1903.  She died just before her third birthday, on 12 June 1906.  Estelle's little heart shaped stone is at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Adair County.
CCI04242015 0002
3.  Mattie May Beard was born 14 March 1907 in Adair County, Kentucky. On 4 May 1929 in the same, Mattie was the bride of James Anderson Murrell. James was the son of Horace A. and Mary Louisa Callison Murrell, and he was born on 16 November 1907 in 
Kentucky. In 1930 they were listed right next to his parents, farming in Adair County. James died 4 April 2002 in Adair County at age 94. Mattie lived to a gra
nd age of 97, and passed away on  14 June 2004 in Adair County. They are buried at Haven Hill Cemetery in Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky. Their two children are Martha Dean and William A. "Billy" Murrell.
3.  Mary Zelma Beard was born in Adair County, Kentucky on 9 September 1910. She never married, and died on 20 May 1973 in Whitley County, Kentucky, residence listed Adair County. Mary Zelma is buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Cane Valley in Adair County.
A family portrait of Littleton Beard with his sons and daughter.  Click to see caption and a larger view.
CCI04242015 0003
2. Joseph Samuel Beard was born  in Cane Valley, Adair County, Kentucky.  His birthdate was 26 January 1870, according to many official records, even though he was listed on the 1870 census as six months old, born in December, and name "George S. Beard".   He married 18 September 1892 at the home of the bride in Adair County to Lucy Belle Russell, who was the daughter of John Bowmer Russell and Charlotte Temple Combest.  Lucy was born 24 March 1876 in Kentucky.  In 1900, married for seven years, Joseph and Lucy had two young sons and a baby daughter. They farmed and lived next door to Joseph's father and elder brother and family.  In 1900, still farming at Cane Valley, they had all five children at home, having added two more sons to the brood.  On the next census,  in 1910 in Cane Valley, all five children were at home, from age seventeen to three years. 1920 found them in Ireland, Taylor County, Kentucky with one more child, a daughter, and one less son, as their eldest had died.  Still at Ireland in Taylor County in 1930, their three youngest children were at home.  Joseph Samuel Beard died on 20 February 1940 of a kidney disease in Taylor County, Kentucky.  Lucy Bell Russell Beard passed away on 31 December 1961 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.  They are at rest at Brookside Cemetery in Campbellsville, Taylor County, Kentucky.  Children:
3.  William Robert "Willie" Beard was born in Adair County, Kentucky on 21 September 1893. He married Madelene Bridgewater, the daughter of Ruel Page and Ida Sublett Bridgewater, on 16 September 1915 in Clark County, Indiana. She was born 19 August 1897 in Kentucky. William registered for the draft in 1917 and he was married at the time. He died on 2 December 1919 in Adair Co;unty and will be always 26 years old. Madelene Beard, a widow of 22, and three year old son David W. Beard were listed in the home of her parents in Adair County on the 1920 census. Before 1930 she married again, to Nathan Montgomery Page of Adair County. Madelene died in 1983 and she is buried at Cane Valley Cemetery with her second husband. The stone at William Beard's grave at Mount Carmel bears her name, but she is at rest at Cane Valley. The only child of William and Madelene was David W. Beard.
3.  Oscar Winfrey Beard was born on 1 September 1896 in Adair County, Kentucky. He served in World War I in the United States Navy. After the war, he married Edith Pearl Chelf in 1922. She was the daughter of Lee Roy and Antonetta "Nettie" Spurling Chelf. She was born 17 July 1898 in Adair County. Winfrey and Edith had three children in Adair County. Winfrey died at age 66 in Naples, Collier County, Florida, where the family visited after he retired. From his obituary, "Winfrey, as he was called by everyone, was easy to know and he was one of the best known business men of the city. His was the type of personality that blended with the greatest number and his circle of friends was limitless." From 1923, just after he married. Winfrey was in business with the Lyon-Beard Chevrolet Co. in Campbellsville for 37 years, until he retired in 1960. He was buried with the Masonic Rites at the Campbellsville cemetery in Taylor County, Kentucky. Edith Chelf Beard lived to be 98 years old; she passed away on 3 November 1996 in Taylor County and she is at rest with Winfrey in Campbellsville. The three children are William Robert "Dutton" Beard, Marjorie Dean Beard, and Louis Edward Beard.
3.  Mary Charlotte Beard was born in October 1899 in Kentucky.  She married on 5 December 1918 in Adair County to Lester Jennings Squires, the son of John Allen Squires and Avis Rogers.  Lester was born in Fry, Green County, Kentucky on 10 August 1898.  In 1920, he was living with his parents on the census in Gresham, Green County, Kentucky and his twenty year old wife Mary was listed.   Mary Charlotte is said to have married again to J. R. Little. Her death date is reported as 1981.  She is quite possibly the Mary Little who died on 3 July 1981 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.  If so, then her birth date is listed as 25 October 1899.  No burial place is known as yet.
3.  George Delious Beard was born on 13 November 1903 in Adair County, Kentucky.  He married on 23 July 1927 in Barren County, Kentucky to Rebecca Margaret Miller, daughter of Samuel Tilden Miller and his wife Dosha Margarete Lavina Sapp.  Rebecca was born on 12 June 1909 in Burdick, Taylor County, Kentucky.  In 1930, the young couple lived in Taylor County with no children. In 1940 they lived at same with a two year old daughter.  George Beard died on 31 March 1973 in Taylor County, Kentucky.  Rebecca Margaret Miller Beard died 27 October 2006 in Campbellsville, Taylor County, Kentucky.  They are both at rest at the Brookside Cemetery in Campbellsville, Taylor County.  Their three children: Carolyn Annette, Joseph Samuel, and Patricia Ann Beard.
Beard family

Dennis L Beard, Ida Mary and boys

3.  Dennis Lyttleton Beard was born on 27 July 1906 in Kentucky.  He married Ida Mary Rice on 8 February 1931.She was born 28 February 1913 in Kentucky, the daughter of Tinnie Bartlett Rice and Sallie Matt Chewning. Dennis and Ida  lived in Taylor County.  From the obituary of Dennis Beard, he was a retired farmer of Campbellsville and a member of the Salem Baptist Church.  They had four sons and a daughter.  Dennis died on 8 June 1972 at his home in Campbellsville.  Ida Mary Rice Beard died 7 December 2000.  Children listed in the obituary were sons J. T. , Jimmy, Alvin and Kennith Beard, and daughter Sarah Lucy who died as a child in 1943.  Dennis and Ida Mary Beard are at rest at the Brookside Cemetery in Campbellsville.
3.  John Estil "Johnnie" Beard was born in Adair County, Kentucky on 18 July 1913.  He married before 1938 to Ruth Tarter, the daughter of John Franklin Tarter and wife, Levona Riggins.  Ruth was born 19 May 1915 in Casey County, Kentucky.  They were partners in Beard Implement, and lived in Casey County, Kentucky.  John and Ruth had three sons and two daughters:  Maurice Tarter Beard, who died of polio at age seven in 1947, John Estil Junior, Micah S., Rebecca, and Debra Ruth Beard.  John Estil Beard passed away in Casey County on 28 March 1992.  Ruth Tarter Beard was in a fatal car accident in Boyle County, Kentucky on 16 March 1999 at age 83.  They are both buried at the Glenwood Cemetery in Liberty, Casey County, Kentucky.
3.  Lorena May Beard was born in Adair County, Kentucky on 24 April 1916. She married George T. Pirtle on 30 March 1932 in Jeffersonville, Clark County, Indiana, the son of John and Mattie S. Harmon Pirtle.  He was born 14 April 1910 in Marion County,  Kentucky. In 1940, they were listed on the census of Marion County, Kentucky with two young children, George T. Jr. and Betty Wray Pirtle.  It was stated that the home in 1935 was in Oklahoma.  We do not have any record of George after 1940 yet, but Lorena remarried before 1946 to Willard H. Sapp and they lived in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.  Lorena died in March 2002 in Louisville; we do not have death information for Willard, nor their burial places.
CCI04242015 0001

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1. Elizabeth R. Beard was born in Adair County, Kentucky on 7 May 1840.  Some family accounts say that her middle name was Littleton, but we have no indication other than the "R." middle initial of what her middle name was. Her father David Beard listed her name as "Elizabeth R. Beard" on his consent to her marriage, and on the 1900 census she is listed "Elizabeth R. Beard". She had a brother named Joseph Littleton Beard. It is very possible that her full name was "Elizabeth Rebecca Beard" after her paternal grandmother. (If it was "Elizabeth Rebecca Littleton Beard" that would be a real clue that perhaps Rebecca's maiden name was Littleton.) She married Samuel Jacob [some family accounts say "Jackson"] Smith on 9 March 1858 in Adair County.  Her father David Beard signed a consent form for the clerk, and her brother David Beard was on the form as a witness. Samuel was the son of Samuel Smith and Frances Pike; he was born on 17 March 1835 in Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky. We have yet to find the young couple on the 1860 census, but they would have had a baby daughter.  In 1870 they were enumerated in Adair County with five daughters.  They moved to Missouri in the 1876-1880 timeframe, and were listed in Newtonia, Newton County, Missouri in 1880 with six daughters.  They eventually had a family of ten (yes, ten!) daughters.  In 1900, they were living in Osage, Benton County, Arkansas with three of them still at home.  Elizabeth Beard Smith died on 24 September 1906 in Lanagan, McDonald County, Missouri, according to numerous family reports, but we have no record.  In 1910, Samuel J. Smith was a 75 year old widower in the home of his married daughter, Julia Harp, and her husband Isaac in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri.  With him was his youngest daughter Jewel Smith, age twenty.  Samuel died on 1 March 1925 in McDonald County, Missouri and is said to be buried at Pineville in that place.  The ten daughters were named:

2. Mary Catherine Smith, born 11 May 1859 in Cane Valley, Adair County, Kentucky, married in McDonald County, Missouri on 12 August 1883.  The groom was John Weems Jeffers, the son of William Pierce and Hannah Melissa Bradley Jeffers. His elder brother Edward Jeffers had married the younger sister of Mary Catherine, Nancy Smith, about four years previously.  John was born on 26 December 1860 in Greene County, Tennessee, the son of William Pierce Jeffers and wife Hannah Melissa Bradley. By 1900, John and Mary Jeffers were listed at Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri and they had six children.  On all succeeding censuses their home was in McDonald County and they would eventually have seven children. John Jeffers died on 26 August 1933 in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri and was buried at Pineville.  Mary Catherine Smith Jeffers passed away on 2 November 1948 and was buried at same.  The seven Jeffers children were:  
3.  Ina Jackson Jeffers was born in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri on 19 May 1885.  She married John Harrison Martin on 5 October 1907 in Benton County, Arkansas.  He was born 13 November 1888 in Pittsburg, Crawford County, Kansas, the son of George and Mary E. Martin.  In 1910, Ina and John Martin lived in Pineville with two young daughters.   At same in 1920, John was a farm laborer and they had a daughter and a son in the home.  In 1930 at Pineville, John worked in a saw mill and they had one son at home. John died 29 February 1968 and he is buried at the Pineville Cemetery in McDonald County.  Ina Jeffers Martin passed away 18 May 1972; she is buried beside John at Pineville.  They had three known children: Alice, Cylene, and Clifford Dallas Martin.
3.  Julia Etta Jeffers was born in Pineville on Christmas Eve, 1888.  She died at age three in November of 1892 and is buried amongst family at the Pineville Cemetery in McDonald County, Missouri.
3.  Iva May Jeffers was born in Pineville on 15 February 1887.  She married John Clarence Parish, son of John Lewis Parish and Mary Jane Coffee, on Christmas Eve, 1907, in McDonald County, Missouri. In 1910 Iva and John lived in Elk, McDonald County.  They had moved to Great Bend, Barton County, Kansas by 1920.  In 1925, they lived at South Seward, Stafford County, Kansas, as they also did in 1930.  Iva Jeffers Parish died at age 49 on 7 June 1936 in St. John, Stafford County, Kansas.  She is buried at the Fairview Park Cemetery there, as is her husband, who died on 6 August 1972 in same.  Iva and John Parish had children Lillian Frances, Helen D., John Arlie, Harlie Albert, and Raymond Eldon "Dude" Parish.
3.  Alpha Alice Jeffers was born on 6 August 1892 in McDonald County, Missouri.  She married on 1 March 1912 to Lester Eugene Morris in McDonald County.  He was the son of George Washington Morris and Mary "Mollie" Brown, born on 23 March 1889 in Missouri.  Lester registered for the draft for World War I in McDonald County, stating that he had a wife and two children to support and that he was a saw mill worker.  He died shortly thereafter, on 28 December 1918, in Sidney, Cheyenne County, Nebraska.  "Allie" Jeffers Morris was left with three small boys to raise.  She was listed in 1920 as a widow of 27, living in Sidney with her sons.  We do not find her on later censuses, but a death date of 6 November 1958 is reported, in Neosho, Newton County, Missouri.  The three known children of Allie Jeffers and Lester Morris were George, John Emery, and Albert W. Morris.
3.  William Albert Jeffers (sometimes styled Albert William on records) was born on 6 August 1892 in McDonald County, Missouri, a twin to Alpha Alice.  He married on 21 April 1915 to Grace Caroline Leib. Grace was born on 17 July 1892 in Missouri.  On 2 October 1917, he began service in the 34th Engineering Corps as a cook for Company I.  He was honorably discharged on 11 July 1919.  In 1920 he and Grace were listed in the census for Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri, and in 1930 they were in Elk River in same county.  He died on 17 May 1954 in Lanagan, McDonald County, Missouri and is buried there.  Grace Leib Jeffers died on 6 January 1968 in Lanagan.  We know of one child, William Arthur Jeffers, born in 1916.
3.  Georgia Jeffers was born 18 June 1895 in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri.  She is said to have passed away on 14 September 1983 in Monett, Barry County, Missouri.  Marriage information is not known at this time.
3.  Samuel Littleton Jeffers was born in McDonald County, Missouri on 12 June 1898.  He married about the year 1923 to Georgia Cole. Georgia's parents are not known, but she was born in 1903, according to her gravestone.  In 1930 Samuel and Georgia had two daughters and lived in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, where Samuel was a foreman with the railroad.  Georgia Jeffers died in 1977 and was buried at the Mount Hope Cemetery in Webb City, Jasper County, Missouri.  She shares a gravestone with Samuel, who died 29 April 1989 in Joplin.  The two known children are Norma Jean and Joan A. Jeffers.
2. Nancy Etta Smith was born on 23 July 1861 in Cane Valley, Adair County, Kentucky.  On 2 September 1879, she married Edward Pierce Jeffers in Newtonia, Newton County, Missouri.  He was born on 29 December 1857 in Greene County, Tennessee, and he was the elder brother of John Weems Jeffers, who later married Nancy's elder sister Mary Catherine.  Both were sons of William Pierce and Hannah Melissa Bradley Jeffers. On all 1900-1930 censuses, Nancy and Edward Jeffers were residents of Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri.  Nancy Etta Smith Jeffers died on 21 March 1936 in Pineville, and Edward followed on 26 April 1944.  Both are buried at Pineville in McDonald County, Missouri.  They had eight children:
3.  Mary Elizabeth Jeffers was born 15 August 1880 in Newtonia, Newton County, Missouri.  She married in 1905 to Clarence Earl Duval, the son of Dr. William Duval and Tennessee Bookout.  Clarence was born 8 May 1881 in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri.  In all the censuses, the family was listed at home in Pineville.  In 1910, Clarence worked as a carpenter.  Clarence died in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri on 17 December 1958 and he is buried at the Pineville Cemetery.  Mary Elizabeth Jeffers Duval passed away on 10 July 1976 in Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas.  Children included Joy Quinon, Geraldine, Kenneth Jackson, Maxine J., twins Dorris J and Dortha D, and 2nd Lt Billy Earl Duval, who died in Lyon, France during World War II and is buried at the Lorraine American Cemetery in Lorraine, France.  
3.  Sumner Bertie Jeffers was a son born on 26 February 1883 in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri.  He married Mabel Cora Gray, the daughter of William Bisher and Eliza Jane Myers Gray, on 5 December 1905 in Pineville.  Mabel was born on 15 April 1889 in Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri.  In 1910, Sumner and Mabel lived in Pineville with one daughter.  Tragedy struck the young family when a second daughter was killed by a dog as an infant in the summer of 1910, and again when Mabel died on 13 August 1913 at the age of 24.  The baby and Mabel are both buried at the Pineville Cemetery in McDonald County.  In 1920, Sumner was a single father of two daughters in Pineville; by 1930 on the Pineville census, he was still single and had his two grown daughters in the home.  Sumner remarried on 5 January 1932 to Freda Florence Lenhart, the daughter of John Jacob and Catherine Holt Lenhart.  She was born 20 June 1905 in McCook, Red Willow, Nebraska.  They lived in Gravette, Benton County, Arkansas when Sumner died on 6 June 1957.  Freda died 15 June 1988 in Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri.  Both are buried at the Pineville Cemetery in McDonald County, Missouri.    The daughters of Sumner and Mabel Gray are Beatrice Willavina, Mable Alyne, and Helen Gray Jeffers.  
3.  Lavina Jeffers was born 25 January 1885 in McDonald County, Missouri. She married before 1910 to a groom named "Hawk", as on the 1910 census in Pineville she was in her father's home, listed as Luvena Hawk, a married woman of 25.  She married before 1920 to John Ernest Stewart, who was born on 5 October 1889 in Missouri.  We do not know the names of his parents yet.  Several families of this line say that Lavina died on 27 February 1957 in Pryor, Mayes County, Oklahoma and that John Stewart died 23 December 1958 in Langley, Mayes County, Oklahoma. We do not yet know of a burial location or any other family information.
3.  Willie Jackson Jeffers was a daughter born on 27 April 1887 in McDonald County, Missouri.  She married before 1917 to Frederick Francis Lachmund,  the son of William Warner and Mary Elizabeth Lachmund. He was born in Raymond, Montgomery County, Illinois on 13 March 1894, and in 1917 he filled out a draft registration form in Benton County, Arkansas, where he and Willie lived at the time.  He stated that he worked as a butcher there and was married.  In 1920, Willie and Fred Lachmund lived in Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas.  Fred was a baker, and they as yet had no children.  A daughter named Nannette was born in 1922 in Arkansas.  We do not find the family on the 1930 census, but in 1935 they still lived in Springdale, Arkansas.  In 1940, Willie/Willa Lachmund was listed as a widow on the census, living in the home of her elderly father in McDonald County, Missouri.  Her only daughter was listed there with her.  Willie worked as a clerk in the family store.  She was not a widow, as her husband Frederick passed away in Grandview, Yakima, Washington on 30 January 1971.  He was buried at Eastlawn Cemetery in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri in a family plot.  Willie Jeffers Lachmund died on 9 March 1976 in Johnson County, Kansas.  We do not know where she is buried.
3.  Marvin Landon Jeffers was born on 28 February 1891 in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri.  He married Hillead Mahala Ross on 26 March 1913 in Pineville.  She was the daughter of James William Ross and Mary Eliza Coffee, and she was born on 22 February 1895 in Texas.  In 1920 Marvin worked as a carpenter in Pineville and the young couple had a four year old son.  In 1930, Marvin and Mahala had four children and lived at Deepwater, Henry County, Missouri where he worked in sales.  In 1935 they reported living at Marshall, Saline County, Missouri, and in 1940 the family was listed with their four children in Cole Camp, Benton County, Missouri.  Marvin was listed as a pastor on this census.  Mahala died on 12 July 1954 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas at Baylor University Hospital after a long illness.  She was buried at the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery in Miami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma.  Marvin Jeffers died on 30 September 1980 in Neosho, Newton County, Missouri, and contributed his body to the medical school, according to obituaries.  Marvin and Mahala Jeffers had four children:  Edward R., Joe M., Bobby June, and Hugh Wayne Jeffers.
3.  Edna Etta Jeffers was born on 23 February 1893 in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri.  Edna never married and she was listed in the home of her parents on censuses.  She died at age 91 in Neosho, Newton County, Missouri on 21 December 1984 and she is buried in the family plot at Pineville Cemetery in McDonald County, Missouri.
3.  Chester Wilbur Jeffers was born 15 May 1897 in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri.  He married Thora Verda Nadine Goodnight before 1924, probably in McDonald County.  She was born 20 October 1905 in Monett, Barry County, Missouri, the daughter of Jonathan David Goodnight and Mattie Todd.  In 1930, Chester and Nadine lived in Pineville with two children.  Chester died at a young age of 38 on 2 August 1935 and was buried at the Pineville Cemetery.  In Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri on 17 November 1937, Nadine Jeffers married again, to Victor G. Collins of McDonald County.  In 1940, she and her four Jeffers children werre found on the Pineville census living with Victor Collins and his children.  Nadine Jeffers Collins died on 15 March 1981 in Bella Vista, Benton County, Arkansas.  She was buried at the Pineville Cemetery in McDonald County, Missouri, where her name is inscribed on a double stone with Chester Jeffers. Her four Jeffers children were Chester Gerald, Betty Dean, John Edward, and Patsy Ruth Jeffers.
3.  Isaac C. Jeffers was born in May 1897, according to the 1900 census when he was three.  He does not appear on the 1910 census with his family, and we have found no death record or burial site.
2. Elizabeth A. Smith was born 16 February 1864 in Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky.  We think she died before 1880, as she was not listed on that census, nor can we find her on later ones.  
2. Hettie Jane Smith was born in Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky on 29 April 1866.  She married on 4 November 1886 in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri to James Brazilla Rickman, son of Leander and Jane Elizabeth Dorsey Rickman.  James was born 5 April 1863 in Vernon County, Missouri.  In 1900, married fourteen years, James and Hettie lived at Pineville with four children.  Another child, a son, had died in 1896 as an infant.  1910 and 1920 finds them still in Pineville.  James Rickman died on 20 May 1923 and is buried at Pineville Cemetery in McDonald County, Missouri.  Hettie passed away 16 October 1936 in same and is buried under a double stone with her husband.  Also listed on the stone is the infant son Jessie who died in 1896.  Their children were:
3.  Bessie Elsie Rickman was born in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri on 30 January 1888.  She married on 27 August 1907 to John Martin Carnell, son of Peter Leonard Carnell and Hetty Myers.  John was born on 15 April 1890 in Pineville. In 1910, they lived at Pineville with a young son and Eliza J. Carnell, his aged grandmother.  In 1920, still in Pineville, they had three children.  By 1930, they had moved and lived in Muskogee, Muskogee County, Oklahoma with five children at home.  In 1935 and 1940 the family was located in Enid, Garfield County, Oklahoma.  Bessie Rickman Carnell died there on 13 June 1952 and was taken home to Pineville to be laid to rest at the family plot there.  John Carnell passed away March 1965 in Enid, and he was buried there. The children were:  Cecil E., James Leonard, Hetty Ruth, Anna Mae, and June R. Carnell.
3.  Roy Jackson Rickman was born in Pineville on 25 October 1890.  He lived there all his life, he was single, and passed away there on 18 December 1963. Roy is buried at the Pineville Cemetery with family.
3.  Tressa Rickman was born 10 January 1893 in Pineville.  She became mentally ill during adolescence, possibly due to hormonal changes that accompanied puberty. She was eventually institutionalized in the Missouri State Hospital in Nevada, Missouri, where she worked in the laundry. Tressa never married. She died in the hospital in Nevada on November 19, 1987, at the age of 85. She is buried in the Pineville Cemetery between her sister, Bessie Rickman Carnell (with whom she shares a grave marker) and her brother James Ray "Whistle"/"Whis" Rickman.
3.  Jessie Elmer Rickman was born and died on 8 August 1896 in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri.  He is buried at the Pineville Cemetery.
3.  Mabel E. Rickman was born 19 June 1899 in Pineville.  She married Theodore Roosevelt "Ted" Rogers, the son of Frank Rogers and Safrona Elizabeth Vice, on 5 July, 1924 in Neosho, Newton County, Missouri.  He was born on 15 August 1902 in Galena, Cherokee County, Kansas.  In 1930 they lived at Pineville and had a young daughter; in 1940 they were listed at Anderson, McDonald County, Missouri, with two daughters.  Ted passed away June 1972 in Anderson and he is buried at Peace Valley Cemetery there, along with wife Mabel, who died on 4 November 1988 in Anderson. their daughters are Teddy Gene and Beverly Ann Rickman.
3.  James Ray Rickman who was nicknamed "Whistle", was born on 7 March 1904 in Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri.  He married Frances Carolyn Bush in Johnson County, Arkansas on 26 May 1941. Frances was born in Pineville on 16 July 1916.  James died on 15 July 1985 in Pineville and Frances Bush Rickman passed away in same on 27 December 1995.  They are both buried at the Pineville Cemetery.
2. Frances Louise "Fannie" Smith was born on 16 August 1869 in Adair County, Kentucky.  She married in Joplin, Newton County, Missouri on her birthday in 1903.  The groom was Charles Wilbur Lamoreaux, born on 8 January 1879 in Lanark, Carroll County, Illinois.  He was the son of Alba and Ellen Lamoreaux.  Fannie and Charles had a son in 1908, born in Jasper County, Missouri, but they had moved out to Spokane, Washington by the 1910 census.  They appear there with their baby son; Charles was working as driver of an ice wagon.  In 1918, they lived in Kootenai County, Idaho when Charles registered for the draft there.  Listed in Worley, Kootenai County in 1920, they were farming on a grain farm.  Charles Wilbur Lamoreaux died there on 29 March 1924.  A note on his death certificate seems to say that he was "found killed" on this date but is not clear.  If any family members can clear this up, we would appreciate the information.  In 1930, Fannie and her son Charles M. Lamoreaux were back in Lanagan, McDonald County, Missouri on the census there.  After 1935, Charles moved to Glendale, California and was enumerated there in 1940 with a wife and family.  Fannie Smith Lamoreaux died on 12 September 1940 in Burbank, California.  No burial places are known for either Charles or for Fannie.  Their known son was:
3.  Charles Max Lamoreaux, born 3 July 1908 in Webb City, Jasper County, Missouri married Gladys Cheek on 13 March 1937 in Burbank, Los Angeles County, California.  She was the daughter of Thomas Elbert Cheek and Ella Dora Miller, born on 16 August 1913 in Welch, Craig County, Oklahoma.  In 1940, Charles and Gladys lived in Glendale, Los Angeles County, with a young daughter and his aged mother in their household.  Charles died on 8 February 1971 in Los Angeles, possibly in an accident, as his wife Gladys died on the same day.  They had four children.
2. Lydia J. Smith was born on 11 March 1871 in Adair County, Kentucky.  She married on 15 March 1893 in Benton County, Arkansas to Frank Eugene Robinson.  He was the son of Joseph J. and Elizabeth Ellen Tabor Robinson, born 22 January 1871 in Henry County, Missouri.  Married seven years, Lydia and Frank were listed on the 1900 census in Osage, Benton County, Arkansas with two young daughters.  In 1910 they were enumerated at Esculapia, Benton County and had three daughters.  Lydia Smith Robinson died before the next census, passing away on 11 February 1916 in Benton County.  She is buried at the Oakley Chapel Cemetery there.  In 1920, Frank Robinson was listed on the census in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri as a widower with his youngest daughter in the home.  Frank was on the 1930 census in Washington, Jackson County, Missouri, where he worked as night watchman for a golf club.  He died on 14 August 1936 and was buried at Oakley Chapel along with his wife.  The three daughters were:
3.  Velma Robinson was born in Benton County, Arkansas on 7 March 1894.  She married on 23 July 1916 in same to Hurley Deason.  [note: there is some debate as to whether his full name was William Hurley Deason or Lester Hurley Deason.]  He was born on 7 July 1894 in Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas, son of William Holden Deason and Laura Bell Maxwell. In 1920 Velma and Hurley were childless and lived at Esculapia, Benton County, Arkansas.  By 1930 they had a daughter and lived at Rogers, in same county.  Still at Rogers in 1940, they had the one daughter.  Hurley Deason died on 7 July 1973, his birthday.  He is buried at Oakley Chapel Cemetery in Rogers, with his wife Velma, who died on 9 November 1990.  The daughter's name was Ruby Jean Deason.
3.  Jessie Maud Robinson was a daughter born on 8 August 1896 in Benton County, Arkansas.  Jessie married on 21 May 1916 in Bentonville, Benton County, Arkansas to David Cruise Rakes, the son of Asa David Rakes and Mary Alice Sisk.  David was born 15 March 1895 in Shacks Mill, Buchanan County, Virginia.  In 1920, the couple were living in Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma where David was a news agent for the railroad.  They had two young children.  By 1925, they had moved to Parsons, Labette County, Kansas and in the 1930 census were listed at same with the two children at home.  David worked as an auto mechanic. By 1940 they were at same and farming.  One daughter was still at home.  David Rakes died in Labette County, Kansas on 7 December 1969. Jessie Vaud Robinson Rakes passed away on 25 November 1986 at same. No burial place is known, although descendants are buried in Labette County.  The two children were Beryl David Rakes and Jessie Louise Rakes.
3.  Ruby Robinson was born 15 July 1901 in  Benton County, Arkansas.  She married on 20 June 1924 to Cecil Lyle Clawson, a young accountant.  He was born on 29 March 1899 in Illinois to Thomas and Catherine Clawson.  In 1930, Cecil and Ruby lived in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri with no children.  He worked as an accountant for a public utility.  In 1940, they lived in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, still no children.  Cecil was an accountant executive there.  He died on 4 September 1974 in San Diego County, California.  A must read is this article about Ruby on her 111th birthday in 2012. She is one of the oldest living people in the world.
In July 2014 Ruby turned 113 and is currently documented in the Gerontology Research Group's chart of validated supercentenarians as the 20th oldest living person in the world.  She lives in Carmel Valley, California. As of July 2015, we can find no death record nor confirmation of living yet.
2. Alice J. Smith  was born in December 1873 in Adair County, Kentucky.  She married Charles Cyrus "Charlie" Dickson on 25 April 1900 in Benton County, Arkansas.  He was born 8 December 1874 in Benton County, Arkansas, which his father and grandfather helped settle.  His father was Joseph Samuel Dickson and his mother was Sarah Caledonia Pickens. Charlie and Alice had a son in 1901 and  named him Joseph; on the 1910 Benton County, Arkansas census they appear with only the one child.  Charlie Dickson registered for the draft in Benton County in 1918 and listed his wife, Alice Dickson.  He died on 27 January 1919 and was buried at the Bentonville Cemetery in Benton County.  In 1920, Alice was listed in Benton County as a widow living with her son Joe Dickson.  Alice is buried at the Bentonville Cemetery with a death year of 1959.  Their son was:
3.  Joseph Dickson was born in 1901 in Benton County, Arkansas.  We last find him listed on the 1920 Benton County census with his widowed mother Alice.  
2. Myrtle Ion "Mertie" Smith was born on 3 June 1876 in Adair County, Kentucky.  She married on 17 November 1897 in Benton County, Arkansas to George Elbert "Bert" Hale, the son of      He was born in June 1873 in Illinois.  In 1900 the young couple were listed at Osage in Benton County with a one year old daughter.  Bert's father, Fulton J. Hale, lived in the home.  In 1910 George and Myrtle and two young daughters lived in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri.  We have not yet found them on the 1920 census, but they were listed in address directories as residents of Kansas City, Kansas in 1925 and in 1927.  The 1930 census has them listed back at the old family home of Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri, and the nest was empty by then.  Some families have information that George Hale died in November of 1931 in Jasper County, Missouri. We find a death record of Myrtle passing away on 23 October 1951 in Webb City, Jasper County, Missouri.  No burial place is known for either at this time. Their two children:
3.  Georgia E. Jean Hale was born in September 1898 in Benton County, Arkansas.  Family report that she died in 1994 at age 95, but we find no marriage records or any other record for her yet.
3.  Mary Frank Hale was born 30 July 1906 in Benton County, Arkansas.  She died of tuberculosis on 7 August 1925 and was buried at the family plot in Pineville Cemetery, Pineville, McDonald County, Missouri.
2. Julia Littleton Smith was born in January 1882 in Missouri.  In  June of 1900, she was listed as a single woman in her parents' home on the census but she had twin boys in October of that year, 1900, and their surnames were Jackson.  Some family reports are that she married Robert John Jackson about this time, but we find no records of him so far.   Julia marrried on 31 August 1903 in Benton County to Isaac "Ike" Harp, the son of William Henry Harp and Rebecca Ann Underwood.  Ike and Julia were listed in 1910 on the Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri census.  Ike was born on 11 August 1873 in probably Kentucky, as reported on censuses.  His death certificate lists Anderson [McDonald County], Missouri as his place of birth. It was reported on the 1910 census that Julia had borne four children, her twin Jackson sons and two Harp daughters.  Her father Samuel Smith and her sister Jewel Smith lived in the Harp home.  This family was also listed on the same census in Bentonville, Benton County, Arkansas. At some point after, Ike and Julia must have divorced; we find him on the 1920 census in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri, married to a woman named Emma.  They had two daughters in the home, one Ike's stepdaughter and one his daughter with Emma. He worked as a bridge painter for the railroads.  On 28 January 1925, Ike Harp was killed in a work related accident. His death certificate was filed in Texarkana, Bowie County, Texas, where the accident occurred at 9:30 in the morning. He was buried at Forest Park Cemetery in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri. We have not yet been able to find Julia on the 1920 or the 1930 census.  She died on 5 April 1936 in Lanagan, McDonald County, Missouri and she is also buried at Forest Park in Joplin. Julia's twin sons with Robert John Jackson were:
3.  Donald Richard Jacob Jackson  was born in Bentonville, Benton County, Arkansas on 14 October 1900.  He died 16 December 1976 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and was buried in Forest Park Cemetery in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri.
3.  John Robert Jackson was born in Bentonville, Benton County, Arkansas on 14 October 1900.  He died in Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri on 11 July 1973 and was buried at Forest Park Cemetery in same.
2. Jewel Smith was listed on the 1910 census with her widower father Samuel---and she was listed as age twenty.  However, she was not in her parents' home in 1900, when she would have been ten.  Was she inadvertently left off?  Visiting somewhere else? (although, we have looked for her to no avail.)  We know very little about her, as this was the only census we find her listed.  We obviously know of no marriage or death dates.

1. David W. Beard was born on 7 October 1842 in Adair County, Kentucky. This birth date is recorded in the David Beard family Bible.  He must have died before the 1850 census.