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Beairds 001

A logging camp in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi around the turn of the century. Young Joseph Pearse Beaird (called "Percy") is one of these workers.

Beairds 002

J. P. "Percy" Beaird is on the left, with a friend whose last name was Newman.

Beairds 004

Roena Hall Beaird, wife of J. P. "Percy" Beaird

Beairds 005

J. P. "Percy" Beaird, son of John Riley Beaird and Martha Lavender Beaird

Beairds 007

Marie and Gladys, daughters of J. P. "Percy" Beaird and Roena Hall Beaird

Beairds 008

Marie and Gladys Beaird

Beairds 010

Marie and Gladys Beaird

Beairds 012

Roena Hall Beaird with children Marie, Gladys and Lloyd Benford Beaird, wife and children of J. P. "Percy" Beaird

Beairds 011

Marie and Gladys Beaird

Beairds 014

Gladys, Lloyd Benford, and Marie Beaird

Beairds 015

Gladys, Lloyd Benford, and Marie Beaird

Beairds 016

Gladys Corinne Beaird Lewellen, wife of William Roy Lewellen

Beairds 017

Gladys Beaird Lewellen

Beairds 019

Marie Beaird King with husband William Aubry King and baby son Rusty King

Beairds 020

Lloyd Benford Beaird

Beairds 021

Lloyd Benford Beaird

Beairds 022

Lloyd Benford Beaird, USAF

Beairds 023

Marie, Lloyd Benford, and Gladys Beaird with Ole Jack the dog, at Christmas

Beairds 024

Lloyd Benford Beaird, Gladys Beaird Lewellen, and Marie Beaird King

Beairds 025

J. P. "Percy" Beaird with grandchildren Betty Sue, William Benford, and Mary Louise Lewellen

Beairds 026

Gladys Beaird Lewellen with her children Betty Sue, William Benford, Mary Louise, and Charlotte Corinne Lewellen in front

Beairds 028

J. P. "Percy" Beaird with his grandchildren Charlotte Corinne on ground, William Benford on chair, Betty Sue, and Mary Louise, all Lewellens

Beairds 029

William Benford and Charlotte Corinne Lewellen

Beairds 030

J. P. "Percy" and Roena Hall Beaird's home near Enid, Tallahatchie County, Mississippi

Beairds 036

William Benford Beaird, born with a condition called osteogenesis Imperfecta, known as brittle bones

Beairds 037

Pearl Beaird Havens and daughter Beatrice Havens, wife and daughter of R. B. Havens. Pearl is the daughter of John Riley Beaird and Martha Lavender

Beairds 038

Beatrice Havens in chair, standing Marie Beaird King, Gladys Beaird Lewellen and Ethel Owens Arendale Beaird. Ethel's first husband was Wesley Arendale and her second husband was Lloyd Benford Beaird. She married first cousins in the Beaird family.

Beairds 039

Beatrice Havens, daughter of Pearl Beaird and R. B. Havens

Beairds 040

John William Beaird and wife Lilly Pratt Beaird. John William was the son of John Riley and Martha Lavender Beaird

Beairds 041

Pearl Beaird Havens, J. R. "Percy" Beaird, Gladys Beaird Lewellen and little Charlotte Corinne Lewellen

Beairds 042

Children of John Riley and Martha Lavender Beaird: J. R. "Percy" Beaird, Dixie Beaird Havens, John William Beaird, Tiny Beaird Havens Wright with "Little Boy, Dixie's dog, and Pearl Beaird Havens

Beairds 043

James Beaird, Lilly Pratt Beaird, and Eva Mae Beaird, the wife, son and daughter of John William Beaird

Beairds 044

J. R. "Percy" Beaird, his brother John William Beaird, and John William's son James Beaird

Beairds 045

Charles Reeves, husband of Eva Mae Beaird Reeves, and L. E. Havens

Beairds 046

Barbara Ann Beaird, L. E. Havens, Eva Mae Beaird Reeves

Beairds 047

Eva Mae Beaird Reeves, husband Charles Reeves, and her father John William Beaird on his 69th birthday. His sister Pearl Beaird Havens always had a birthday dinner for him.

Beairds 048

Mary Edna Beaird, daughter of Matt Lavender Beaird and Eudora Murphy Beaird

Beairds 050

L. E. Havens, husband of Dixie Beaird Havens, with nieces Barbara Ann Beaird and Betty Sue and Mary Louise Lewellen

Beairds 051

Tiny Beaird Havens Wright, Pearl Beaird Havens, and Dixie Beaird Havens, all daughters of John Riley Beaird and Martha Lavender Beaird

Beairds 052

Eva Mae Beaird Reeves and husband Charles Reeves

Beairds 053

Back: Percy Beaird, James Beaird, R. B. Havens, Front: unknown, Charles Reeves

Beairds 058

Charlotte Corinne Lewellen

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