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Note:  Just as my own line's surname morphed into "Beaird" from Beard,  some in this line spelled and still spell their surname Baird.  We will continue to use the family name Beard for our record keeping and for ease of indexing.  In this line, we find both Beard and Baird spellings on the various records for the same people, so we regard these as interchangeable.  

James Beard was born between 1770 and 1780, probably in the Valley of Virginia before his father moved west to what would become the state of Tennessee.  He married Jane "Jenny" Clendenin/Clendennon in 1803 or sooner.  She was the daughter of John Clendenin and his wife Mary who were from the Cowpasture River area of the Valley and close neighbors of the Beard family there.  Jane's parents had also moved to Tennessee, and her father died in Sevier County before 1810.  James and Jane Beard lived in Adair County, Kentucky in the early years of their marriage, as the entire Beard clan had moved there from Eastern Tennessee about the year 1798.  On the 1802 Tax List there, we find James Beard and we also find a James Clendenin/Clendennon---and Jane had a brother by this name.  He lived on lands on the Green River.  In 1807, we find an Adair County record that James and Jenny Beard sold property to a John "Clenderman" in Book B, page 2 of the records.  Jane's father was a John and she also had a brother by that name. It appears that young James and Jane may have moved then, to property in Maury County, Tennessee.  We must mention here that many other Beard family members were moving down to middle Tennessee at this same time and most were living in neighboring Bedford County by 1820.

In about 1810, old John Clendenin died in Sevier County, Tennessee, leaving 212 acres of land on Flat Creek, south of the French Broad River, in Sevier County, Tennessee to his heirs.  Those heirs are listed in a document as Mary, James, John, Nancy, and Polly Clendenin and Esther McGee, Jenny Beard, and Betsy Clabaugh.  Esther/Ester was married to John McGee.  Jenny was married to James Beard. Betsy was married to Charles Clabaugh.  (East Tennessee Patent Book 2, page 695, 20 June 1810.

On 11 August 1811, a Power of Attorney was filed by James Beard "of Maury County, Tennessee" and his wife Jenny to John McGee of Warren County, Tennessee (Jenny's brother in law, married to Esther) to convey to William Douglas of Bath County, Virginia any rights in 340 acres patented to John Clendenning, being 1/7, and to demand payment due for this land on the Cowpasture River.  This power document was executed in Tennessee, and it seems to have been filed there, in Adair County, Kentucky, and in Bath County, Virginia.  Jenny Clendenin Beard's siblings and mother, all "of Sevier County, Tennessee", also executed a Power of Attorney for the same John McGee of Warren County.  

On 12 September 1818, a document was filed in Adair County, Kentucky by John Beard Sr. which stated that John was giving his son "James Beard of Maury County, Tennessee" a slave.  (Deed Book E, page 55.)  John died shortly afterwards, it seems.  

In 1819, James and Jenny Beard sold 100 acres on the Green River in Adair County, Kentucky to Benard/Bernard Moore.  Book E, page 86. This land was probably where they had lived when in Adair County.

On 12 August 1819 in Warren County, Tennessee, a document was filed pertaining to the estate of Jenny Beard's father, John Clendenon.  His son in law Charles Clabaugh of that county "with his inlaws" released claims on "a Negro woman named Suck who was being sold to Mathew Cort/Court? in Jefferson County, Tennessee.  In addition to the inlaws, James and John Clendenon, sons of John Sr deceased, were listed.  The inlaws listed in the document were John McGee [married to Esther Clendenon]; James Beard of Maury County, Tennessee [our subject, married to Jane/Jenny Clendenon], and Hugh Beard of Bedford County, Tennessee.  There were two Hugh Beards in Bedford at this year, the elder Hugh who was far too old for this cite, and the younger Hugh, son of Samuel and cousin of James who married Jenny.  In 1810, in the list of heirs of John Clendenon, the only unmarried daughters were Polly (short for Mary) and Nancy, so one of these daughters must have married young Hugh Beard, the son of Samuel, between 1810 and 1819.  

The census of 1820 for Maury County, Tennessee shows the James Beard household:  two boys under ten, two boys 10-16, a male over 45, two girls 10-16 and wife over 45.  This listing is found on page 14; on page 16 we find a Samuel Beard with two males 16-26 and himself over 45.  We believe that old John Beard no doubt had sons named James, Samuel, and Hugh, and John.  It is  likely that this could be his son Samuel living close by his brother James.  However, we must be careful in Maury County, as there was another family of Baird/Beard name found there, to which our line is not related. 

In 1822 James Beard was a buyer at the estate sale of a Thomas Shelby in Maury County.

17 June 1824:  The heirs of John Clendenin/Clendennon make a land claim in Sevier County, Tennessee.  It is on the "waters of Flat Creek".  They are listed as Mary (the widow), James, John, Polly, and Nancy Clendennon, plus Esther McGhee, Jenny Beard, and Betsey Clabaugh, all the heirs of John.  Sevier County, Roll #2.  This list of heirs is puzzling, see cite of August 1819, above.  Polly and Nancy Clendennon are listed but one of them was married to Hugh Beard of Bedford County by this 1824 date. Was this a rehash of an older document? Did someone just leave off the married name?

After some years of research, we believe that this family of James Beard moved to Hardin County, Tennessee in time for the 1830 census. They are not found anywhere else, and the family of "James Baird" of Hardin County matches perfectly the age and sex of the children.  Some of their children married in this time range in Hardin County. The age of the wife is also a match for Jenny/Jane.  It reads:  two males 15-20, one male 20-30, one male 50-60, one female 20-30, one female 50-60.  Also listed in the same county is the eldest child, "Jno P. Baird" with a wife and young child.  Note that our Beard family is often published as Baird on these early censuses.  It is noteworthy that this same John P. moved back to Maury County and his children were raised there by his widow, another of this family's connection to Maury County and to Hardin County. Most importantly, when James died in 1845, his widow filed court papers back in Maury County, Tennessee to help settle his estate.

Jane Beard must have died before the 1840 census, for James "Baird" is listed at 60-70 and the elder female of the household is 30-40, which would fit a second wife.  Also listed is "John Beard" age 20-30.  

Through much census research, we have put together the story of the second wife of James Beard/Baird, whose name was Cynthia.  She was Cynthia Sweeton, born about 1808 in Tennessee, the daughter of Dutton and Rachel Martin Sweeton.  When Cynthia and James Beard had their first child together, the baby was named Rachel Margaret, Rachel for her mother and Margaret for his.  Cynthia Sweeton had been married before, to Ellis Harlan, who died between 1837 and 1840 in Hardeman County, Tennessee.  They were married on 14 December 1826 in Hardeman County and they had five children before Ellis died. The last child was born about 1836.  On the 1830 census in Hardeman County, Ellis and Cynthia Harlin were listed next to her father Dutton Sweeton.  the children of Cynthia with her first husband were Felix Grundy Harlan, Christopher C. Harlan, Dutton Sweeton Harlan, Alexander R. Harland, and Joseph B. Harlan.   In 1837, James Beard is listed on the tax lists with his two sons James C. and Anderson listed beneath him. James Beard died about 1845/6 in Hardin County.  Cynthia, his widow, filed various court documents that we will review, but first let us take a look at the censuses for the remaining family.  

In 1850 Hardin County, Cynthia Beard was 42 and head of household for three of her Harlan children, Felix, Alex, and Joseph.  In the home were also her two youngest children, whose father was James Beard.  They were Rachel M. and William H. Beard.  Note that the family's name was spelled Beard on this census.  Also note that a few homes away, Jane Beard Ward and her husband James Ward were listed.  She was the daughter of James Beard and his first wife, Jane/Jenny.  

In 1860 Hardin County, Cynthia Beard was head of home, with her youngest child William H. Beard a seventeen year old.  Also at her home were J. W. Morrow, her son in law, Rachel Morrow, her daughter, and their two year old son James T. W. Beard.  Cynthia Beard's home was next door to C. C. Harlan, who was her son Christopher Harlan.

In 1870, "Cintha Bard" was 62.  John and Rachel Beard Morrow (incorrectly written as Moses) were in the home with two sons and a daughter.  

In 1880, still in Hardin County, John and Rachel Morrow were head of household.  In their home were their two youngest children and Cintha Beard, aged 73, listed mother in law.

Now for those court cases:  Cynthia Baird filed in September 1851 "To the Sheriff of Maury County, Tennessee Greeting:  Whereas Cynthia Baird has filed her original and supplemental bills in our Chancery Court at Savannah, Hardin County, praying that the last will and testament of James Baird may be set up the the Deed of Conveyance and Bill of Sale executed by said James Baird to A. H. Baird and James Ward may be declared void and for general relief and praying that James Ward and wife Jane, A. H. Baird,  J. C. Baird, Matilda Baird, Mary J, William D, James P, John L., Elizabeth Baird and James Kimis and George S. Ross may be made defendants to this and therefore to command you to make known the premises unto the said defendants to appear at the next term of our said court in the town of Savannah, County of Hardin on the 4th Monday in February next then and there to answer said petition..."

In an answer by James Kimis, the brother in law of Matilda Dooley Baird/Beard, he stated that he was the appointed guardian of the children of John Baird, son of James Baird, and his wife Matilda, he named the children, and stated that Mary J. Baird was now married to John P McGaw and that he was no longer her guardian.  He surrendered his guardianship of the other children and prayed that he be dismissed as a defendant.  This was in Maury County, Tennessee, date 2 January 1852?   John McGaw was the mayor of Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee.  

Cynthia Sweeton Harlan Beard died on 1 November 1889 in Hardin County, Tennessee.  We have no record of her burial place yet.

The children of James Beard/Baird and his first wife Jane/Jenny Clendenin/Clendennon were:  (note that we will write the last name "Beard" hereafter, knowing that some families and some records persisted with the old style "Baird".  In the old Scots burr, the name Beard sounded like our present day pronunciation "Baird", or Bayard.

1. John P. Beard was born 26 January 1804 in Kentucky. We have to wonder if his middle name might be "Pleasant" as his brother named a son James Pleasant Hamilton Beard.  He married in Maury County, Tennessee on 15 October 1827 to Matilda Dooley.  Matilda was the daughter of William Bell Dooley and Jane Ferilla Rutledge; she was born 16 January 1808 in Tennessee. In 1830 the young couple were listed in Hardin County, Tennessee with a daughter under five years. John died young at the age of 32 on 9 Augutst 1836.  We do not know if he died in Hardin County or in Maury County.  He was laid to rest at the Concord Cemetery at Williamsport in Maury County.  Matilda was a very young widow with five children under ten but she seems to have never remarried.  She had a large family in Maury County, as the Dooleys had been there for a long time.  Matilda was listed in District 8 in the Maury County School Census in 1838; she had three scholars in school.  Her brother was in the same district with four scholars.  In 1850, Matilda was in her Maury County home with four of her children at home. In 1860 in same, she was 52 and had land and property valued at approximately six thousand dollars.  Her son John Nelson was in her home with 2600 worth of his own right.  Her youngest daughter was also at home, and next door was another son.  Her son William Dooley Beard died in 1864 but we do not know if he was serving in the War or not.  In 1870, Matilda was still relatively affluent for the times, her son John was as well and lived with her, and they were next door to George Dooley.  She died on 18 August 1874 and they buried her at Concord Cemetery with her long deceased husband, John.  The five children of John and Matilda Beard were:

2. Mary Jane Beard was born on 20 September 1828 in Maury County, Tennessee.  She married on 17 December 1845 in same to John Presley McGaw, son of Benjamin F. and Jane Cochran McGaw.  He was born on 17 January 1822 in Abbeville District, South Carolina.  In 1850 in Maury County, John and Mary J. McGaw were parents of two small girls.  They lived two homes away from Mary Jane's widowed mother Matilda Dooley Beard's home, and John McGaw worked as a wagon maker. In 1860 in Maury County, John ran a livery business and was doing very well in business, judged by his values on this census.  They had four daughters. Mary Jane Beard McGaw died at age 38 on 8 May 1867 in Maury County and was buried at the Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery there.  In 1870, John was a widower and still had his livery business.  In 1900 in Columbia, Maury County, John was still a widower, 78 years old.  He died on 25 February 1904 in Maury County and was laid to rest with Mary Jane at the Zion Cemetery.  His obituary gave the information that he was the mayor of Columbia, the county seat of Maury County, "four or five times".  He may have been married a second time, as it stated he was buried beside his wife "who died two years ago".  Two children survived him.  Our list of seven known children:
3.  Martha J. McGaw
3.  Matilda Catherine McGaw
3.  Laura Ann McGaw
3.  Amanda E. McGaw
3.  Mary E. "Mittie" McGaw
3.  Jannie E. McGaw
3.  John Presley McGaw Jr.
2. William Dooley Beard was born on 24 August 1830 in Maury County, a twin to James P.   He married 31 October 1849 in same to, we have seen reports,  Mary J. C. Allen, whose parents are unknown to us at present.  We have not found them on a census yet. This family was full of tragedy, for the couple lost three of their four children before 1865 and both parents died within a year of each other in 1864 and 1865.  He served in the Civil War in Co G, Sixth Texas Cavalry, and was mortally wounded on 16 November 1864 near Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee.  He died of the wounds two days later, on 18 November 1864. He was serving under General Bedford Forrest during General Hood's Tennessee Campaign.  Mary died almost a year later, on 18 October 1865 in Maury County.  Both are buried at the Concord Cemetery in same.  His stone has a CSA notation. Their only surviving child, Charles, was living in Maury County in 1870 at the home of his maternal grandmother, and he passed away at the age of eighteen in 1877, bringing this family line to an early close.  The four known children of William Dooley and Mary J. C. Allen Beard were:
3.  William John Beard
3.  Charles N. Beard
3.  John Perkins Beard
3.  Laura A. Beard
2. James P. Beard, twin to William Dooley above, was born on 24 August 1830 in Maury County, Tennessee.  He married in same on 10 October 1850 to Sarah E. "Sallie" Kinzer, the daughter of Mikel Kinzer and Millie Estes.  She was born 12 September 1829 in Maury County. By 1860, they were listed on the Williamsport, Maury County census with four children.  One child had died before this census.  In 1870 at same they had five children in the home, and in 1880, still in Maury County, four children were in the house.  James P. Baird/Beard died on 11 July 1885 in Maury County and was buried at Concord Cemetery there.  Sarah died 19 September 1893; she was laid to rest at Concord as well.  The names of their six children were:
3.  John Michael Beard
3.  William McKinley "Kin" Beard
3.  James P. Beard
3.  Mary Jane Beard
3.  G. L. McIntosh Beard
3.  James Reece Beard
2. John L. Nelson Beard was born 15 August 1835 in Maury County, Tennessee.  He was listed in the home of his mother through the 1870 censuses in Maury County.  In 1880, he was listed as a single man of 41 living in Maury County.  In 1900, he appeared on the census in same, still single at 65.  We do not know if he ever married. John died on 5 August 1908 and he is buried at the Concord Cemetery with the rest of the family.
2. Martha Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Beard  was born in December 1836 in Maury County, Tennessee.  She married on 4 January 1869 in same to a cabinet maker named Jesse (sometimes also James) Reece Lamb.  He was born on 14 May 1828 in South Carolina; he is said to be the son of a Peter Lamb.  He appears on the 1850 and 1860 censuses as a single man working as a cabinet maker in Maury County. During the War, he served in the Home Guards.  In 1870, J. R. Lamb and Elizabeth Lamb were newlyweds on the Maury County census.  He was 40 and she was 26.  In 1880 in same, Reese Lamab worked as a machinist, "Lizza" Lamb was 39 and their only child Mary was nine.  All three were still living in Columbia, Maury County, in 1900 as well as in 1910.  J. R. Lamb served as the mayor of Columbia for some years.  He died on 13 August 1910 in Maury County.  Martha Elizabeth Lamb died on 11 May 1912 in same.  They are buried at the Rose Hill Cemetery in Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee.  They had one daughter:
3.  Mary B. Lamb

1. Elizabeth C. "Betsy" Beard was said to have been born in 1804.  Was she a twin to John P.?  We have seen reports that she married a Hardin, but we do not know this to be fact.

1. Jane A. Beard was born on 23 January 1806 in Kentucky.  She married James Ward in Hardin County, Tennessee in January 1826.  He was the son of Swain Ward and Louisa "Lovey" Walker and he was born 12 June 1801 in Pitt County, North Carolina.  They are probably on the 1830 Hardin County census but we do not yet find them.  In 1840 they are listed there.  In 1850 in same, James and Jane Ward have seven children.  They are listed on the same page of the census as Cynthia Beard, the widow of Jane's father James Beard/Baird.  Jane died just after this census on 28 October 1850 in Hardin County and James Ward remarried to an Alice M., last name unknown.  They appear on the 1860 and 1870 censuses in Hardin County.  James Ward died on 28 November 1871 in Hardin County. They are interred at the Ward Cemetery in Savannah, Hardin County, Tennessee.  Their children:

2. Elizabeth Jane Ward was born in Hardin County, Tennessee on 22 December 1827.  She married on 26 March 1846 in same to John Hardin, the son of Gibson and Sarah Gallagher Hardin.  He was born 12 June 1818 in Hardin County.  John was first cousin to the infamous Texas outlaws, Joseph and John Wesley Hardin, as their fathers were brothers. We have not yet located John and Elizabeth on the 1850 census, but they surely were in Hardin County, as all their children were born there.  John passed away on 13 April 1855, leaving Elizabeth with four children to raise.  He was laid to rest at the Bethlehem Cemetery II in Hardin County. On the 1860 census in Hardin County, she appears with her brood, still a widow, but with considerable wealth for those times.  Her brother James Ward, aged 24, is listed in her home, and next door is a Martin Hardin, born about 1838, possibly a relation.  In 1870 Elizabeth, still a widow, lived in Hardin County and all four children were with her.  A child named Josy Hardin, eight years old, is in the home, but we do not know what her relationship is.  In 1880 Hardin County, her son James was listed as head of household, and Elizabeth as mother.  Also in the home were Andrew G. Hardin and his wife, Elizabeth's daughter Jane Hardin.  In 1900, again in Hardin County, Elizabeth was head of home with Andrew and Jane/Jennie, her daughter, her granddaughter Patsy, and her nephew Daniel Harden.  Elizabeth Ward Hardin died on 12 August 1907 in Hardin County.  She is at rest at Bethlehem Cemetery II in Hardin County.  The four known children of John and Elizabeth Ward Hardin were:
3.  James W. Hardin
3.  Gibson G. Hardin
3.  Jane F. "Jenny" Hardin
3.  John B. Hardin
2. Nancy E. Ward was born in Hardin County, Tennessee on 5 October 1829.  She married on 23 February 1847 in same to Paul Patillo Poindexter, the son of Thomas William Pledge and Mary Catherine Rea Poindexter.  The marriage ended within two months, when Paul died at just 24, on 24 February in Hardin County. He was buried at the Purgamus Cemetery in Hardin County.  On the census the next year, Nancy Poindexter was a widow living in the home of her parents with her one year old son, James.  Ten years later, in April 1860, Nancy Ward Poindexter remarried.  The groom was William Montague "Tague" Grimes, the son of Isaac Gore and Charlotte Montague Grimes.  William was born in August 1819 in Wayne County, Tennessee.  In 1860, William was a merchant in Wayne County and he and Nancy were described on the census as "married within the year".  Her ten year old son James Poindexter was with them.  William and Nancy had a baby daughter, but sadly Nancy was widowed again 1864/5, when William died.  We do not know a burial place.  In 1870, Nancy was back in Hardin County as head of her own home, with grown son James and eight year old Lillie in her home.  We have yet to find the family on the 1880 census.  In 1900 in Hardin County, Nancy was a widow of seventy.  Her married and then widowed daughter Lillie McLaren and two McLaren grandchildren were in her home.  Nancy Ward Grimes died on 20 March 1902, probably in Hardin County; she was laid to rest at the Ward Cemetery in Savannah, Hardin County, Tennessee.  Her only child with Paul Poindexter was:
3.  James Paul Patillo Poindexter
and her only child with William Grimes was:
3.  Lillian Mae "Lily" Grimes
2. William B. S. Ward was born on 28 August 1831 in Hardin County.  His death occurred on 25 May 1862, according to most family accounts, in Washington County, Texas.  We do not know if it was Civil War related.  William was thirty when he died; we do not know where he is buried.
2. John C. Ward was born on 30 November 1833 in Hardin County.  He died just a few months after his brother William, on 19 August 1862, family accounts say in Hardin County.  We do not know if it was Civil War related and we do not have a burial place for John.
2. James Ward, said to be James H. Ward Jr., was born on 6 May 1836 in Hardin County.  He also died during the Civil War but we do not know if it was related.  He died on 24 April 1865 in Greensboro, Hale County, Alabama, which was the area of the end of the Army of Tennessee, so chances are good that he was in service.
2. Mary Cynthia Ward was born on 3 December 1838 in Hardin County, Tennessee.  She never married.  She died at age 53 in Hardin County on 21 August 1892 and she lies beneath a double stone in the Ward Cemetery in Hardin County with her sister Nancy E. Ward Grimes, who died in 1902.  
2. Anderson Swain Ward was born on 21 July 1841 in Hardin County, Tennessee.  He married Cynthia Caroline McLaren on 15 August 1878 in same.  She was the daughter of James McLaren and Cynthia Tays.  Her brother James M. McLaren married Lillian Grimes, Anderson's niece.  In 1880, Anderson and Cynthia were listed in Hardin County with their two month old daughter, Frances.  In 1900, married 21 years, they still lived in Hardin County and they had seven living children of nine born.  Cynthia died just after the census, in July 1900.  She was buried at the Ward Cemetery in Hardin County.  Anderson passed away on 21 January 1907 and lies beside her there.  The seven known children:
3.  Frances J. "Fanny" Ward
3.  Mittie Ward
3.  Ida S. Ward
3.  William Swain Ward
3.  John Baxter Ward
3.   Frank Grimes Ward
3.  Nancy E. Ward
2. Martha Ann Ward was born in Hardin County, Tennessee on 24 March 1844. Some have reported her names as Martha Margaret, but since her sister was named Margaret, this does not seem to be true. She married in Tennessee in 1859 to Martin Swain Hardin, the son of Thomas M. and Mary "Polly" McCandlass Hardin. Martin was born 14 August 1837 in Hardin County. In 1860 they were listed in Hardin County with one son who was four months old. In 1870 in Hardin County, they had five young children. In same in 1880, they were listed with six children. In 1900 census in Hardin County, four grown children were still home. Martha Ann Ward Hardin passed away on 18 October 1907 in Hardin County and was buried at the Ward Cemetery in Savannah in that county. Martin Hardin was living in the home of his married son William in 1910, listed as a 76 year old widower. With him was his youngest son, Otis Lee. Martin died on 14 October 1915 in Hardin County. He was laid to rest with his late wife Martha at the Ward Cemetery. Eight children born to Martha and Martin Hardin were:
3.  John Thomas Hardin
3.  James Anderson Hardin
3.  William Amos Hardin
3.  Mary Jane Hardin
3.  Francis Swain "Bud" Hardin
3.  Andrew Martin Hardin
3.  Margaret Frances "Fannie" Hardin
3.  Otis Lee Hardin
2. Margaret Frances "Fannie" Ward was born on 21 October 1846 in Hardin County, Tennessee. She died 10 December 1870 in same and was buried at her family's Ward Cemetery in Savannah, Hardin County.

1. James C. Beard was born 26 November 1807 in Kentucky or Tennessee and died on 3 July 1848 in Tennessee, according to family trees.  We found one record of him on a tax list with his father and brother Anderson Beard, in 1837.

1. William Hamilton Beard was born in Kentucky or in Tennessee on 28 February 1810.  He died at the age of 24 on 26 June 1834.  We have no further information about his life.

1. Anderson H. Beard was born 20 March 1812 in Tennessee, probably in Maury County. In 1840 he may be the Anderson Beard listed in Chickasaw County, Mississippi, for in 1850 he was listed in nearby Panola County, Mississippi where he had many many relatives.  The family of Hugh Beard, his father's cousin, and of James Beard, another cousin, had all moved from Tennessee to Panola County in about 1836.  In this 1850 census, Anderson is listed "Anderson H. Beard", age 38, born Tennessee, and he lived next door to his second or third cousin, William C. Beard. [William C. Beard was this author's great great grandfather.] Anderson had a wife named Leticia, just twenty years old.  This was Letitia "Lettie" Cauthen, the daughter of Ludy and Elizabeth Harrison Cauthen of Panola County.  Lettie was born on 13 December 1830 in Tennessee and married Anderson on 24 January 1850 in Panola County, Mississippi.  In 1853 they were still in Panola County, listed on the state census there.  In 1854, they lost a baby son who died in Panola County; his name was James Pleasant Hamilton Baird/Beard. They went to Texas about the year 1856, and in 1860 they were at Port Sillarin, Western District, Milam County, Texas with two young sons.  Anderson Beard died on 24 July 1864 in Maysfield, Milam County.  Lettie sadly joined him in death on 29 September 1866 in same.  They are both buried at the Little River Baptist Church Cemetery, Jones Prairie, Milam County, Texas.  Lettie had a sister, Marina Cauthen, who married Jesse M. Jones.  They lived in Panola County, Mississippi at the same time the Beards did, listed there in 1850.  They apparently went to Milam County, Texas at the same time as Anderson and Lettie Beard and are listed on that census in 1860 at the town of Cameron.  When Anderson and Lettie's five surviving young children became orphans, the Joneses took them in to raise.  In 1870, the family was listed in Milam County with their own children and the "Baird" children--William, Stanford, Dora, Madison, and Anderson. In 1880 in Milam County, "Mattison", Stanford, and Anderson Baird were still in the home of their aunt and uncle, Jesse and Marina Jones.  Marina Cauthen Jones died on 16 August 1885 in Maysfield, Milam County and is buried at Pebble Grove Cemetery in Maysfield.  Jesse Jones lived to be ninety, passing away on 9 July 1911 in Milam County.  He is at peace with Marina at Pebble Grove Cemetery.  The known children:

2. James Pleasant Hamilton Beard was born 25 May 1853 in Panola County, Mississippi. He died at the age of fourteen months on 27 July 1854, probably in Panola County. No burial place is known.
2. William Ludy Beard was born in Milam County, Texas on 18 May 1857. He grew up and went to school in Maysfield in that county, and then he went to Southwestern University at Georgetown, Texas, where he graduated. He then went to Louisville, Kentucky to attend medical school at the University of Louisville,and he then practiced medicine for several years. In about 1906, he married his cousin, Cynthia Laura Jones. She was the daughter of Jesse M. and Marina Cothern/Cauthen Jones. Laura was born on 7 April 1858 in Texas. This was a late in life marriage for both. In the year 1900, William and his brother Stanford both lived in the home of Jesse Jones and his daughter Laura Jones in Milam County. The Baird men were involved in selling dry goods. We find William and Laura on the 1910 census in Mayfield, Milam County, Texas. They had no children. William was working as a cashier in a bank. In January of 1913, they went to Mexico where they farmed/ranched until the political climate forced them to go back to Texas. Here is the obituary of William from the Cameron [Texas] Herald of 24 February 1916: "Dr. William Ludy Baird died suddenly in Huntsville, Walker County, Texas at noon February 17, 1916. At the time of his death he was the head bookkeeper of the Huntsville Penitentiary System by appointment of John H. Bickett, head of the deparatment. His remains, accompanied by his wife, Mrs Laura Jones Baird and nephew, Walter Jones of Tyler, Texas arrived in Cameron on the early morning S A & A train and were conveyed to Pebble Grove Cemetery near Maysfield and buried Friday morning. Messers Luther Tyson and Cap Raymond joined the funeral party at Milano and escorted them to the grave. Many friends from Cameron attended the funeral. Had the news of his death been known generally others would have attended. The funeral was conducted by Rev Blaylock, pastor of the Baptist Church of Cameron, who took occasion to praise the blameless life and irreproachable character of the deceased. Dr. Baird was laid to rest near the old home where he was born on May 18, 1857. He went to school in Maysfield and later to Southwestern University at Georgetown where he graduated. He graduated in medicine in Louisville, Kentucky and practiced for several years. Later in life he embarked on commercial pursuits, having been connected with several banking institutions and was the first chasier of the Rockdale State Bank. He made his home in Mexico, where he had holdings which he had to abandon when the revolution became troublesome. Since July 1st, 1915 he had lived in Huntsville, Texas. He is survived by his wife. Her friends in Cameron extend sympathy." In the 1920 census in San Antonio, Texas, his widow Laur Baird lived with the George Ryan family. In 1930 she was still in San Antonio. Laura died 22 February 1951 in Bexar County, Texas, aged 92 years, and she was buried with her husband William at the Pebble Grove Cemetery.
2. Stanford Burney Beard was born in Maysfield, Milam County, Texas on 20 February 1859. He seems to have never married. In 1900 at age 41, he lived with Jesse Jones, who had raised him and his siblings after their parents died, in Milam County. On 14 February 1903, Stanford died in Milam County and was buried at the Pebble Grove Cemetery in Maysfield, Milam County, Texas.
2. Ellen Madora Beard was born on 20 April 1861 in Milam County, Texas. She married there on 10 November 1886 to George M. Jones. He was the son of Richmond J. and Maria Markham Jones, and he was born 1 June 1856 in Texas. By the census in 1900, George and "Dora" Jones had four children at home. In addition, George's mother lived with them. George died the next year in Texas, on 9 March 1901. He was buried at the City Cemetery #1 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. Seven years later, his wife Medora Baird/Beard was buried there with a death date of 29 May 1908. Four known children were:
3.  William M. "Willie" Jones
3.  Anderson Baird Jones
3.  Richmond Jackson Jones
3. Nora Jones
2. Madison Henry Clinton Beard was born on 15 May 1863 in Maysfield, Milam County, Texas. He married on 8 January 1888 in Milam County to Marium Frances "Fannie" Tyson, the daughter of Martin Van Buren Tyson and Marium Frances Johnston. The bride was born on 27 June 1869 in Maysfield. By the census of 1900, Madison and Marium lived in Maysfield with their four children and Madison farmed. By 1910, they had moved west to Carlsbad, Eddy County, New Mexico, and Madison was working as a carpenter. Another child had been born, making five. The 1920 census found them in Clovis, Curry County, New Mexico, where they were listed in the household of their unmarried son Tyson. Madison was a building contractor. He and Marium moved to Los Angeles, California before 1930. On the census that year, they were empty nesters. Madison was employed by a movie studio as a carpenter. In 1940 they lived on Prospect Avenue in Los Angeles. Marium passed away on 9 December 1943 in Glendale, Los Angeles County, California. Madison died 24 November 1945 in same. They are both at rest at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale.  We list five children:
3.  Lucy Letticia Beard
3.  Georgia Leota Beard
3.  William Van Tyson Beard
3.  Marion Francis Beard
3.  Helen Lee Beard
2. Anderson Ward Beard was born 10 March 1865 in Maysfield, Milam County, Texas. He died on 25 April 1889 in same, at the young age of 24. Anderson is buried at the Pebble Grove Cemetery in Maysfield. We know of no wife or children.

The two children of James Beard with his second wife, Cynthia Sweeton:

1. Rachel Margaret Beard was born in October 1841 in Tennessee.  She married about 1858, probably in Hardin County, Tennessee, to John W. Morrow.  He was the son of Thomas and Mary Morrow and he was born in October 1832 in Wayne County, Tennessee.  In 1860 and 1870 they lived with Rachel's mother Cynthia Beard in Savannah, Hardin County, Tennessee.   In 1880 they were listed as head of home, and Cintha Beard was in their home as "mother in law".  In 1900 they were in Hardin County, married 42 years, with two of their five children living.  A married daughter, Cynthia was in their home with her husband Carrol Tacker and baby son Thomas.  John Morrow died on 11 October 1907 in Hardin County.  In 1910, Rachel Margaret Morrow lived with her son William B. Morrow in Hardin County.  She died on 28 March 1915. Both John and Rachel Margaret Morrow are at rest at the Morrow Cemetery in Hardin County, Tennessee.

2. James Thomas W. Morrow was born in 1858 in Hardin County, Tennessee. He is not with his family on the 1880 census, at age 22. As a young man, he seems to have joined the many who were migrating West. He made his way to Wyoming , where he lived under the name "Thomas Bird" and "J. T. Bird". One account says that he lived with his brother there for a time, but we do not know if his brother William Benjamin Morrow spent any time in Wyoming before he married in Hardin County, Tennessee in 1895. Thomas Bird married on 19 February 1888 at age thirty to a girl of fourteen, Sabra Ann Fales. She was born in Atchison County, Kansas on 30 August 1873, the daughter of Shepherd Fales and Mary Jane Boyle. The Fales family migrated steadily West when she was a child. Sabra and "Thomas Bird" had two children before 1893. Thomas was killed in an altercation at a local dance at the home of Benjamin Hanson on 17 December 1896. It appears that the host and killer, Benjamin F. Hanson, was either having an affair with Sabra, or saying that he was, or just having a dance with the young wife of Thomas Bird. Whatever the truth, there were words and guns involved, Bird was shot down, and Hanson was arrested and put in jail and the estate of J. T. Bird named his widow and two children as survivors who lived at Glenrock, Wyoming. His grave is said to be at the mouth of Owl Creek near Thermopolis. Mr. Hanson apparently never faced trial for the charge. From the Salt Lake Herald of 25 October 1897: "Fled to Alaska: Wyoming Businessman who is accused of murder. It is reported from Thermopolis [Wyoming] that Ben Hansen who broke jail here the latter part of July went direct to a friend's house near Thermopolis and was sent from there to the Hole-in-the-Wall where he remained for several days. Leaving there he went north with the avowed purpose of going to Klondike by the Canadian route. Hansen was a successful man in Thermopolis and was the proprietor of the townsite, but into getting personal difficulty with Tom Bird, a prominent business man of the town, he killed him at a public dance. For this he was arrested and locked up in the Lander jail from which he escaped by cutting his way through the ceiling. He took the horse and saddle of Deputy Sheriff Lague and was many miles away before the escape was known. Hansen did not pay his attorney before leaving, and that gentleman has attached his property at Thermopolis." Sabra married again ten years later, to Charles Spellman Roberts. She died in Idaho in 1953.  Two children of this couple were:
3.  Mary Margaret Morrow
3.  Eugene Forrest Morrow
2. William Benjamin Morrow was born in Hardin County, Tennessee on 21 July 1861. He married Sarah Elizabeth Deberry on 20 January 1895 in Hardin County. She was the daughter of Benjamin Deberry and Mary Ann Blevins. Sarah Elizabeth was born on 11 June 1874 in Hardin County. On the 1900 census in Hardin County, where they lived all their lives, William and "Lizzie" had birthed four children and three were living. In 1910 they reported seven of seven born. In addition to the seven children, William's mother, Margaret Morrow, lived with them, along with Cynthia Tacker, the younger sister of William. William died on 10 May 1916 in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. Lizzie Deberry Morrow passed away on 20 February 1918 in Hardin County. They are at rest at the Graham Cemetery in Hardin County. William and Sarah Elizabeth raised seven children:
3.  Mary Margaret Morrow
3.  Jeff Akers Morrow
3.  Willie D. Morrow
3.  Thomas A. Morrow
3.  Ben M. Morrow
3.  Bob H. Morrow
3.  Cynthia H. Morrow
2. Cynthia J. Morrow was born in March 1864 in Hardin County, Tennessee. She married on 25 April 1881 in Hardin County to Andrew Carroll Tacker, the son of William Riley and Mary Jane Tacker. He was born in December 1860 in giles County, Tennessee. In the 1900 census, they were married eighteen years with one son, and they all three lived in the home of Cynthia's parents in Hardin County. In 1910, Cynthia Tacker was listed with her brother's family, and she was enumerated as a widow. However, we find a record for Andrew Tacker in the Western Hospital for the Insane in Hardeman County, Tennessee. He is said to have died in Hardeman County, but we have no date or burial record. Cynthia is said to have died in Hardin County in 1921. We know of one child born to the couple:
3.  Thomas Morrow Tacker
2. Child Morrow Rachel Beard Morrow stated in 1900 that she had two of her five children still living.
2. Child Morrow See above.

1. William Hamilton Beard   Yes, James Beard had a son with his first wife Jane who was also named this same name.  That son was born in 1810 and died, it is reported, in 1834. It was not unusual in those times for a family to name another child the same name as tribute to a deceased one. This son was born in Hardin County, Tennessee in 1843.  We find no further records for him.

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