The parents of James Mason Beard

James Mason "Jim" Beard was born in Taylor County, Kentucky on 5 November 1845. He married Margaret Ellen "Patsey" Noel on 6 January 1872 in Taylor County. She was born in 1854 in Kentucky, the daughter of Larkin E. and Sarah "Sally" White Noel. They had a son, Abraham, in 1873. Patsey Noel Beard died of consumption, according to her death certificate, on 5 July 1874 in Taylor County.

James married a second time, to Louisa Ellen "Dolly" Wood, the daughter of Robert M. and Mary "Millie" Noel, in Taylor County in September, 1878. She was born 10 August 1847 in Taylor County. On the 1880 census, James and Louisa, his seven year old son Abraham, and their one month old daughter Annie were listed in Taylor County. Also in the home were "Irena J. Beard", (his mother Pyrena), and Robert J. Beard, his twelve year old nephew. By 1900, James and Louisa had been married 22 years and had five children living at home.

James and Louisa divorced before 1910, and on that census, James M. Beard lived alone in Casey Creek, Adair County, Kentucky. His former wife, Louisa, died on 3 July 1912 in Adair County, Kentucky and is buried at the Roley Cemetery in Casey Creek, Adair County. In 1920 in Casey Creek, there is a Jim S. Beard of the right age to be James Mason, listed on the same page of the census as Edgar Beard, the son of James Mason Beard. James Mason Beard was listed on at least one other record as "Jim" so we believe that this 1920 listing is him. He was lodging in the home of a George Hancock. James Mason Beard died at the age of 82 on 3 February 1928 in Adair County and was buried at the Roley Cemetery there.

The son of James Mason Beard and first wife Margaret Ellen "Patsy" Noel was:

1. Abraham Beard, born in 1873 in Taylor or Adair County, Kentucky. Is it possible that his name was John Abraham Beard and that he was named after his father's brother who died in the Civil War? We do not know. There are no records found for Abraham Beard after the 1880 census, when he was a seven year old in his father's home.

The children of James Mason Beard and second wife Louisa Ellen "Dolly" Wood were:

1. Laura Ann "Annie" Beard 

1. Mary Lee Beard

1. Celestia Beard

1. Emma L. Beard

1. John William Beard

1. Edgar Beard