The parents of Josiah Beard

Josiah Beard was born in Eastern Tennessee when that state was a territory, on 26 February 1790.  If he had a middle name, it may have been "Littleton", as we have at least eight Josiahs in these old Beard lines from Samuel, and in many instances the middle name is given as Littleton.  Josiah was about eight or nine when his parents moved the family up to Green County, Kentucky, to lands that would soon become Adair County. He married Diodemia/Demia/Demy Mann  in Mannsville, Green County, Kentucky.  The marriage bond was dated 3 November 1814 in Green County.  

Demia Mann was the daughter of Moses Mann and Frances/Fanny Bland, born 4 October 1792 in Botetourt County, Virginia.  The Beard family had also been in Botetourt/Bath County and the Beards and the Manns knew each other from their Valley of Virginia years.  The Beard family left there and went to pioneer in the Southwest Territory, but the Mann family seems to have stayed in Virginia, then come to Kentucky in very early times and they were reunited with several old families that they knew back in Virginia.  The town of Mannsville, Kentucky is named for them.  Moses Mann was on the marriage bond with Josiah as father of "Damy" Mann, the bride.  He gave the young couple a farm in Green County, where they lived for some years, selling it and movinng near Columbia, Adair County about 1836.  

Josiah and Sampson Caskey together purchased a parcel of land at foreclosure on 16 July 1824.  This was from the estate of John Mathews and was 300 acres on the north fork of Casey Creek in Adair County.  We believe that Sampson Caskey was the brother to Robert Caskey, who had married Josiah's sister Elizabeth Beard in 1810.  

Josiah and Demia lived on their Adair County lands until he retired from farming in 1856.  They then lived with their son James W. Beard.  According to old histories, Josiah was a major in the Kentucky militia, a member of the Christian Church and an officer in his local Masonic Lodge.  He was highly regarded by his Mann inlaws.  His brother in law, John Mann named a son for him.  In the will of Moses Mann in 1849, Josiah and Demia received 300 acres of land, two slaves, and an interest in a salt mine. 

Josiah died on 25 February 1866, just after witnessing his country go through catastrophic Civil War years.  At the time of his death he was living at the home of his son, James W. Beard, in Adair County.  The widow, Demia Beard was listed living with James in the 1880 census at age 88.  [We have yet to find the family on the 1870 census.]  Demia Mann Beard died 19 May 1882 at age 89 in Adair County.  We do not know the burial place of either, but it was probably on their old lands.

[Note:  we are aware of the old Kentucky biography books that perpetuate several Beard family fallacies.  A study of the family through actual records affords a much better picture of their travels and what really happened.  The old history completely skips our family's time spent in the Southwest Territory from the late 1780s until they came to Kentucky in 1798.  It is confusing but becomes very clear when studied that the line of Samuel then went back to Tennessee, to lands around Shelbyville, Bedford County, and Samuel was there with his family on the 1820 census.  Meanwhile, the old history reports that Josiah was "a native of Shelby County, Tennessee".  No.  Shelby County is around Memphis and Josiah never lived there.  Josiah was born near Knoxville, in either Greene County or Knox County, Tennessee, in 1792, but his father and some of his siblings moved down to **Shelbyville**, Tennessee between 1810 and 1820.  This is a perfect example of how things get lost in the telling, and the old histories are only as good as the transcriber, so always question and beware.  Another example in the same history is that Josiah Beard was said to have been born "about 1790" and died at age 97.  This would make his death in the year 1887, when he actually died in 1866 and he was about 76.]

The nine children of Josiah and Diodemia Mann Beard:

1.  Samuel Beard was probably the first child, born about 1815 in Kentucky.  Samuel was said to have died in his youth in old accounts of the family.

1.  Moses Mann Beard was born about 1817 in Kentucky.  He married about the year 1846 to Susan Simpson, the daughter of  James Simpson and Jenetta Cabell Simpson.  Susan was much younger than Moses, as she was born 20 September 1826  in Marion County, Kentucky.  On their first census together in 1850 om Adair County, Kentucky,  Moses and Susan had three children, the eldest three years old.  By 1860 they were in Bradfordsville, Marion County, Kentucky and they had a full house of nine children.  Civil War came and Moses Beard sided with the Confederate forces.  He served as a private with the Kentucky Light Artillery of Green's Battalion.  On 13 April 1870, Susan Simpson Beard died of a digestive problem in Bradfordsville.  She left a baby of two months old, Simpson, and he died six months later.  They are buried at Ryder Cemetery in Marion County, Kentucky. On the 1870 census, the family of Moses Beard is indexed as "Board", but they are listed, living in Bradfordsville, Moses a newly made 53 year old widower with eight sons living with him.  His two daughters, Leslie and Settie, were not in his home that year at ages six and three and were no doubt with relatives after the death of their mother.  In 1880 the family was still at same, with Moses head of household to his four sons and two daughters  at home.  Moses Mann Beard died on 28 December 1886 in Bradfordsville and was buried at Old Liberty Cemetery there.  According to his obituary he was a Justice of the Peace in the Bradfordsville district who died in his home on the Rolling Fork River.  It was noted that he was a "prominent and useful citizen and an excellent man".  The children of Moses and Susan Beard:

2.  Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" Beard was born in Kentucky on 17 October 1846.  She married John B. Evans on 24 October 1867 in Marion County, Kentucky.  John was born on 18 September 1836 in Nelson County, Kentucky, the son of Isaac Greenup Evans and Sarah Jane Ann Barkley. He was a medical doctor at the time of the marriage, graduating in 1860 from the medical school at the Unversity of Louisville. He served in the Civil War on the Confederate side, a major and surgeon in the 6th Kentucky Cavalry, Company A.  In the 1870 census, John and Mary were living in Hayville in Marion County.  They had a year old son and Mary's two younger siblings in the home.  In 1880 Marion County, they had a big family of seven children.  On the 1900 census at same, they had six of seven children still living and three of them were living in the home.  John Evans died on 7 May 1906 in Marion County.  He is buried at Ryder Cemetery there.  Mary died on 26 January 1921 and is buried with John at Ryder Cemetery in Marion County, Kentucky.
2.  William Frank Beard was born on Christmas Eve of 1848 in Adair County, Kentucky.  He married Susannah D. Avritt in 1871 in Kentucky.  She was born 30 June 1855 in Marion County, daughter of William Avritt and Susan Kennett.  In 1880, they lived in Bradfordsville, Marion County, Kentucky near many of her Avritt family.  They had no children, but there is an infant girl's death listed on the Kentucky Death records with parents W. F. Beard and Susan Beard of Marion County, Kentucky.  This child was born in August 1876 and died seven hours later.  In 1900 W. Frank and Sue Beard were married 29 years and listed no children.  William Frank Beard died on 18 February 1904 in Marion County and was buried at Old Liberty Cemetery in Bradfordsville, Marion County.  Susan Avritt Beard passed away the next year on 9 August 1905.  She is buried at same.
2.  Samuel C. Beard was born 20 May 1849 in Green County, Kentucky.  He married in 1872 in Kentucky to Sarah Margaret "Maggie" Austin, the daughter of John W. and Adeline Snow Austin.  Maggie was born 25 August 1852 in Kentucky.  In 1880 Samue and Maggie Beard were listed in Bradfordsville, Marion County, Kentucky with no children.  In 1886, their only child was born, a daughter Mary.  On the 1900 census they were still at Bradfordsville and their only child Mary was fourteen.  In 1910 they lived at same.  Mary and her husband Millard Thronton were living in their home.  In 1920 Samuel and Maggie were still in Marion County.  Maggie Austin Beard died on 31 January 1931 in Marion County and was buried at Old Liberty Cemetery in Bradfordsville in that county.  Samuel passed away on 6 May 1923 and is buried with Maggie.
2.  Josiah F. Beard was born in 1853 in Kentucky.  On the 1860 census he was seven years old and his name written as "John".  We believe this is a mistake, as on the 1870 census he is listed Josiah F.  He also had a younger brother named John Quinton, so we do not believe his name was John.  We do not find him after the 1870 census.
2.  George M. Beard was born on 16 May 1852 in Green County, Kentucky.  He was last with his family on the 1870 Marion County, Kentucky census.  On 15 February 1880 he married in Fannin County, Texas.  We wonder if his elder brother Josiah Beard could have accompanied him to Texas, as he is last found on the 1870 census also.  George's bride was Laura Virgilia Brown, born in Tennessee on 26 September 1860.  We do not know her parents' names.  They lived in Texas until about 1903/4, according to the birthplaces of their children, but we have yet to find them listed on the 1900 census.  In 1910, they were indexed as Blard on the Davis, Murray County, Oklahoma census.  Eight of eleven children were living, six still home.  George died on 5 September 1913 in Davis, Murray County, Oklahoma, and was buried at the Green Hill Cemetery there.  Laura, listed as a widow in 1920 Murray County, had four of her grown children living with her.  She passed away on 26 April 1936 in Davis, Murray County, Oklahoma and is buried at Green Hill.
2.  James Edgar Beard was born in July 1854 in Kentucky.  He appeared on the 1870 census in Marion County with his family, and on the 1880 Marion County census as age 25, a hosteller? and living in a boarding house.  About 1890 he married a girl named Ora Anna, maiden name unknown.  We do not know where they married.  She was born in July 1865 in Tennessee.  By 1900 James and Anna lived and farmed in Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.  They were married for ten years and had no children.  Their niece Lela Beard, daughter of his brother Thomas, lived with them.  In 1910 they lived at Lone Rock, Caddo County, Oklahoma.  James died in 1915 and is at rest at the Karoma Cemetery in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma.  Ora Anna Beard is buried beneath the double headstone with him; she died in Oklahoma in 1919.  They had no children.
2.  John Quinton Beard was born in Bradfordsville, Marion County, Kentucky on 15 March 1856.  He married Maggie J., last name unknown to us, in 1889.  She was born in Kentucky on 30 September 1870; he was fourteen years older than she was.  The 1900 census listed Quint and Maggie in Bradfordsville with two children.  They lived near his brothers Moses and Stephen.  Maggie Beard died on 20 February 1902 in Kentucky and was buried at the Old Liberty Cemetery in Marion County.  Quint remarried about 1906 to Sophia Bell Hancock.  She was the daughter of Burl Hancock and Elvira Cable, and she was born in Green County, Kentucky on 23 June 1865.  In 1910 Marion County, John Q. Beard and wife Sophia lived with his daughter from Maggie and his daughter from Sophia at home.  John Quinton died 24 March 1913 in Bradfordsville and was buried at Old Liberty Cemetery.  In 1920, Sophia Beard was a widow living in Taylor County with her daughter. In 1930, still in Taylor County, she had her daughter and  and three boarders at home in Campbellsville.  Sophia died on 14 July 1941 at Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky of tuberculosis.  Her death certificate stated that she would be buried at Bethel Cemetery.
2.  Thomas Richard Beard, born on 25 September 1857 in Green County, Kentucky, married before 1885 to Martha J. "Mattie" Morrison.  She was born 21 March 1856 in Kentucky, but we do not know who her parents were at this time.  Thomas and Mattie had a daughter in 1885 and some sources state that she was born in Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky.  Mattie Morrison Beard died on 3 January 1886 and is buried at Old Liberty Cemetery in Bradfordsville, Marion County.  Before 1891 Thomas remarried to Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Frye.  Lizzie was born 27 March 1858 in Kentucky, the daughter of George Frye and Mary Jane Avritt/Averitt.  Thomas died on 10 September 1891 in Kentucky and was buried at Old Liberty Cemetery.  His baby daughter with Lizzie was born just two months later and she was named Tommie for him.  In 1900, widow Lizzie Beard was living in Marion County, Kentucky with her brother and sister and her eight year old daughter was with her.  Thomas's daughter with Mattie Morrison Beard was living with the family of his brother James Edgar Beard in Oklahoma.  In 1910 Lizzie Beard and daughter Tommie still lived in Marion County with her brother George Frye, erroneously listed on the census as George Beard.  In 1920 Lizzie lived in same with her married daughter and her son in law and their young daugters.  Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Beard died on 1 February 1930 in Boyle County, Kentucky.
2.  Moses Joseph Beard was born in Marion County, Kentucky on 1 August 1859.  He married three times.  His first bride was Lola McMurray Hail, the daughter of Benjamin Wilkins Hail and Emily Margaret West.  Moses and Lola married in Franklin, Simpson County, Kentucky on 10 October 1888.  Lola died the next year, on 15 September 1889, in Kentucky and was buried at Old Liberty Cemetery in Bradfordsville, Marion County, Kentucky. There were no living children from this union.  Between Lola's death date and the end of 1892, Moses married again, to Angeline "Angie"  Evans.  She was the daughter of James E. and Margaret Wells Evans of Nelson County, Kentucky, and she was born there on 23 March 1872.  Moses and Angie had two daughters before Angie Evans Beard died at age 26 on 20 April 1898.  She is buried at Old Liberty Cemetery in Bradfordsville, Marion County, Kentucky. On the 1900 census in Marion County, Kentucky, Moses lived next to his brothers Quint and Stephen. He was a widower.  In his home were his daughter Lola, his sister Settie Beard, and his brother in law, Harry Evans.  Angie had a two year younger sister, Sally Agustine Evans, and Moses married this younger sister in about 1901.  Sally was born on 5 June 1874 in Kentucky. Sally and Moses had four children and were married for over fifty years. In 1910 they lived in Marion County with his two daughters by Angie and his three daughters with Sallie.  By 1920 they had added a son to the brood; all four of their children together were still at home.  In 1930 in Bradfordsville, Marion County, only their two youngest were still home.  Moses Joseph Beard died on 4 October 1952 in Marion County, Kentucky and was buried at Old Liberty Cemetery there.  Sally died eight months later in Marion County on 2 April 1953.  She is at rest with him at Old Liberty.  
2.  Stephen H. Beard was born on 1 June 1861 in Kentucky.  He married on 20 October 1896 in Marion County, Kentucky to Martha Louise Averitt/Avritt.  She was born in Marion County on 1 June 1871.  They shared a birthdate, ten years apart.  Her parents were William T. Averitt and Susan Kennett. In Bradfordsville, Marion County, Kentucky for every census, in 1900, they had a two year old son and lived next to Sephen's brothers Quint and Moses.  In 1910 they had two childreen, and in 1920, three.  In 1930, just the youngest daughter still lived at home, and they were next door to his daughter Susan Beard Mann and her husband Jesse Mann.  Stephen died on 2 November 1931 in Marion County, Kentucky.  His wife Martha Louise died on 4 May 1942.  They are buried at Old Liberty Cemetery in Bradfordsville, Marion County, Kentucky.
2.  Lula or Leslie Beard (name unclear on census records) was born about 1864 in Kentucky.  We last find her on the 1880 census with her father, and have no record of her marriage or death.
2.  Settie B. Beard was born on 1September 1866 in Kentucky.  On the 1900 census, Settie was single and living in the home of her brother Moses, who was a widower with a young daughter at home.  She married within three years of that census, on 31 January 1903,  to John Wesley Black. "J. W." Black was born in Spencer County, Kentucky in 1853 to David Black and his second wife, Permelia Wells.  He and Settie had a son in 1904, named David for his grandfather.  J. W. Black died on Christmas Eve of 1908 in Spencer County, at age 55. He is buried at the Valley Cemetery in Taylorsville, Spencer County, Kentucky. Note that on his stone are also listed Settie and son David, but they are not buried there.  Settie and her young son David moved from Lebanon, Marion County, Kentucky to Coger, Caddo County, Oklahoma in February of 1911.  She ran a grocery store for about twenty years in Caddo County.  In 1920, we find her son on the census there in Lone Rock, listed with a "J. W. Black" at Settie's age.  This should have been listed "Mrs." Black, as her husband was dead for many years by then.  In 1930 she was listed at same, a retail merchant, alone in the household. Settie died on 14 October 1945 at Minco, Grady County, Oklahoma and she is buried at the Evergreen Cemetery in Minco, just down the road from Cogar.  Her obituary stated that as well as a son, she raised a niece, Hazel Beard, and a nephew, George Beard.  
2.  Simpson Beard  TO BE CONTINUED.............

1.  Rebecca Beard, born 22 February 1818 in Kentucky and named for her grandmother, married about 1837 to Thomas J. Batsell, the son of Thomas Batsell and Jane Reynolds.  In 1850, Thomas was listed as a shoemaker on the census in Marion County, Kentucky; he and Rebecca had four children.  In 1860 in Marion County, they had five children home, and in 1870 they lived at Bradfordsville in same.  Their two youngest children were still at home in 1880 in Bradfordsville. Thomas Batsell passed away between this census in 1880 and 1900, when Rebecca was listed as an 82 year old widow.  She was living with her daughter and son in law, Ben and Demmie Worley, in Campbellsville, Taylor County, Kentucky and she stated that only four of her eight children were still alive.  She died on 5 July 1905 at age 87 and was buried at the Old Liberty Cemetery in Bradfordsville, Marion County, where Thomas is possibly buried.  Their children:

2.  Amanda Batsell
2.  Laura Batsell
2.  Josiah Batsell
2.  Mary Catherine Batsell
2.  Thomas Ann Batsell
2.  John Batsell
2.  Demia P. Batsell
2.  Mary L. "Mattie" Batsell

1.  Frances Beard was born about 1822 in Kentucky.  In 1842, she married Thomas Sharp in Green County.  According to the county records, they were married by James Craig or Cain, and the bond was dated 3 January 1842.  Reason R. Spratt was named on the bond, as was her father, Josiah Beard.  We do not know anything more about Thomas Sharp and we cannot find any census or other record of this couple.  

1.  John J. Beard was born in Green County, Kentucky on 9 October 1823.  He married on 26 August 1846, in Adair County, Kentucky to Mary Nancy McWhorter, the daughter of Richard Woodrem "Dick" McWhorter and Elizabeth "Betsey" Sutherland.  Mary was born on 28 October 1828 in Kentucky.  An account of his life was written in the book Kentucky: A History of the State by Battle, Perrin and Kniffin, 1887:  "Dr Beard's boyhood days were spent, when not in school, in agricultural pursuits, until, at eighteen years of age, he began the study of medicine under Dr Benjamin Hamilton of Campbellsville.  In 1844 he began practice of his profession at Bradfordsville, Marion County, wher ehe remained two years.  In 1846 he removed to Adair County, where he continued the practice very successfully, remaining until the beginning of the Civil War.  Dr Beard was a Southern sympathizer and at that time a man in good circumstances.  On account of being molested by the Home Guard he had to sell out, when he moved to Marion County.  In 1868 he returned to Adair County and settled in Cane Valley on eighty acres of land.  His father in law, Richard McWhorter, was a slave owner before the Civil War and had a large estate but lost most of it.  His mother in law was in her seventy second year of age in 1887.  Dr Beard was a member of the Christian Church, Masonic order and politically a Democrat."    Census records show John and Mary and two young daughters living in Adair County in 1850/  Om 1860 at same, they had three children.  In 1870, still in Adair County, they had two grown children at home and two Fogle grandchildren were listed at their home.  1880 found them in Cane Valley, Adair County, with an eighteen year old niece, Mattie Martin, present.  John J. Beard passed away in Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky in 1888.  His burial place is not known.  Mary McWhorter Beard was living in 1910 as a widow with her daughter Ann Hatcher in Columbia.  She died 26 October 1917 and was buried in Old Liberty Cemetery in Bradfordsville, Marion County, Kentucky.  

2.  Elizabeth Frances "Fannie" Beard   
2.  Sarah Anna Beard
2.  James C. Beard

1.  Robert C. Beard was born on 2 February 1826 in Kentucky.  He married Malinda Eulin Bates about 1846. We do not know who her parents were, but Eulin was born 11 March 1831 in Kentucky.  In the 1850 census, Robert and wife "M. N." were in Adair County, Kentucky with a young daughter.  In 1860, Robert and Malinda U. Beard had seven children at home in Adair County.  In 1869, Robert and "wife Melinda Uland" Beard sold an interest in his father's estate, Joseph Beard Sr to Josiah Beard Jr, 1 November 1869, land was in Adair County.  In 1870 Robert and Malinda E. Beard lived in Bradfordsville, Marion County, Kentucky with seven children and Susan Slaughter, a married daughter and her family all listed in their home.  In 1880 in same, the home was still full with children and Susan Beard Slaughter and family. They lived next to Moses Beard, Robert's brother.  Robert passed away on 6 April 1886 and he was buried at the Roley Cemetery in Casey Creek, Adair County.  Eulin Beard, a widow of 69 years, lived with her son Richard in 1900, listed on the census for Casey Creek, Adair County.  She died just two years later, on 28 July 1902.  Eulin Beard is buried at the Old Liberty Cemetery in Bradfordsville, Marion County, Kentucky.  We know of ten children:

2.  Susan Mary Beard
2.  Richard Beard
2.  Jerry Beard
2.  Frances E. Beard
2.  Josiah Beard
2.  Eliza J. Beard
2.  Sarah N. Beard
2.  John Robert Beard
2.  Welley Beard
2.  Gaudalut Beard

1.  Elijah Beard was born on 17 February 1828 in Kentucky.  He married in Adair County, Kentucky on 4 February 1849 to Nancy Jane Bridgewater.  She was the daughter of William and Malinda Frances Ewers Bridgewater.  Nancy Jane was born on 6 October 1828 in Adair County.  Elijah was a miller and ran his own grist and saw mill business.  In 1850 the young couple lived next door to his parents in Adair County.  They also lived there in 1860, with four children.  In 1870 they lived at Lebanon in Marion County, Kentucky and had seven children home.  The family still ran a mill, and in September 1876, a son Josiah was tragically killed in an accident at the mill.  Tragedy struck again when Nancy Jane died on 2 January 1878 in Marion County.  She was laid to rest at the Ryder Cemetery in Lebanon, Marion County. In 1880, Elijah appears on the census in Mannsville, Taylor County, Kentucky as a widower.  In the home were five children and next door are found his daughter Demie Beard Cabell with her new husband George Cabell, a blacksmith.  Elijah remarried in 1885 to Margaret Murrell, the daughter of John and Margaret Cundiff Murrell. Margaret was born 29 October 1837 in Kentucky.  In 1900, Elijah and Margaret Beard lived in Boyle County, Kentucky,  married for fifteen year, where he was listed as a saw and grist miller.  Elijah died on 12 November 1904 while working in his mill in Junction City, Boyle County.  He is buried at the Junction City Cemetery. The Kentucky Death records show that Margaret Beard died of pulmonary tuberculosis on 8 March 1912 in Boyle County, Kentucky and she is buried at Junction City Cemetery.  Elijah and Nancy Jane Beard had eleven known children:

2.  Daughter Beard
2.  Nancy Jane Beard
2.  Amanda H. Beard
2.  Mary Jestine "Molly" Beard
2.  Josiah or Joseph R. Beard
2.  Frances Demia Beard
2.  James William Beard
2.  Elijah Sidney Beard
2.  Robert J. Beard
2.  Nora L. Beard
2.  Jeanette L. "Nettie" Beard

1.  James W. Beard was born 17 August 1831 in Green County, Kentucky.  He married in Adair County, Kentucky on Christmas Day of 1858.  His bride was Elizabeth McWhorter, daughter of Richard Woodrem "Dick" McWhorter and Elizabeth Sutherland.  Elizabeth's elder sister Mary had married the elder brother of James, John J. Beard, in 1846. Elizabeth was born 2 March 1842 in Adair County, Kentucky.  From Kentucky: A History of the State, by Battle, Perrin & Kniffin in 1887, we have a history of James W. Beard:  ". . . born in Green County, Kentucky August 17, 1831 and is the eighth in a family of nine children born to Isaiah [Josiah] and Diodema (Mann) Beard. . . .  received a good English education in youth at the common and select schools of the county, and at the Columbia Male and Female College.  At the age of twenty two years he bought a partially improved farm on Casey Creek."  In 1860 James and Elizabeth had a baby son and lived in Adair County.  James served the Confederate forces during the Civil War, and this is noted on his death records.  We have yet to find James on the 1870 census; the family was located in Adair County in 1860 and again in 1880.  In 1880, on Casey Creek, James and Elizabth farmed and had nine children at home.  His mother, 88 year old Diodemia Beard, lived with them.  At some point between 1885 and 1900, James and Elizabeth pulled up stakes and moved their large family to Oklahoma.  In 1900 they were listed on the census for Garfield County, Oklahoma, married 42 years, ten of 12 twelve children living.  Three children were still at home.  Still in Garfield County in 1910, James and Elizabeth were married for fifty years, and stated that eight of twelve children were still living. James died in 1915 in Waukomis, Garfield County, Oklahoma.  He was laid to rest at Waukomis Cemetery in Garfield County.  Elizabeth died on 24 December 1924 in Waukomis and she is buried with James at Waukomis Cemetery.  Thirteen children blessed this marriage:

2.  William Henry Beard
2.  Creed Taylor Beard
2.  Mollie E. Beard
2.  Charles Shelton Beard
2.  Rebecca Florence Beard
2.  John Morgan Beard
2.  Virgil Byron Beard
2.  Herschell B. Beard
2.  Sallie Beth Beard
2.  James Owen Beard
2.  Bertha N. Beard
2.   Eugene Langdon Beard
2.  R. F. Beard

1.  Josiah Beard was listed as Joseph Beard on the censuses, but as Josiah Beard, Jr on land deeds in Adair County, Kentucky and as Josiah Beard on his marriage record.   He was born 7 April 1836 in Marion County, Kentucky.  On 19 February 1857, Josiah married Abigail Robinson Cundiff in Adair County.  She was the daughter of George Washington Cundiff and Martha Dameron of Adair County.  Abigail was born on 31 October 1837 in Kentucky.  In 1860, Joseph and Abigail Beard and two very small children lived in Adair County.  In 1870, listed in Neatsville, Adair County, they had five children.  In 1873 they had a baby son, Joseph, who died in 1877. On 4 July 1873, Josiah died in Little Cake, Adair County, Kentucky at age 37.  He is buried at the Tabernacle Cemetery in Eunice, Adair County.  In 1880, Abigail lived in Neatsville, Adair County, a widow with six children, all still home.  Abigail Cundiff Beard died 9 September 1904 in Little Cake, Adair County, Kentucky, of tuberculosis.  She is buried at Tabernacle Cemetery in Adair County. They had seven children:

2.  John Richard "Johnny" Beard
2.  Martha Francis "Fannie" Beard
2.  Anna Laura Beard
2.  Silas W. Beard
2.  Rebecca Florence Beard
2.  Logan Joshua Edward "Josh" Beard
2.  Joseph W. Beard

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