The parents of Levisa Milliken 

"Levisia Milllican, wife of John Millican" is listed in court papers as an heir of Samuel Beard through his daughter Jane Beard Millican. Note that throughout this history, we will use the "generic" spelling of Milliken for ALL, as the spelling of each family's name seemed to change every few years on documents and censuses. Levisa and John were married before 1828 in Tennessee. Their last child born in Tennessee was born about 1842, so it seems that they moved to Pope County, Arkansas after that time. We know of four children born to them, but there may have been others. On the 1850 census, they are listed in Pope County with four children and a boarder, John Lewis, in the home. One of their daughters wo
Levcia Millilkin Crypt 1

Levica/Lavica Millikin's Crypt

uld marry this John Lewis before the next census. Levisa Milliken Milliken died before 1855. She is possibly the "L. Millikin" on a rock crypt in the Jones/Prince Cemetery in Pope County. No dates are on the stone. Her husband John was remarried by the next census:

1860 Pope County, Arkansas: John Milican 61 Vagrant KY; Melissa 42 wife GA; Milissa A. 4 daughter AR; Lurene 2 daughter AR.

John is not found on future censuses and his death date is not known.

The children of Levisa and John Millican were:

James William "Jim" Milliken

Levisa Jane "Vicy" Milliken

John William Milliken

Mary Catherine Milliken