The parents of Martha J. Beard

Martha J. Beard was born in Bedford County, Tennessee about 1832. In 1850, Martha was eighteen and lived with her widowed mother in Panola County, Mississippi. Next door lived the Benjamin Bynum family, relatives of the Beards. In their home lived "Bozo" Rodgers, a 22 year old schoolteacher. By 1860, Martha Beard had married to a Rodgers husband, had three Rodgers children, and lived with her mother Mary Beard in Panola County. We believe that she married "Bozo" Rodgers and that he died before about 1856, when their youngest child was born. No information can be found for his earlier years, and Bozo is no doubt a nickname. Martha is not found on any later censuses with the Rodgers/Rogers name. Neither is any record found for her children. We believe that she remarried after the 1860 census and was listed with her new name; quite possibly the children were listed with new surnames, as well. Her children were:

1. William C. Rodgers, born about 1852 in Panola County, Mississippi.

1. Sarah J. Rodgers, born about 1854 in Panola County, Mississippi.

1. Martha A. Rodgers, born about 1856 in Panola County, Mississippi.

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