The parents of Mary Polly Beard

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Mary, who was called "Polly", a common nickname for Mary back then, was born about 1787 in Eastern Tennessee. She married Absalom Coffey/Coffee on 20 September 1808 in Adair County, Kentucky. He was born about the same time as she, in Eastern Tennessee. He is said to be the son of Nathan/Nathaniel Coffey and Mary Saunders.  The witness on their marriage record is David Doak, the husband of Polly's sister Jane Beard Doak.

The Coffey family appears to have been related to the Coffey family who were in the Valley of Virginia at the same time as the Beards. As early as 1747 in Augusta County, Virginia records, there was a Hugh Coffey on the list of a road crew to make a road from the lower end of the Cowpasture River, exactly where our Beards were documented a few years later. (see the Timeline for details of the Beard family in the Valley). The family is said to have gone to North Carolina from Virginia. If so, did they perhaps live in the part of present day Eastern Tennessee that was back then a part of North Carolina? Some of the children of Nathan Coffey seem to have later reported being born in Tennessee. We have seen reports of their home in North Carolina being Wilkes County. Coffey family researchers may be able to help with their timeline. Wherever they were, they wound up coming into early Green and Adair Counties, Kentucky about the turn of the 19th century, some of them moved down into middle Tennessee at the same time as our Beard families, and several were then found in northern Alabama, where old Nathan Coffey died in 1823.

Right after they were married, Absalom Coffey and wife Polly sold 92 and 1/2 acres of land on Sulphur Lick Creek, Adair County, Kentucky. This was an area where her father, Hugh Beard, owned a lot of land, and perhaps this parcel was a wedding gift.

Absalom and Polly Beard Coffey were listed in the 1810 Adair County, Kentucky census. They had one male under ten, and this would have been Brinton. Other Coffeys listed in Adair County were Nathan, Chesley, Richard, and Newton. In 1814, Hugh Beard and his wife Esther sold land to Absalom Coffey. This land was also on Sulphur Lick Creek.

All of Absalom and Polly's four children were born in Adair County, Kentucky. The apparent last one, a daughter, listed her age on the censuses erratically, and the best we can tell is that she was born sometime between 1814 and 1820.

Hugh Beard, along with many other of the Beards in Adair County, moved south into Bedford County, Tennessee. Absalom and Polly obviously moved to Bedford County with them or shortly after, as all of them were listed on the 1820 census there. Hugh was listed "Hugh Baird" on this census. Absalom and Polly had two males under ten, and three females under ten. There were two males ten to sixteen. We are guessing that one of them may have been a teenage relative.

In the early to middle 1820s, Hugh went down further south into the northern part of Alabama. On 7 November 1826, "Hugh Beard of Limestone County, Alabama" gave a Power of Attorney to "Absolom Coffee of same" to secure land from Joseph Miller, whose bond the said Hugh Beard holds, and deed it to Alex. Miller. Note that this Power of Attorney was filed for record in Adair County, Kentucky, as that is where the land and the Millers were located.

In the Land Records of Jackson County, Alabama, we find some issue dates for an Absalom Coffee, listed from the Huntsville office: 1 June 1831, 4 September 1835, 1838, and one for 1849, which is probably Absalom, Junior.

When did Mary Polly Coffey die? We have a break in the birthdates of the children of Absalom, but we are probably missing some names of children, judging from the census records. On the 1830 Jackson County, Alabama census, Absolem Coffey is a male forty to fifty with either no wife or a young wife. This could very well be his second wife listed. The eldest female in the home is aged fifteen to twenty. Children included one male five to ten, one male ten to fifteen, and three males twenty to thirty, one female ten to fifteen. Because of this census, we are postulating that Mary Beard Coffey passed away before 1830, probably in Jackson County, Alabama.

In 1840 Jackson County, Alabama: A. Coffey household includes a male 50-60, two males under five, two males five to ten, one male fifteen to twenty, and one male twenty to thirty. The lone female in the house was twenty to thirty. This is probably Absalom's second wife Nancy Chadwick, who was born in Kentucky between 1807 to 1810. The three males under the age of ten would be her sons.

The last sign of Absalom Coffey that we find is the deposition he gave on 28 March 1843 in Alabama, in which he stated that he knew a man named John Duncan for over twenty years. Absalom is said to have died in 1848 in Alabama.

On the 1850 census in Jackson County, Alabama, Absalom's widow Nancy Coffey lived with her six children. Next door was "Hew" Coffey, who was thirty years old, and a son of Absalom and first wife, Mary Beard Coffey (whose father was named Hugh Beard).

We have used the following records to research and find the descendants of Absalom; they are from the records of Glen and Mary Johnson, who were good enough to share with others researching Coffey/Coffee families. In a basement vault of Jackson County, Alabama courthouse, Item 1, Box 21, dated 8 January 1869: a petition states that Absalom, Senior died intestate and that the estate still had property unadministered. The petitioner, Absalom, Junior, represented the heirs of Absolom Coffey, deceased, who were listed Breny [Brinton?], Rithy [Oritha], Thomas J., who all lived in Titus Cunty, Texas, near Dangerfield; Absalom and Narcissa Coffey, who reside in Jackson County, Alabama; George Coffey, a minor under 21 in Jackson County, Alabama. The heirs of Hugh Coffey, deceased, who reside at Dangerfield; the heirs of Lankston Coffey, deceased, who reside near Dangerfield.

Then on 6 April 1869 there was a petition by Absalom Coffey, Junior to prove that the estate no longer needs an administrator. Property was sold at public auction for $110 to Mr. A. Morgan. The bill amounted to $110. Petition further stated that Mrs. Nancy Coffey resides in the County of Etowah in this state, is the widow of decedent, and that the heirs of deceased are children and grandchildren:

Absalom, Jr, petitioner

George W.

Narcissa, the widow of Thomas Davis



Ritha, the widow of George Freeman

The heirs of Langston Coffey: William and Nathan, both minors under 21

Thomas Joseph of full age, all of whom reside in Titus County, state of Texas.

In 1870 Etowah County, Alabama, Nancy Coffee was 63, living with her son George and also a Henry Coffey. Henry must not be her son with Absalom Coffey, however, as he was not included in the heirs and also does not appear with Nancy in any previous census. The certain children of Absalom and his second wife Nancy appear to include Langston, Thomas Joseph, Absalom Jr, Joel, George W., as proved by the censuses and the list of heirs in 1869. Any other children must have died without any issue before 1850. We are only concerned with the descendants of Mary Polly Beard and Absalom Coffey in this particular research, and they were:

1. Brinton Coffey was born on 10 August 1809 in Kentucky, probably Adair County. He grew up in Tennessee and Alabama; on 27 March 1832 he married Mary Ann Raulston in Marshall County, Alabama. She was the daughter of George W. Raulston/Rolston and a descendant of an old Tennessee family. Her birth was on 11 February 1816 in Tennessee. In 1850, Brinton and Mary lived at Jackson County, Alabama with their three children. Right after this census, this family moved west to Titus County, Texas, where they lived on the 1860 census with one son and Mary Raulston Coffey's nephew, Arkansas born Butler Raulston, who appears to have been the son of her brother of the same name who lived in Sevier County, Arkansas at one time. Several related Coffey families appeared by the mid 1850s in Titus County and lived all around a place called Coffeetown. Brinton Coffey gave the land for the Concord Cemetery of this area, where he and many of the family are buried. In 1880, listed in Morris County, Texas, which was formed from Titus County, the nephew was still living in their home, so it appears that they raised him. Brinton died on 12 April 1884 in Texas and was buried at Concord Cemetery, Omaha, Morris County, Texas. Mary Raulston Coffey is there with him, with a death date of 16 August 1898 in Texas. Known children of Brinton and Mary Ann were:

2. Hulda Coffey was born in Tennessee in about 1834. She appeared with her parents on the 1850 census in Jackson County, Alabama when she was sixteen. By 1860, Brinton and Mary Coffey had moved into Titus County, Texas, and "Huldy" was no longer listed with them. She probably married during the 1850s but as yet we have no information.
2. Alexander Coffey was born in Tennessee about 1835. He also appeared on the 1850 census with his family. We have not found Alexander on any further censuses.
2. Martha J. Coffey was born on 6 February 1843 in Alabama. She married about 1866, probably in Titus County, Texas to George Martin Chaddick. He was born on 19 February 1842 in Alabama. We know that his mother was named Sarah A. Chaddick but we do not know her husband nor her maiden name. In 1860, George Chaddick lived with Martha Coffey's family; he was eighteen, she was seventeen. He was then in the Civil War as a private, and it appears that they married right after the War. In 1870, George and Martha J. Chaddick had two small daughters and lived with his mother, Sarah, in their home in Titus County, Texas. In 1880, listed in Morris County, Texas, they had three daughters and two small sons. Sarah Chaddick, George's mother, still lived with them. Martha J. Coffey Chaddick passed away on 20 September 1888 and was buried at the Concord Cemetery in Omaha, Morris County, Texas. A year later, his mother died and George must have raised his children. On 29 December 1891, he remarried to Margaret Ann Wellborn, the daughter of James Lafayette Wellborn and Malinda Martha Harrison of Jackson County, Alabama. The December wedding took place back in Jackson County, not in Texas. Margaret Ann was born in Alabama on 28 December 1861. In 1881 she had been married a first time, to William Milton Vaught, in Jackson County, Alabama. In 1900, married nine years, George and Margaret lived in Morris County, Texas. George O'Neal Chaddick, his twelve year old son by Martha Coffey, was in the home as well as two young daughters that George had with Margaret. In 1910 in Omaha, Morris County, Texas, George's son Brint was in the home, and in 1920 in same place, son George was back in. George Martin Chaddick died on 17 August 1921 in Morris County, Texas. He was buried at Concord Cemetery, where his first wife Martha Coffey was also buried. In 1924, his widow Margaret Chaddick made application for his Civil War pension. In 1930 and 1940, she lived with her stepson George Chaddick in Morris County, Texas. Margaret Wellborn Chaddick died on 8 April 1948 in Texas and was buried beneath a double stone with George at Concord Cemetery in Morris County. Their known children were:
3. Mary E. Chaddick was born about 1867 in Texas.  No further information is known at this time.
3. Sarah Eugena Chaddick was born on 12 January 1869 in Texas. She married in 1887 to Jefferson Davis Park, the son of Thomas Craighead Park and Elizabeth Narred.  Jeff was born 28 July 1861 in Randolph, Randolph County, Alabama.  They settled in Indian Territory before 1900 and were listed in the census there in the Chickasaw Nation with two children.  In 1910 their address was Tishomingo, Johnston County, Oklahoma.  Sarah was listed as "Jennie" and her brother George Chaddick lived with them.   They had three children.  In 1920 Jeff and "Eugena" Park lived at Commerce, Hunt County, Texas and in 1930, they were in Sherman, Grayson County, Texas.  Sarah died on 27 July 1940 in Texas; Jefferson Davis Park died in August 1948 in same.  Both are buried under a double stone at the Akers Cemetery in Grayson County, Texas. Their three children were Thomas Moses, Ruby, and Inez Park.
3. Ann Eliza Chaddick was born on 18 July 1872 in Texas.  She died at one day old, on 19 July 1872, and was buried at the Concord Cemetery in Morris County.
3. Laura O. Chaddick was born on 1 July 1873 in Texas.  She married in 1892, probably in Morris County, Texas, to Samuel M. Harrison.  He was born in Georgia in September 1862; we do not know his parents at this time.  In 1900, Samuel and Laura lived in Morris County with their two young sons, Raymond and Dan A. Harrison.  Her brother Brinton Chaddick was listed in their home, age 21.  In 1910 they were in same, with only son Raymond.  Laura Chaddick Harrison died on 7 October 1911 and was buried at the Concord Cemetery in Omaha, Morris County, Texas.  No information is found for Samuel.
3. John Wilks Booth Chaddick was born on 21 May 1876 in Texas.  He died at age nine on 17 September 1885 in Texas.  John was buried at Concord Cemetery in Omaha, Morris County, Texas.
3. Charles Brinton Chaddick was born on 21 February 1879 in Texas. In 1900, he was listed in the home of his sister Laura Chaddick Harrison in Morris County, Texas.  In 1910, we do not yet find him on the census, but his future bride Dora Salina Wall was a single lady of 21, employed as a cook in the home of Laura and Samuel.  She was born on 12 June 1888 in Texas. the daughter of Walter Ret Wall and Lucinda Frances "Fannie" Dooley.  Brint married Dora Salina Wall at some time afterwards; on his draft card in 1917 he was married to Dora and farming in Morris County.  In 1920, they lived in Morris County with a baby son.  In same in 1930, they still had one son, James Weldon Chaddick, and Fanny L. Walls, Dora's mother, was listed with them.  Dora passed away on 29 Aparil 1938 in Texas and was buried at Concord Cemetery in Morris County.  In 1940, Charles lived with his son James on Concord Church Road in Morris County.  Charles Brinton Chaddick died on 8 March 1951 in Texas and is buried at Concord Cemetery.
3. James C. "Jim" Chaddick  was born on 17 November 1881 in Texas.  He is not listed on the 1900 census with his parents, and we cannot yet find him on the 1900 or 1910 census.  He did marry and have a child, Alvin, who was born 19 January 1905 in Texas, but we do not know the name of his wife.  Both James and Alvin Chaddick are buried at the Concord Cemetery in Omaha, Morris County.  James died on 28 February 1912, and Alvin died at age two on 22 February 1907.
3. Lizzie J. Chaddick (perhaps Elizabeth?) was born on 27 January 1885 in Texas.  She died at age eleven on 28 March 1896 and was buried at Concord Cemetery in Morris County.
3. George O'Neal Chaddick was born on 30 May 1888 in Omaha, Morris County, Texas.  In 1910 at age 22, he lived in the home of his elder sister Sarah E., who was married to Jefferson Park and lived in Tishomingo, Johnston County, Oklahoma.  George was a laborer on a poultry farm.  He registered for the draft for World War I, stating that he farmed with his father and lived in Omaha, Morris County, Texas.  In 1920 he was still there, living with his father and stepmother.  In 1930, his father had died and his stepmother lived in the home; in 1940, they were still farming and raising vegetables in Omaha, Morris County.  George died on New Year's Eve of 1978 in Texas.  No burial place is known, however, it is probably at Concord Cemetery in Morris County.

1. Oritha Coffey was born on 25 July 1811 in Adair County, Kentucky. She married before the 1830 census to George Washington Freeman, the son of George Garrett Freeman and wife Sarah Walden "Sallie" Gayle. George was born on 25 July 1804 in Virginia. He and Oritha are found on the 1830 census in Morgan County, Alabama and on the 1840 in Jackson County, Alabama. In 1850, they are in Jackson County, Alabama with three children. By 1860 George had died and Oritha was listed in Titus County, Texas as a widow, living with a son, Hugh. On the same page is listed her brother, Brinton Coffey. Still in Titus County in 1870, Oritha (mistakenly listed as "Arthur", a female, lived with her son Hugh and his wife. In 1880 they were listed in Morris County, Texas. Oritha Coffey Freeman died on 5 August 1888 and was buried at Concord Cemetery, Morris County, Texas. George and Oritha had four known children:

2. Leanna Emmaline Freeman was born in Texas on 6 May 1834. She married on 6 November 1849 in probably Jackson County, Alabama to James Robert Ranes, the son of Braxton Erastus Ranes and Orithy Elizabeth St. Clair. [It is interesting that both their mothers were named Orithy/Oritha.] James was born in Virginia on 18 June 1829. In 1850, just after the marriage, they lived at Jackson County, Alabama, next to her mother, Orithy Freeman, with a baby daughter, Elizabeth. By 1860, they had moved to Morris County, Texas and lived there with three children, listed on the same page as Langston Coffey. We do not yet find this family on the 1870 census. In 1880 they still lived in Morris County with five children at home. Leanna Freeman Ranes died on 5 December 1897 in Texas and was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in Morris County, Texas. In 1900, James Ranes was a widower living with his daughter Abbie Lee Ranes.  James died on 2 December 1904 and was buried at Spring Hill. From his obituary in the local news: "J. R. Ranes, one of the oldest citizens of this section, who had been afflicted with asthma trouble for several yeras, was found dead at the home of his daughter Mrs. Henry Scalf [who was Abbie Lee Ranes], a few miles south of Omaha. He was 75 years old on the 18th of last June. He died leaving three daughters and three sons to mourn his death, his wife having proceded him by only a few years. ..He was the son of Orithy Elizabeth and Braxton Erastus Ranes. He was married in 1849 to Leanna Emmaline Freeman."  The known children of James Robert and Leanna Emmaline Freeman Ranes were:
3. Elizabeth Barthenia Ranes was born on 5 April 1850 in Jackson County, Alabama.  She married  on 11 January 1872 to Wylie/Wyley Smith Gardner, the son of  William Wylie Garner and Susannah C. Smith.  Wylie was born on 24 April 1851 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. The marriage record states that he was born in Alabama and it is noted "of OK".  We are not certain if that note means that Elizabeth was "of Oklahoma" or if Wylie was at this time.  Regardless, in 1880 "William S. Gardner" and "Barthenia", his wife, lived in Morris County, Texas with four children. By 1900, they were residents of Frances, Greer County, Oklahoma with four children at home, and in 1910 they lived in Delhi, Beckham County, Oklahoma with a grown daughter in their home. In 1920 they were in the same, with a grown son and daughter present. By 1930 in same, Wylie was a widower living with his grown daughter Clella, as Elizabeth Barthenia Ranes Gardner passed away on 20 April 1927 in Sayre, Beckham County, Oklahoma.  Wylie died on 7 June 1934 in Oklahoma.  They are buried at the Delhi Cemetery in Beckham County.  Their children were William Dudley, James Merriman, Ana B., Walter Luther, Zella A., Clella M., John Thomas, and Guy Doland Gardner.
3. James Brinton Ranes was born in Texas about 1855. We only find him on the 1860 census, when he was five.  Although we find no death record, it is very possible that he passed away before his brother Thomas was born, in 1870, as Thomas was given the middle name of James, and James Brinton Ranes did not appear with his family in the census of 1870 at age fifteen.
3. M. J. Ranes, a daughter, was born on 16 January 1857 in Texas.  She died 5 September 1857 at the age of seven months and was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in Morris County, Texas.
3. Hugh Freeman Ranes was born in Texas on 12 April 1860. In 1884 he married in Morris County, Texas to Nahoma/Nahomer Tomlin, the daughter of Samuel and Isabella Tomlin.  She was born on 11 December 1861 in Texas.  In 1900, married sixteen years, they lived next door to his father James Ranes, a widower, in Morris County, Texas.  Eight children were in the home with them. Nahoma Ranes died shortly after this census, on 19 September 1900, in Morris County.  She was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in Naples, Morris County. In 1910 in Omaha, Morris County, Hugh and Addie lived with his three children who were still at home, two young daughters that Hugh and Addie had together, and her two Trice stepsons.  Hugh's sister Abbie L. Scalf, a widow, lived with him, a widow.  In 1920 he lived in Omaha with Addie, their three children, and Abbie Scalf.  Addie Ranes died on 11 February 1924 in Morris County and was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery there. 1930 shows Hugh as a widower living in Morris County with his sister Abbie, a son, and a divorced daughter and grandson. In 1940, he lived in his Morris County home with his sister, his daughter, and the same grandson.  Hugh, born just before the Civil War began, died as World War II was ending, on 24 June 1945. He was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery. Hugh's children with his first wife, Nahoma Tomlin, were: Arthur Luther, Mary E., Thomas Marvin, Charles Robert, Lillie Lee, Ona Belle, Nancy Emmaline, and Ivy Freeman.  His children with Addie Pomeroy were: Opel Marie, Zelda A., and James Samuel "Jim Sam" Ranes.
3. Orithy Ranes was born on 27 September 1863 in Titus County, Texas. She married George Evertt Hartridge Davis in Texas in 1880.  George was the son of Dr. Joseph Gist Davis and Mary Rippey Wood, early settlers.  He was born in Spartenburg County, South Carolina on 10 January 1857. It is interesting that Orithy's brother, J. B. Raines, was living in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Davis in 1880 Morris County, Texas, age 26. His future brother in law George Davis was in the home listed as single and 23.  According to an old history of Omaha, Texas, the Davis family arrived in Texas about 1870.  The Davis farm of George and Orithy Davis is still in the Davis family today.  In 1900, George and Orithy lived in Morris County, Texas with their three children.  Under "years married", the number twenty is written and then crossed out and fourteen written.  We firmly believe that the twenty years is correct, however.  They had two children born before 1886; it is clear they were married about 1880. They also had only three children still living out of six children born. In 1910 they were still in Morris County, with two daughters left at home, and in 1920 it was just the two of them at home in Morris County. Orithy Ranes Davis died on 5 October 1927 in Morris County and was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery threre. George continued to live at the farm, on George Davis Road, until he died on 4 October 1946 and was buried beside his wife at Spring Hill.  Their living children were Howard, Carrie, and Mary Davis.
3. Annie L. Ranes was born on 17 June 1867 in Morris County, Texas and died at age seventeen on 5 June 1885.  She is buried at the Spring Hill Cemetery in Morris County under a beautiful stone.
3. James Thomas Ranes, who was listed as Thomas J. Ranes on the 1880 census but James Thomas on all others, was born in January 1871 in Morris County, Texas.  He married in Texarkana, Miller County, Arkansas on 3 July 1899 to Eula Crossland, the daughter of Hezekiah George and Mary L. Lewis Crossland. The wedding day was the bride's birthday, as Eula was born on 3 July 1873 in Texas.  In 1900 and in 1910 the couple were listed in the Chickasaw Nation in Indian Territory with a son and Eula's widowed mother in their home.  In 1920 listed at Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma, their grown son was still with them. They made their home in Comanche County for many years, and James Thomas died there on 23 October 1963.  Eula then was in Rolla, Phelps County, Missouri near their only son George Otis Ranes when she died on 2 October 1970 at age 97.
3. Addie Lee Ranes was born on 6 June 1873 in Morris County, Texas. On the 1880 census as a seven year old, she was mistakenly listed by the census taker as a male named Albert Lee.  In 1900, she was 27 and living with her widowed father James in Morris County.  She married to Henry Scalf--we have seen a report of it being in 1903--and her father may have lived with them, as when he died in 1904 it was at her home.  In 1905, her husband Henry died.  In 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940, Addie was listed in the home of her elder brother Hugh Freeman Ranes in Omaha, Morris County, Texas.  She died on 23 July 1946 and was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in Morris County.  We have no record of the parents, death or burial of Henry Scalf.
2. Lucinda Melvina Freeman was born in 1835 in Alabama. She married in November 1855, probably in Titus County, Texas to Oliver Perry Keith, the son of Warren Cash Keith and Margaret Keith (cousins who married).  Oliver was born on 6 September 1833 in Knox County, Indiana; his family moved to Titus County, Texas in 1846.  In 1860, Oliver and Lucinda Keith were listed on the Titus County census forms with two little girls.  They lived next to his brother Jonathan Keith.  When the Civil War began, four sons of Warren Cash Keith, Jonathan, Jacob, Charles, and Oliver Perry joined the Confederate forces and served with Company F, 18th Texas Infantry.  Oliver Perry Keith died after the Battle of the Ozarks and he was buried in Camden, Arkansas.  His brothers Charles and Jacob were in camp at Honey Grove, Texas and became ill and died.  Their father Warren traveled there to try and bring them home.  He took pneumonia and died of it.  On 24 September 1866 in Titus County, Texas, Lucinda Melvina Freeman Keith married her deceased husband's cousin, William D. Keith. He was born in 1844 in Indiana, the son of John Hinton Keith and Sarilda Still.  William and Lucinda Melvina were listed on the 1870 Titus County census with quite a bit of property.  They had her three children by her first marriage at home, as well as two small sons of their own.  William Keith died before 1880, and Lucinda was listed as a widow in 1880 with three adolescent sons at home in Titus County.  She probably died in Texas, but we know no date as yet, and we find no burial place of record. The three children of Lucinda Freeman and Oliver Perry Keith were:
3. Henrietta Jane Keith was born in September 1856 in Texas.  She married George Washington Butler, the son of John Phillip and Judith Hayes Butler in Texas before 1874.  In 1880, George and Henrietta lived in Morris County, Texas with two young daughters.  George died at age 44 on 22 November 1898 and was buried at the Concord Cemetery in Morris County.  In 1900, his widow Henrietta was on the census in Titus County, Texas with three of their four children.  Henrietta died in 1909; she was probably buried at Concord Cemetery but we have found no record.  Their children were:  Judith Melvina, Mary C., John Oliver, and Nona I. Butler.
3. Mary "Mollie" Keith was born about 1859 in Texas and was on the 1860 census as a baby and then the 1870 census as an eleven year old.  We have no further record of her marriage or death yet.
3. John Melvin Keith was born on 6 September 1861 in Texas.  He married Elizabeth Florence Hart, called "Lizzie", in Texas on 28 September 1881.  They lived in Titus County, Texas in 1900 with six children.  In 1910 at Mount Pleasant in Titus County they still had six children at home.  In 1920 they lived at the same.  In 1930, John was listed as a widower in the home of his married daughter Gertrude Pender in Titus County.  His children were Raymond Hart, Gertrude Lura, Robert, Roy V., Helen Gaynelle, Annie June, Paul, and John Melvin, Jr.
And the two sons that Lucinda had with William D. Keith:
3. James Wesley "Jim" Keith was born on 8 July 1866 in Titus County, Texas.  In 1892, he married Montie Bell Nelson, the daughter of James B. Nelson and Mary Ann "Mollie" Gilpin.  She was born in November 1867 in Arkansas.  They lived their whole lives in Titus County, and in 1900 they appeared there with four young children.  In 1910, they had a full table of eight children; in 1920, five were still at home.  In 1930, James and Bell lived with three grown sons at home.  Bell died on 21 August 1934 in Mount Pleasant, Titus County, Texas and was buried at the Masonic Cemetery in Titus County.  James Wesley Keith passed away 5 July 1943 in Bowie County, Texas; he is buried next to Bell at the Masonic Cemetery.  Their children were Clyde William, James Polk, Floyd Bond, Tine Elizabeth, John Melvin, Virgie, Mary, James Polk, and Jessie O. Keith.
3. George Lee Keith was born on 14 May 1870 in Titus County, Texas.  He married in 1893 to Lillie Eldora Evans, the daughter of Vardemon "Vard" Evans and Martha J. Walker.  She was born 25 November 1872 in Titus County.  They lived in Titus County and raised three children.  In 1920, two of Lillie's sisters, single ladies, were listed with them. George Lee Keith died on 6 November 1947 in Mount Pleasant, Titus County, Texas.  Lillie Evans Keith passed away on 19 May 1963 in Mount Pleasant as well.  They are both buried at the Evans Cemetery in Titus County.  Their children were Alma, William Vardemon, and James Edward Keith.
2. Hugh Fleming Freeman was born in March 1837 in Alabama. In 1860, he lived with his widowed mother Oritha Freeman in Titus County, Texas.  Hugh served with the Confederate forces as a private in Company D, 9th Texas Infantry. After the War,  he married on 3 May 1866 in Morris County, Texas, to Neoma Jane Russell.  She was born on 11 February 1845 in Alabama, but we do not know the name of her parents.  1870 census shows them in Titus County with two young boys and his mother Oretha.  In 1880, Hugh and Neoma lived in Morris County, Texas.  They had five sons and a baby girl.  Oritha Freeman still lived in their home.  Still in Morris County in 1900, they had eight of their nine children still living, three of them at home.  A married son, Rufus David, lived next door. In 1910 Morris County, Hugh and Neoma shared their home with three sons.  Hugh Fleming Freeman died 29 October 1912 in Naples, Morris County, Texas.  He is buried at Spring Hill Cemetery there.  Neoma Jane Freeman filed for the Confederate widow's pension on 26 December 1912 and it was approved the next year.  In 1920 she lived with her sons John and George in Morris County; in 1930 she lived with her married son Charles and his wife in Morris County.  She died on 27 April 1931 in Naples, Morris County, Texas and was buried at Spring Hill with her husband Hugh. Their children:
3. Leander P. Freeman was born about 1867 in Texas.  He last appears on the census in 1880 in Morris County with his parents; we cannot yet find him on later enumerations.
3. James A. Freeman was born on 20 February 1870 in Omaha, Morris County, Texas.  He married in 1891 to Julia Elizabeth Russell, the daughter of William McKnight and Annie Louisa Mapp Russell.  Julia was born 23 March 1875 in Texas.  In 1900 in Morris County, Texas they were parents of three children.  They always were enumerated in same, and eventually had six children.  James died on 17 December 1931 in Omaha, Morris County, Texas.  Julia passed away less than two years later, on 14 September 1933 in same.  They are buried at the Omaha City Cemetery in Morris County.  The children were: William Marcus, Ruby, John E., Wade Leon, Wayne S., and Clyde C. Freeman.
3. Ruben Lee Freeman was born on 27 October 1872 in Texas, a twin to his brother Rufus.  He married in Daingerfield, Morris County, Texas on 7 November 1897 to Hattie Hare, the daughter of Alfred Roy Hare and Mary Elizabeth Williamson.  She was born on 14 May 1878 in Texas.  Ruben and Hattie lived in Morris County in 1900 with a baby son.  This was the only census Hattie appeared on as a married woman, as she died at just age 29 on 22 February 1908 in Texas.  We do not know a burial place for her.  In 1910, Ruben was a widower with two young sons to raise, still in Morris County.  In 1920 in same, he had one son left at home.  We have not yet found him on the 1930 census.  Ruben Lee died on 11 August 1936 in Longview, Gregg County, Texas. We do not know where he was buried.  The children of Ruben and Hattie Freeman were Alvie A., Lloyd, Carrie, and Cecil.
3. Rufus David Freeman was born on 27 October 1872 in Texas, a twin to his brother Ruben.   He married on 22 April 1894 in Sebastian County, Arkansas to Jennie Childers.  We do not know her parents, but she was born on 29 September 1875 in Texas. In 1900, married six years, they lived in Morris County with two young sons.  They were always listed in Morris County; by 1910, they had four children at home.  Rufus died on 24 November 1940; Jennie passed away on 1 May 1951 in Texas.  They are both buried at the Spring Hill Cemetery in Morris County.   Their children have been listed as Oswald Childers, Robert Wayne, M. Thelma, Morris, and Marie Freeman. 
3. George Brinton Freeman, born on 21 December 1875 in Texas, lived with his family on every census and did not appear to have ever married.  On the 1920 census he lived with his widowed mother and brother John. George died on 17 September 1923 in Texas and he was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in Morris County.
3. Mary A. Freeman was born about 1878 in Texas.  She only appeared on the 1880 census, as a two year old.  By 1900 she had married to an unknown husband or passed away.
3. John Bunyan/Bunion Freeman was born on 20 November 1881 in Texas and we have seen records where the middle name is spelled both ways. He completed his draft card in Morris County, living at Naples, and he was 36 and a farmer whose nearest relative was his mother.  In 1920, John lived with his mother and his brother George in Morris County.  He died on 3 March 1952 in Morris County and was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery there.
3. Charles Otto Freeman was born on 24 July 1888 in Texas.  He married about 1909 to Maggie Ozella Fletcher, the daughter of John Wesley and Martha E. "Mattie" Lewis Fletcher.  Ozella was born on 29 October 1883 in Texas.  In 1910 as newlyweds, Charles and Ozella Freeman lived in the home of his parents in Morris County.  By the time he registered for the draft in 1918 in Morris County, Charles was the father of two children.  In 1920, Charles and Ozella had three children.  1930 found them still in Morris County, they had three children and his mother Neoma, 85 years old, lived in their home. 
2. Mary Polly Freeman was born about 1842 in Alabama.  She appeared on the 1850 census with her family in Jackson County, Alabama, but was not with them in 1860.  No further information is known.

1. Narcissa Coffey was born between 1814 and 1820 in Adair County, Kentucky, probably closer to 1814. Before 1840, she married Thomas "Tom" Davis, who was born in White County, Tennessee 18 September 1817. In 1850 Thomas and Narcissa Davis lived in Jackson County, Alabama with four children. Thomas died before 1860; that year, Narcissa Davis was listed as a widow in Jackson County with five children in her home. A young man of twenty, Crockett Davis, was listed with her family, but we do not think he was a son, but perhaps a relative. In 1870 Narcissa was still in Jackson County, listed by herself in Coffeetown. She lived with her son General Quitman Davis in 1880 Jackson County. Narcissa passed away after 1880, but no burial place or dates have been found. The known children of Narcissa and Thomas Davis were:

2. Gilbert Washington Davis, born about 1841 in Jackson County, Alabama, married in Jackson County, Alabama on 12 February 1861 to Mary Lucinda Reynolds.  She was born on 6 August 1844 in Jackson County, Alabama.  Her Reynolds family were old pioneer fellow travelers of the Beard and Milligan/Milliken families of this website. Her father Henry was born in Adair County, Kentucky, and her grandparents were Jane Milligan and William Reynolds of Bedford County, Tennessee.  On the 1870 census of Jackson County, both Gilbert and Lucinda were listed born in Alabama, as were both their two small children.  Sadly, we cannot find the family in any records after this census.  We do know that Lucinda died 26 December 1918 in Jackson County and was buried at the Langston Cemetery there.  We do not find any records for Gilbert Washington Davis nor the children.
3. Augerana Davis was born about 1863 in Jackson County, Alabama. She was listed on the 1870 Coffee Town, Jackson County, Alabama census as a seven year old.  We have not yet found the family on any further censuses.
3. Albert H. Davis was born in May 1870 in Jackson County, Alabama.  We have yet to find him on a census or any other record after the 1870 censuses.
2. John Davis was born about 1843 in Alabama.  He was last found on the 1860 census with his parents in Jackson County, Alabama, at age seventeen.  No definite further records have been found.
2. Ann Davis was born about 1845 in Alabama.  She was last found on the 1860 census in Jackson County, Alabama with her parents.  Ann may have married before the next census; we have no further records.
2. General Quitman Davis was born in 1848 in Jackson County, Alabama.  He served in Company G, Barbiere's Battalion of the Alabama Cavalry as a private.  He was listed on the roll of prisoners of war paroled in Talledega, Alabama on 15 May 1865.  He married on 15 October 1869 back home in Jackson County, Alabama to Missouri Jane Bruce.  She was born in 1855 in Boaz, Marshall County, Alabama, the daughter of Frances Marion Bruce and Mary Amanda Childress.  In 1870 as newlyweds, Quitman and Jane Davis lived at Coffeetown, Jackson County, Alabama.  In 1880 in the same, "General Q. W. Davis" and Missouri J. Davis lived with their two children and his mother, Narcissa Davis.  Between the end of 1889, when a child was born in Jackson County, Alabama, and 1896, the Davises moved to Texas.  Missouri Jane Bruce Davis died in Texas in 1896 and was buried at Concord Cemetery in Omaha, Morris County, Texas.  Shortly after, on 15 October 1896, General Quitman Davis married a second time, to Jemima Elizabeth "Lizzie" Rogers, 23 years his junior.  She was the widow of Albert Foster "Allie" Smith, who died in November 1895. She was born in Upshur County, Texas, in December 1892 to John William Rogers and Susan Elizabeth Moorehead. In 1900, G. Q. and Lizzie were listed in Hickory Hill, Titus County, Texas, married three years, with his three children still at home, her young daughter Vera Smith, and Ethel, a two year old child of their marriage together. By 1910, General and Lizzie Davis, still in Titus County, had six children at the table. His son General, age twenty, still lived at home with them, as did Vera Smith, Lizzie's daughter.  In same place in 1920, Lizzie and Quitman had seven children.  General Quitman Davis died on 8 February 1923 in Titus County at 73 years of age.  He was buried at Center Grove Cemetery there.  Lizzie passed away in Titus County on 21 February 1930 and she is buried next to him at Center Grove.
3. Ada L. Davis was born on 19 August 1870 in Jackson County, Alabama.  On 23 January 1893 in front of Justice of the Peace Isaac Vaight, she married John Walker Evans.  He was born 26 April 1870 in Alabama, the son of David Hill Evans and Mary Martha Gerson.  In 1900, John and Ada lived with two young daughters in Kirby, Marshall County, Alabama.  They lived in this place for all their years, listed on the 1910 and 1920 censuses with children.  John Evans died on 3 March 1921 in Marshall County and was buried at Union Cemetery, Kirbytown, Marshall County.  In 1930, Ada Evans was a widow living with her youngest son at home, in Marshall County.  Ada lived to be 91 years old, and passed away on 4 October 1961 in Langston, Jackson County.  She is buried close to her husband John Walker Evans at Union Cemetery in Marshall County. Their children were Annie Lou, Mary Elizabeth, Willie Delilah, Dee Thomas, Lewis Wannamaker, Daisy B., and John Walker Evans Jr. 
3. Ida Davis was born in 1874 in Jackson County, Alabama.  She died in Langston, Jackson County, Alabama at the age of five years, in 1879.  Ida's clothing caught fire and she was fatally burned.  She is buried at the Langston Cemetery in Jackson County. 
3. John William H. Davis was born on 18 January 1878 in Jackson County, Alabama.  He married Rosa Anna Stevens, the daughter of Edward Lee and Frances Ella Mills Stevens, about 1900.  They appeared on the census as newlyweds in 1900 in Titus County. In 1910 they were still there, with five living children of six born.  In 1920 Titus County, John and Rosa had seven children at their table.  In 1930, they and five children lived in Hall County, Texas.  By 1940, listed in Hall County, only their youngest daughter was still with them.  John Will Davis died on 22 May 1962 in Texas and was buried at Center Grove Cemetery in Titus County, Texas.  Rose is at rest with him there; she passed away on 29 October 1970 in Mount Pleasant, Titus County.  Their children were Opel, Lida M., Lucille, Lollie J., Wallace L., Mamie J., Travis C., and Mary B. Davis.
3. Thomas Marion Davis was born on 14 December 1880 in Jackson County, Alabama.  He married Ticia Lee Cook on 4 October 1908. She was the daughter of Jack Cook and Mary Ellen King, and she was born 22 December 1894 in Titus County.  In 1910, they appeared in Titus County, Texas with a baby daughter.  By 1920 in same, Tom and Ticia had four young children, and in 1930 they had five at home.  In 1940 in Titus County, only one son, Roy, was still in their home, along with Ticia's mother.
Thomas Marion Davis died on 15 October 1960 in Texas. Ticia Cook Davis died on 22 October 1968 in Mount Pleasant, Titus County.  They are both buried at the Center Grove Cemetery there.  Their children were Emma Bell, Oma Mary, Mary Ester, William Andy, Tommie Lee, Virgle Roy, and Rubie Davis.
3. Andy Davis was born in 1884 in Alabama and died at age fifteen in 1899 in Texas.  He is buried at the Concord Cemetery in Omaha, Morris County, Texas.
3. Minnie Mae Davis was born on 31 May 1887 in Jackson County, Alabama.  She married 10 December 1905 in Texas to William Aaron Thomas Newman III, son of William Newman II and his wife Mary Ann Cooke.  William III was born 12 August 1881 in Mount Pleasant, Titus County, Texas. In 1910, Minnie and William lived in Cusseta, Cass County, Texas with two young children.  William filed his draft registration in Red River County, Texas, where he stated he was farming.  In 1920 they were listed in Red River County with five children.  Minnie Mae Davis Newman passed away at the young age of 35 on 18 January 1923.  She was buried beside a son, Quitman, who had died at age six in 1917; they are at the Briggins Cemetery, Bryarly, Red River County, Texas.  William remarried in 1925 to Alice Rose Evans.  He died of pneumonia on 25 October 1944 in Texas and was buried next to Minnie and Quitman at the Briggins Cemetery. 
3. General Wheeler Davis was born 9 December 1889 in Alabama.  In 1920, Wheeler Davis was listed as a railroad fireman living with other railroad men in a rooming home in Green River, Sweetwater Coounty, Wyoming.  He was single. Wheeler was murdered in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee in a stabbing.  He died in the ambulance on the way to Baptist Hospital in Memphis.  He was buried at Union Cemetery, Marshall County,  back home in Alabama.
2. Thomas Davis was born about 1855 in Jackson County, Alabama. We have no further information after the 1860 census, when he was five.  In 1870, his mother was listed without any children at home.

1. Hugh Coffey was born on 19 December 1816 in Tennessee. He married Mary Irwin Romans before 1850. She was born 25 March 1822 in Kentucky to Peter and Elizabeth Ann Sublett Romans. In 1850 "Hew" Coffey and wife Mary had a young son and lived in Jackson County, Alabama. The next year, 1851, Mary, the "wife of H. Coffey" who resided in Texas was mentined in estate papers of her late father Peter Romans in Jackson County, Alabama. Hugh Coffey passed away on 15 March 1856 and he was laid to rest at the Spring Hill Cemetery in Morris County, Texas in the 1860 census Mary Coffey was listed as a widow in Titus County, Texas, living with her three children and next door to her widowed mother, "E. A. Romaines". That year, Mary married another Coffey, Milton Simlore Coffey. We are not certain who his parents were, we have seen web reports that his father was William Saunders Coffey but we do not know this. Milton had been married previously, and in 1850 he lived next door to Langston Coffey, who was Hugh Coffey's half brother. (Could Milton have been another son of old Absalom Coffey? Proximity was certainly there.) At any rate, Milton Coffey was born on 21 July 1821 in Tennessee, died in Morris County, Texas in 1915. He was a Civil War veteran, serving with the Texas Cavalry as a private. He and Mary had a son together in 1861 named Benjamin Bennett Coffey. Mary died on 28 December 1910 in Texas, probably Morris County, and she is buried at the Spring Hill Cemetery there, as is Hugh Coffey. The children of Hugh and Mary Coffey were:

2. John Melvin Coffey  was born on 11 December 1848 in Jackson County, Alabama.  He married in 1871 in Texas to Mary Ellen Ragland, the daughter of Burrell Anderson Ragland and Matilda Ann Gentry.  Mary Ellen was born in Texas on 6 January 1857.  They were listed on their first census together in 1880 in Morris County, Texas, with four children.  In 1900 in same, they had five children at home.  In 1910, they lived at Omaha, Morris County, and had their grown son Hugh B. Coffey and his young daughter Veneda A. Coffey in their home as well as their teenage daughter Nora. By 1920, the nest was empty.  They lived at Omaha still, and a person named Annie Glass was at home with them.  Mary Ellender Ragland Coffey died on 25 August 1934 in Morris County, Texas.  She was buried at the Concord Cemetery at Omaha in Morris County.  In 1930 in Morris County, J. M. Coffey was listed at age 81, a boarder in the home of William and Mamie Lilly. He died on 18 April 1934 in Morris County and was laid to rest beside his wife of 53 years at Concord Cemetery. We know of eight children:
3. William Edgar Coffey was born on 17 April 1872 in Morris County, Texas.  He married Nora M. Thigpen on 27 December 1894 in Morris County; she was the daughter of John James Thigpen and Harriet "Hattie" Glass.  Nora was born in Texas on 27 September 1877.  In 1900, she and William were listed in Morris County, married five years, and no children.  He was a "drug merchant".  Nora died on 22 February 1902. William remarried on 3 November 1902 to Ella Curry.  In 1910, William and Ella were listed in Hardeman County, Texas.  Her sister and brother in law lived with them, and there was a son listed named Montague.  He was eight years old.  Was he the son of Nora and did she die right after his birth?  Or was he the son of William and Ella Curry?  On the 1910 census, there is a space for how many children have been born to a woman; the space is blank for Ella, although it is filled in for other women on the page.  On this 1910 census, William was a traveling salesman for a drug company. In 1920, still in Quanah, Hardeman County, they had a son named J. Montague in the home, seventeen years old.  In 1930 they still lived in the same place but it was just the two of them.  By 1940, William Coffey lived in Hardeman County as a widower, and his son "John M." was with him, aged 38.  This was his son John Montague Coffey.  William Coffey died on 1 April 1948 in Hardeman County.  No burial records have been found for him.
3. Thomas Jefferson Coffey was born 14 October 1874 in Texas.  He married Lillian Ray on 6 March 1901.  In 1910 they lived next door to his parents in Morris County with a one year old son.  Thomas was listed as a railroad agent; he worked for the Cotton Belt Railroad as a passenger agent.  In 1920 the family was in Upshur County, Texas with two children.  Thomas died before 1930, date unknown as yet, and Lillian Coffey was listed as a widow in 1930 in Henryetta, Okmulgee County, Oklahoma.  Both her grown children were listed with her.  No death or burial records have been found for either Thomas or Lillian.  Their known children were Thomas Ray and Evelyn Lucille Coffey.
3. Robert Novel Coffey  was born on 9 January 1877 in Texas.  Robert married on 27 December 1896 to Della S. Barrier, the daughter of Christopher Columbus Barrier and Dorothy Ellen Cason,  born on 26 February 1879 in Morris County, Texas.  In 1900, they lived in Morris County, Texas, married three years, no children yet.  In 1910 in same, Robert was a cashier at a bank and they had a son who was nine.  In 1920 Robert and Della were in Odell, Wilbarger County, Texas, where he was still the cashier for a bank. In 1930 they lived at Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, where Robert owned an investment business and their son John lived next to them on the census.  Robert and Della are buried under a double stone at Mt. Calvary Cemtery in Dallas.  He died on 10 November 1951 and she on 20 November 1957.  Their son John C. Coffey was born in 1900 and died in 1971 in Dallas.
3. Hugh Burrell Coffey  was born on the Fourth of July, 1879, in Texas.  He married Vassie Alberta Lewis about 1901 in Texas.  Both of them were listed living with their parents in 1900; their first child, a daughter Vanita, was born in 1902.  A second child, Tom H. Coffey, was born in 1903 in Morris County. Sadly, the young mother became sick and died on 13 September 1904 and her baby son died on 4 October 1904, twenty days later.  They are buried together at the cemetery in Omaha, Morris County, Texas.  Six years later, Hugh was listed as a widower on the 1910 census, living in the home with his parents.  Also there was his daughter Vanita, aged eight.  By the time of the World War I draft registration, Hugh lived at Dallas, Texas, where he was a bookkeeper for an electric company.  He listed his daughter Vanita as his next of kin, and stated that she lived in Omaha, Morris County, Texas.  In 1920, Hugh had apparently married again.  He was in Dallas County, Texas working as clerk for an express company, and his wife was Mollie.  She had been married before and had a fourteen year old daughter named Immogene Conley.  The family is not yet found in later censuses.  A family account gives the information that Hugh married a third time, to Angela Jo, last name unknown.  She was born in 1898. Hugh died on 19 April 1944 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. He is buried at Hillcrest Cemetery there.  His wife Angela died in 1952 and was buried there. His obituary stated that Hugh had lived in Fort Worth since 1920 and was the owner of the Worth Radio and Appliance Company.
3. Odie L. Coffey was born on 27 November 1881 in Texas.  He was listed with his family on the 1900 census, but he died on 18 February 1901 and was buried at the Concord Cemetery in Morris County.
3. Lillie Mae Coffey was born 11 September 1884 in Texas.  She married on 2 November 1902 to George Edward Kimmel, the son of John and Pressia Smith Kimmel.  George was born in Texas on 7 July 1879. In 1910, Lillie and George Kimmel lived in Omaha, Morris County with their three children.  They lived in same on all the future censuses.  In 1930, George was listed as a weight inspector for the state. Lillie Coffey Kimmel died on 30 January 1941 in Morris County.  George Kimmel passed away on 16 September 1959 in Omaha, Morris County, Texas.  They are both buried at the Concord Cemetery in Omaha.  Their children: John Edward, Sibyl Meadow, and Alice Marie Kimmel.
3. Mary Ann "Annie"  Coffey was born on 7 June 1889 in Morris County.  She maried on Christmas Day 1907 in Morris County, to James M. Glass.  He was born about 1884.  They were married two years with no children when listed on the 1910 census in Morris County.  The marriage ended in divorce, and in 1920 Annie Glass was living in the home of her father, listed as divorced, and James was living in the home of his father, James W. Glass.  On 20 October 1939, she married William Carl Ledbetter, who was a physician; he had been previously married twice.  William was born in Louisiana in 1879, the son of Wellington Hollinger Ledbetter and Catherine Calloway.  William and Mary Ann lived in Ellis County, Texas.  Dr. Ledbetter passed away on 28 December 1950 and was buried in Pilot Point Cemetery in Denton County, Texas.  Mary Ann died 4 June 1966 in Bristol, Ellis County.  She had no children, but nieces and nephews.
3. Nora Eva Coffey was born on 1 June 1892 in Morris County, Texas.  She married on 21 June 1914 in New Boston, Bowie County, Texas to George Virgil Leeves, the son of Andrew Jackson and Emma Dora McDaniel Leeves.  George was born 15 February 1888 in Morris County.  By 1930 they lived in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, where he was the office manager of Triangle Dairies.  George died on 6 November 1941and Nora died on 11 April 1979 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.  They are at Restland Memorial Park, Dallas County, Texas.
2. William Milton Coffey was born on 29 August 1850 in Jackson County, Alabama.  He married in 1872 to Mary M. Higginbotham, the daughter of Millis L. and Margaret Jane Lewis Higginbotham, who was born on 24 January 1858 in Texas.  In 1880 they were listed with three young children in Morris County, Texas.  In same in 1900, William and Mary had five children at home.  In 1920 in Omaha, Morris County, they had only one teenage son still at home, Dolard.  By 1920, still in same county, they had a grandson listed with them, Jessie, the son of William L.  Mary died on 25 June 1924 in Morris County. In 1930 William was a widower who lived in the home of J. V. and Julia Goins as a boarder.  He died at the age of 89 in Morris County, Texas on 18 November 1939.  He and Mary are both interred at the Concord Cemetery in Omaha, Morris County. Their children were:
3. John Lafayette Coffey was born on 16 October 1874 in Morris County, Texas. He married Ollie Parham there on 27 August 1902. She was the daughter of William Lewis Parham and Eliza Ann Marshall, born in March 1887 in Texas.  John and Ollie had a daughter, Christine, born in 1904.  Their marriage ended in divorce before 1910, when Ollie Coffey with daughter Christine was listed as a divorced woman in the home of her father, and John was living in Morris County with his younger brother Jim H. Coffey, farming, and listed as a widower.  In 1918, John filed his draft registration in Morris County, stating that he worked for the railroad.  By 1920, Ollie remarried to Emory Raymond Johns.  John Coffey, who worked for the railroad, remarried before 1920 to Martha Ella, last name unknown to us, who was born 30 October 1877. They are found on the 1920 census in Tyler, Smith County, Texas and his daughter Christine Coffey was listed with them.  He died on 19 July 1946 in Smith County, Texas; Ella died 20 December 1963 in same.  They are buried at the Liberty Hill Cemetery in Smith County, Texas.
3. Rosa Annie Coffey was born in August 1876 in Morris County, Texas.  She married William Newton Russell in 1903, probably in Morris County, Texas. William was born in Cheatham County, Tennessee in 1858, the son of W. H. and Tennessee Russell.  He had been married twice before and was eighteen years Rosa's senior.  In 1910, they lived in Morris County with two of his daughters from a previous marriage, and three children that he had with Rosa Coffey Russell.  In 1920 in Morris County, they had five children; in 1930, still in Morris County, four of the children were still at home.  William died on 14 August 1944 in Omaha, Morris County, and was buried at Concord Cemetery there.  Rosa passed away in 1956 and is also at Concord.  The children of this couple were William L., Clida M., Lillian B., Hazel E., Wiley Homer, and Gladys L. Russell.
3. William Luther Coffey was born on 23 May 1879 in Omaha, Morris County, Texas.  In 1918, he filled out papers for the draft, and stated that he lived in Texline, Dallam County, Texas.  He married Josephine E. "Josie" Lingle probably in Dallam County before 1920.  She was born 29 September 1887 in Poolville, Parker County, Texas, the daughter of William Meredith Lingle and Elizabeth Ellen Stanley. In 1920, they were living with her parents in Dallam County, Texas and William Luther Coffey was a machinist helper in the railroad roundhouse. In 1930, William and Josie lived in Amarillo, Potter County, Texas with two children under ten.  William died on 31 January 1937 in Potter County, Texas.  Josie died on 11 September 1981in Centerville, Leon County, Texas.  She is buried at Poolville, Parker County, Texas, but we do not have a record for the burial place of William.  Their children were Mary Elizabeth and William Raymond Coffey.
3. Maudie D. Coffey was born in October 1881 in Texas.  She is said to have married a Smith, first name unknown.  We have no further information at this time.
3. James Hugh "Jim" Coffey was born 27 December 1883 in Morris County, Texas.  He married about 1915 to Margaret "Maggie" Johnson, the daughter of Clarence and Presley Johnson, who was born on 22 October 1885 in Texas.  In 1910, Jim H. Coffey was a 26 year old single man, living with his divorced elder brother John Lafayette Coffey in Omaha, Morris County and farming.  In 1920, he and Margret lived in Titus County, Texas and had two young children.  In 1930 in same, they had four children.  James Hugh Coffey died on 12 October 1939 and was buried at the Old Cookville Cemetery in Titus County.  In 1940, Maggie Coffey still lived in Titus County, with three of her four children still home.  She passed away on 8 December 1983 in Houston, Harris County, Texas and was buried beneath a double stone with James H. Coffey at Cookville. The children of this marriage were James Hugh Jr., Margarette, Anita V., and Clarence W. Coffey.
3. Doland Mitchell Coffey was born in Morris County, Texas on 25 July 1890.  He married in 1915 to Janie, last name unknown to us.  She was born in Texas in 1894.  When he filled out draft papers in 1918, Doland worked as a fireman for the railroad and lived at Tyler, Smith County, Texas with his wife and child.  In 1920 and in 1930 they made their home in Tyler, and Doland was listed as a railroad employee.  He died on 26 August 1969 in Smith County.  Janie died on 20 October 1982 in same.  We do not know a burial place.  Their only child was Margaret Coffey.
3. Rubie Lee Coffey was born in Texas in April 1893.  She is said to have married a Scoops, but we have no record of the marriage or any further information.
2. Mary Elizabeth "Polly" Coffey was born in 1853 in Jackson County, Alabama.  She died in 1924 and was buried at the Concord Cemetery in Omaha, Morris County, Texas. We find no record of her after the census in 1860 when she was seven years old, listed with her widowed mother and brothers in Morris County.