The parents of Rebecca Beard

Rebecca Beard was born between 1790 and 1800, probably in Eastern Tennessee when the family lived there.  She married on 28 August 1825 in Adair County, Kentucky to Nicholas Hardin or Harden. Nicholas was the son of Elexus or Elexious and Lydia Hardin. He was born about 1793 in Knox County, Tennessee.  Some families report that he was born in "French Broad", which is of course the name of a large beautiful river that runs through this county.  This was the part of Eastern Tennessee that the Beard family also lived in at the same period of time. We believe that Nicholas was married before the wedding to Rebecca, as on the 1820 census in Adair County Nicholas was listed with a female 26-45, a female under ten, two females 10-16, and a male under ten.  He married Rebecca five years later.   

We know that Rebecca Beard Hardin was still living in May of 1850, when court documents were filed concerning the heirs of her parents.  She was served a copy of the document in Adair County. It is extremely frustrating not to be able to find either Nicholas or Rebecca Hardin/Harden on the 1830, 1840, or 1850 census in Adair or any other Kentucky counties when we know they were there, somewhere.

There is only one possibility in 1850---a Rebecca Hardin is living with a Durham family in Taylor County, Kentucky, an adjoining county to Adair.  She is listed as fifty years old, but born in Virginia, which would not be correct for our Rebecca.  

There is a record of a Nicholas Hardin with CSA troops during the Civil War, 1st Battalion Kentucky Mounted Rifles, Company B.  He was a prisoner of war.  This is a possible son of Nicholas or of one of his many brothers.

Hopefully, we will be able to find more information about this couple and their descendants.  Please help if you have any details!  We will continue to search and update as needed.