The parents of Sarah Sallie Hurst

Sarah, called "Sallie", was born in Bedford County, Tennessee about the year 1823. She married about 1841, to Allen Tribble. Allen was born in Bedford County, as well, on 30 May 1820. His parents were Peter and Mary Tribble of Virginia and then Bedford County, Tennessee. Allen was a Methodist minister. In 1850, Allen and Sarah were listed in Bedford County with three children. In 1860, they were in Franklin County, Tennessee with seven children in the house. Allen was with Confederate troops in the Civil War, serving as the chaplain for the 34th Tennessee Infantry. In 1870, back home in Franklin County, four children were still at home. Ten years later, on the 1880 census, allen and Sallie were listed with three of their children at home, and a fourteen year old "stepdaughter", Daisy Scivally, lived in the home. Allen Tribble died on 27 June 1881 in Hustburg, Humphreys County, Tennessee and Sarah Hurst Tribble died on 9 June 1892, almost exactly a year later. They are both buried at Ebenezer United Methodist Church Cemetery in Humphreys County. Allen's gravestone is inscribed "He was for 32 years a faithful Methodist preacher". Their children were:

1. John J. Tribble

1. Wiley Louis Tribble

1. Elizabeth "Polly" Tribble

1. Nancy Caroline "Callie" Tribble

1. Martha A. Josephine Tribble

1. William Berry Tribble

1. Eliza Alice Tribble

1. Lucy Leona Tribble

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