The parents of William Wiley Hurst

William Wiley Hurst was born about 1815 in Bedford County, Tennessee. He married before 1842, probably in Tennessee, to a bride whose name was Mary Anne. She was born about 1820 in Tennessee. One of their sons is variously identified as Bailey Patton or Bailey Peyton Hurst, so it is possible that her maiden name was Bailey, Patton, or Peyton. In 1847, William is mentioned in the estate papers of his father and said to be living at that time in Texas. William and Mary Anne and three children are listed on the 1850 census in Rusk County, Texas. All three children were born in Tennessee, the youngest in about 1844 or 1845, so this helps narrow down the date of the move as 1845-1847. In 1860, William and the family were still in Rusk County, with six children in their home. In 1870, still in Rusk County, they had their three youngest at home, and 1n 1880, still in Rusk County, their married daughter Sallie Gray lived with them, along with husband Arthur and child Lizzie.

We do not have death dates or burial records for either William Wiley or Mary Anne Hurst. The known children were:

1. Elizabeth Jane Hurst

1. William M. Hurst

1. Bailey Patton or Payton Hurst

1. Louisa Hurst

1. James Nasser/Nathan Hurst

1. Sarah P. "Sallie" Hurst

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